White Stones

The most famous white stones

Precious and semi-precious stones of white color are often used in jewelry. This group also includes colorless minerals.

The most expensive and popular white stones are diamond, topaz, and white corundum.  One can also come across white beryllium and spinel.  Rock crystal is considered to be a standard of a colorless transparent stone.  Agate and jade of this color are quite widespread.   As for other semi-precious and precious white minerals, we can enumerate moonstone, opal, milky quartz, selenite and onyx (white).

The radiant strength of a stone

A white stone mascot has strong magical properties.  Jewelry products with this stone bring their owner harmony and unity with the world.  The given color gives energy and fills its owner with the inner strength. It influences the wearer gently, gradually adapting to his or her character.  The desire to wear a white stone points out to the need of purification and spiritual growth.


Diamond is a standard of a white (colorless) stone.  This precious talisman is filled with energy of space and this valuable asset is generously shared with the owner.  Diamond stores information about its previous owners, so it’s desirable to know the history of your stone.  Diamond brings success to all spheres of life, but in return, you should be sincere and noble.  It helps to conquer the desired heights and achieve excellence in your favorite undertaking.


Rock-crystal is a very bright representative of white minerals.  The given gemstone can purify the owner’s soul and fill it with light.  The magical properties of rock crystal are appreciated by representatives of all religions.  Its crystals help to develop intuition and creativity.  Those practicing yoga and meditation would better have a sphere of this mineral.  The gem is often called “Bohemian diamond” for its resemblance with diamond.


Moonstone (alternative name – selenite) enhances artistic and speaking skills.  It’s believed that its magical properties increase during a full moon.  Jewelry with this stone will help to make the right decision and get rid of doubts.  It will also add confidence.  The mineral gives its owner attractiveness, charm and fascination.  The gem can unveil the owner’s abilities and talents, previously unknown to him or her.

Frosted agate

One variety of chalcedony is called “frosted agate”.  White opaque agate gently and subtly affects a person, improving his or her essence and reducing downsides.   The semi-precious gemstone can drastically improve your mood and tame melancholy attack.  Frosty agate eliminates internal energy imbalance.  It also ensures financial well-being and stability.

White jade

The magical properties of white jade makes it stand out from the minerals of this type.   The mineral was highly praised for its wonderful appearance and durability.  Its pleasant warmth warms not only the owner’s body, but also his or her soul.  Jade of this color can clear thinking and strengthen spirit and faith.  That’s why the stone is respected in all the world religions.  From this stone, the owner derives confidence in his or her strength, peace and tranquility.  White jade can be of three colors: pure white, gray and ivory.  The mineral positively influences mental ability as well as logical thinking.  The gemstone also helps in disputes and during public performances.

Milky white opal

Milky white opal is called cacholong.  That’s a white gem with gray or black veins.  It’s often utilized in many spiritual practices as a remedy to cleanse the mind.  The mineral helps the wearer to properly understand himself or herself and others.   Cacholong makes people eloquent and persuasive.  You’d better carry it in conflict situations or in court.

Who needs white minerals?

White precious and semi-precious stones are necessary for those who’d like to become cleaner, or to be exact, who are willing to bleach their souls and mind.  Jade, agate and cacholong will fit women and kids as a talisman.  Men and anyone else who needs extra energy should wear diamond and rock crystal.  Followers of spiritual practices need to have jewelry with a white precious stone or products made of it. A great number of magical rituals are carried out with white stones.

Talismans and amulets

The magical properties of diamond make it the strongest talisman. This gemstone protects against accidents, mishaps, diseases and general weakness of the body.  A person who wears a diamond can count on its help in difficult situations.  The mineral activates willpower, perseverance and self-confidence.  When choosing a talisman, try to pick up a completely transparent stone without darkened areas.

The strong magical and healing properties of Cacholong have a positive impact on women’s health. Jewelry products with it contribute to easy pregnancy and easy delivery.  A young mom, who wears white opal, protects herself and her baby from the evil eye, envy and damage.  The gemstone helps to preserve youth and enhance beauty. It’s useful for single people to wear this stuff, so they could find their sweetheart and happiness.

Moonstone is also a female mascot. It improves the overall functioning of the reproductive system and rejuvenates the whole body.  The mineral protects mental health, prevents nervous breakdowns and failures.  The stone improves the quality of sleep, saves of insomnia and nightmares.  Apart from that, it gives its female owner femininity, gentleness, tenderness and mercy.

The magical and protective properties of agate make it a good family talisman. A talisman with milky agate would be useful for kids.  It protects from diseases, injuries and accidents.  Agate allows children to express themselves in their studies or hobbies. Anyone, who wears white agate on the neck, will never care about envious machinations, slander, damage and the evil eye.

Jade in jewelry or as a material for figures will protect its owner from quarrels, conflicts and misunderstandings.  As follows from this, it’s useful to keep a jade product in the house.  It will strengthen family relationships and cherish love.  White jade can reconcile the owner with the injustices of the world and tame outbursts and aggression. Jade favors anyone looking for knowledge and new sensations.



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White Topaz
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Rock Crystal
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Frosted Agate
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White Jade
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White Opal


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