Year of Birth and Birthstones

chinese zodiac calendarThe authors of Chinese astrology state that the year of birth has as powerful impact on people’s lives as the sign of the zodiac.  The 12-year-old cycle of this popular eastern calendar predetermines anyone’s fate and character.

Birthstones for Rat

People born in the year of the Rat are prudent and practical.  They’re intellectuals, so it’s crucial for them to get substantial education and deep knowledge.  The sign’s year give humanity cautious and quick-witted careerists.  That’s why Rats are often surrounded by prosperity, while lacking true friends.

As for precious stones, which fit Rats as personal mascots, they need to should mitigate their tough character.      

Amber makes Rats kinder and more generous. A mascot with this stone will easily relieve stress, calm the owner down and set him or her on positive thinking.

Men, born in the year of the Rat should wear jewelry with amethyst.  Thus, they will get a reliable protection from alcoholism as well as other addictions.

Red garnet gives Rats energy for new achievements, while diamond will help to clearly understand all the negative traits of the owner’s character.

Birthstones for Ox

Representatives of the sign are usually financially independent.  That’s normally achieved by their physical endurance, hard work and high intellect.  Their downsides include unwillingness to understand and accept other people’s points of view, refusal of anything new, isolation and inability to show feelings.

Oxen need gems, which could help them to express their thoughts and reveal their soul.

Moonstone would be an ideal gem for Oxen.  The given mineral prevents rash acts and makes their owners kinder.

Emerald is another must-have birthstone for Oxen.  The gem helps the owner to find a common language with friends and ensures peace and happiness in his home.

Jade gives energy and lifelines.  Lazurite comes in handy when it comes to surviving tough changes. Agate is good for self-expression and personal development.

Birthstones for Tiger

The year of the Tiger traditionally gives the world extremely desperate and daring people, who get down to fighting without hesitation, heal their wounds and spoil for a fight over and over again.  Tigers never recognize anyone’s authority.  That’s why they’re very conflicting personalities.  There’s no wonder they require a mascot, which could efficiently protect them from themselves.  The best birthstones for Tigers are amethyst, diamond, topaz and ruby.

Amethyst will protect Tiger from desperate ploys and rash actions. The gem enables the owner to overcome his or her craving for extreme and keep to common sense.

Diamond will help Tiger in difficult situations as a source of extra energy.

Topaz makes the owner careful, gives rational attitude to life and enhances logical thinking.  The gem will protect Tiger from an accident.

To get rid of outbursts of anger, jealousy, Tigers should wear jewelry with ruby.  Besides this it will help them to calm down and relieve stress.

Birthstones for Rabbit

Those born under the year of the Rabbit are extremely careful creatures.  They’re used to acting on their gut feeling, so their actions have nothing common with logic.  As for their major negative traits of character, they’re frivolous and superficial.  What gemstones do they need?  To be short, rabbits need gems providing self-confidence and courage.

Rabbit can’t do without rock-crystal. It will give tons of energy required to reach the goal as soon as possible.

Jade is another must-have gemstone for this sign.  It will provide Rabbits with an excellent opportunity to understand themselves, loved ones and the world.

Pearls bring Rabbit women good luck in love affairs and happiness in family life.

Topaz shouldn’t be ignored too.  Rabbits need it as it ensures prosperity and successful career.

Jewelry with sapphire and emerald are welcome too.

Birthstones for Dragon

Representatives of the sign are born to be generous and noble personalities.  They’re also arrogant, demanding, exigent and extremely proud.  Fortunately, all of their downsides are compensated by a number of undisputable virtues.  These are an ability to solve problems, sincerity, and resourcefulness.   Their stones should provide strong energy.

Short-tempered Dragons will benefit from jewelry with amethyst.  It will be efficient against rash decisions and tame violent temper, typical to the sign.

Dragons normally don’t tolerate people’s shortcomings, like their own ones.  Amber will help to take it easy.

It’s hard to imagine Dragon without opal.  Black opal will supply energy, while a pink one will assist in love affairs.

Golden beryl will make Dragon diplomatic and compliant.  Wisdom is what Dragons have always lacked.  This can be compensated by sapphire.

Birthstones for Snake

Strong-willed and wise people are born in the year of the Snake.  They achieve a lot in their life due to their orderliness, dedication and ability to adapt to any circumstances.  Snakes are also deceptive, versatile and artful.  Snakes definitely require powerful mascots with strong magical properties.

Apart from that, Snakes may opt for jasper of any color.  This way they’ll evince their best character traits.

Snakes lack openness and warmth to succeed in their love affairs.  Bloodstone will help cool reptiles to feel like ordinary people and enjoy all the pleasures of life.

Jewelry with opal will make people born under this sign more open for intimacy and communication.

With topaz and turquoise Snakes will keep to honest methods of competition.

Birthstones for Horse

Representatives of the sign are cheerful people, actively walking through life.  Due to their huge energy and strength, they easily overcome difficulties on their way and quickly forget their negative experience.  Nevertheless, Horse people tend to buck from time to time.  When hurting someone, they usually don’t notice it.  There’s no wonder they often live alone.

Amethyst and topaz are extremely good for Horses when it comes to restraining their impulses.  With these gems they will learn to think first before acting. They will acquire a more relaxed attitude to life, thus saving themselves from unexpected hazards.

Garnet will make its owner more attentive to the concerns of loved ones.  It will also preserve his or her family.

Horses need obsidian to understand people and acquire wisdom.

Onyx, emerald and turquoise also fit the sign.  They will enable Horse people to explore their own souls and develop mentally,

Birthstones for Sheep (Goat)

Sheeps are peaceful and kind, unable to do dirty deeds.  Creative by nature they’re also gloom, discontent, soft-tempered and moody.  Their positive sides include emotionality, mercy, sincerity and tenderness.  If you’re born under this sign, look for gems with a strong protective effect and an ability to boost the owner to activity.

Sheep women definitely require a mascot with carnelian. It will stabilize their emotional state, prevent nervous breakdowns and make them more balanced.

Amber is a great source of the sun heat and energy.  That’s what Sheeps need for a good mood.

Moonstone gives Sheeps confidence and eloquenceThese qualities they often lack when it comes to tough disputes.

It will be much easier to convince people with jade at hand.

Sheep’s intellectual development requires jewelry with sapphire and emerald.

Birthstones for Monkey

These are probably the most curious people in the world.  Under these sign romantics, creators and discoverers are born.  Constraints, conventions and rules don’t exist for them. They easily violate them and run away from responsibility.  That’s why Monkeys often stay lonely.  We can’t imagine them working in team.

Monkey people require jewelry products with gemstones, which could improve their concentration.

A mascot with agate will drastically improve attentiveness, memory and develop a penchant for reflection and introspection.

To become motivated and responsible Moneys should purchase jewelry with aquamarine.  Thus, they’ll successfully finish whatever started.

Monkeys are usually unhappy in love due to their volatility.  With read garnet, they’ll build strong relationships and save their family.

The surrounding negativity can be neutralized by jewelry with ruby.

Birthstones for Rooster

They’re born to be perfect organizers, who like showing off their success.  Meeting their objectives is what they always do fearlessly and emphatically. Representatives of the sign are prone to criticism, sociable, but they never confide their secrets even to their close friends.  Unfortunately, they often suffer from their own arrogance and selfishness.

Born under this sign need citrine to adequately perceive criticism and control themselves.

Amethyst protects Rooster from bad habits and makes it modest.

Rooster is afraid of changes. To adapt to new conditions and divert troubles, jewelry with agate should be purchased.

Topaz and ruby easily convert pride typical to Rooster into a modest ambition.

Birthstones for Dog

People born in this year are noble and intelligent. Their key character trait is a strong sense of duty and willingness to help and protect loved ones.  Dogs are excellent performers, but they often fail to take high peaks due to their laziness, pessimism and apathy.

Dogs can’t do without amber – it drastically increases their vitality.

Jasper is a powerful gem, enabling Dogs to cope with their aggressiveness, anxiety and anger.

It will be much easier to gain love and respect of others if carnelian is at hand.

Dogs are extremely trusting creatures.  Not to become victims of fraud moonstone and sapphire should be utilized.

In order to enjoy successful love affairs, Dogs need white or black pearls.

Birthstone for Pig

Those born under the sign of Pig, are sociable, honest, kind and selfless people.  However, they’re also lazy with lots of bad habits.  Representatives of the sign are used to criticizing others, while ignoring their own downsides.

Coral is an ideal mascot for them.  The gem assists in dealing with difficulties. With these stone Pig people will never give up and despair.

Lazurite is good for self-discovery. That’s also helpful in business.  With this stone you’ll work much better and develop your willpower.

Moonstone is a perfect love mascot for Pig.  It will protect people born under this sign from disappointment in this sphere.


amber birthstone for Rat
Amber birthstone for Rat
moonstone birthstone for Ox
Moonstone birthstone for Ox
amethyst birthstone for Tiger
Amethyst birthstone for Tiger
rock crystal birthstone for Rabbit
Rock Crystal Birthstone for Rabbit
black opal birthstone for Dragon
Black Opal birthstone for Dragon
jasper birthstone for Snake
Jasper Birthstone for Snake
Topaz birthstone for Horse
Topaz Birthstone for Horse
carnelian birthstone for Sheep (Goat)
Carnelian Birthstone for Sheep (Goat)
agate birthstone for Monkey
Agate Birthstone for Monkey
citrine birthstone for Rooster
Citrine Birthstone for Rooster
sapphire birthstone for Dog
Sapphire Birthstone for Dog

coral birthstone for Pig
Coral birthstone for Pig
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