The Colors of Cat’s Eye Mineral

Ancient people believed that the cat’s eye was closely connected with witchcraft.  They even called it a little differently – the devil’s eye.  Previously, the mineral was worn only by adherents of magic: witches, wizards and shamans.  They believed that the gemstone helped to strengthen their skills.

Cat’s eye is a very beautiful stone, it features a wonderful sparking glow and it’s filled with color.  It’s so nice that gone are those days irrevocably, when the mineral was considered to be devilish. Now even ordinary people can safely wear jewelry and talismans with this gem.  As for magicians, they didn’t forget their ancient teachings; they still put on jewelry with this stone, when they need to make a serious ritual.

The Palette of Hues

This interesting stone refers to the version “ocellar quartz”.  Like other stones of this group, cat’s eye is made up of crystals of crocidolite and asbestos.  Exactly the presence of these crystals determines the iridescent nature of the stone’s surface.

The dark stone is more valued than the light one. It simply spends more time in the ground, thus becoming more beautiful with every century.

Its name fully reflects the stone’s nature – its color makes it similar to a cat’s eye.  It can be green, yellow-green or feature a honey hue.  Samples of other colors are also discovered.

The white stone is often worn as a talisman by women and young men.  The mineral of the blue color is surprisingly beautiful.  Blue cat’s eye is capable to shimmer with hues from pale blue to green.

Minerals can be very different by color.  Stores’ windows often exhibit blue, calm azure, noble white, consistent gray and cheerful orange in jewelry and mascots.

Gems with a stripe of the white hue are highly valued.  This stripe appears, if the stone was processed in the form of a cabochon.  Breaking the gem into two halves, the silver band creates an original effect.

Magical Nuances

Now, when people have become much bolder, rejected superstitions and ceased to associate cat’s eye with the devil, the mineral became a popular material for all kinds of jewelry, while talismans made of this gem aren’t rare too.

Having figured out that the stone had nothing to do with Satan, people discovered a slew of useful properties in it.  For instance, it protects the feeling of love from adversity.  Those who don’t want to part with their sweethearts should purchase this charm.

Because of their overemployment, businessmen and careerists may not be aware of the miraculous properties of the mineral.  The stone can help them to work more efficiently.  Having purchased this stone, ambitious people start noticing a significant improvement in their business, increasing profits and good luck in all their undertakings.

When protecting its master from failures and dangers, the stone becomes heavier on the owner’s body.  Thus, it warns of the approaching run of bad luck or sneaking detractors.

The given property makes us to confess that the gemstone is an excellent defender.  You’d better insert the mineral into a silver frame, because in this case it acquires more abilities.   It should be noted that the sharp-eyed gem is very selective picky – an unscrupulous master can’t count on its help.

Choose a Stone by Its Color

A huge amount of energy carried by the mineral can bring people either favor or failure.  Though earlier it was believed that the gemstone fully belongs to the evil forces, it can’t seriously harm people.  Even if the stone is worn by an evil and dishonest person, in this case the sharp-eyed gemstone’s harm will be limited to a minor failure.  The wearer won’t face any deaths, serious diseases as well as other misfortunes, even if he or she deserves all of this.  Exactly because of this, tolerate attitude we can consider this stone a true protector.

If you classify minerals by colors, you’ll see that the white gemstone is considered to be an excellent mascot for mothers.  It helps them to get rid of panic fears closely connected with kids; they won’t be exposed to anxiety over them.  In addition, the gemstone protects from women’s illnesses.

The blue mineral “likes” dreamers.  Furthermore, it likes to make their dreams come true.  Of course, the blue stone can’t turn a poor man into a millionaire, but on the other hand it can show its master the right path.

The stone of the green hue is mainly used for medicinal purposes.  A variety of ailments are treated with the help of this stone, but its primary healing specialty is the throat treatment.  You’ll easily neutralize your cold if you timely take action and ask the stone for help.

With the help of the small stone of the solar shade, women can adjust their periods, while elderly people can control their blood pressure.   Those tired of fighting their alcohol addition, will be surprised to find it effective against this devastating vice.

Natural cat’s eye has been long used to treat psychiatric disorders.  Previously, mental ailments were explained by the devil’s influence and therefore, people used this gemstone to banish Satan from the patient’s body.

However, the most important property of the sharp-eyed stone is an ability to increase the effects of drugs.  Any cat’s eye sample helps to quickly recover, because drugs aren’t always capable to fight the disease.

Summarizing all the mineral’s properties, we can say that this beautiful gem cat’s eye feels like reflecting the strong energy of the predator.  It’s no wonder it’s so popular with those who wish to bring significant changes into their life.

Green, yellow, brown, azure and dazzling white samples of cat’s eye sometimes become a real salvation.   When picking up the gem by shade, keep in mind the goals you’re currently pursuing.  Find out whether they meet the parameters of kindness, that’s so crucial for the mineral.  If that’s so, you can safely purchase this talisman.


green cat's eye
Green Cat’s Eye Stone
blue cat's eye
Blue Cat’s Eye
yellow-green cat's eye
Yellow-Green Cat’s Eye
brown cat's eye
Brown Cat’s Eye

White cat's eye
White Cat’s Eye
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