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chrysoprase stoneMany historians state that Alexander the Great always wore chrysoprase stone on his belt and set it apart from all others.  In ancient times, people associated it with a symbol of success.  Even one of the most influential figures of the 18th century, Prussian King Frederick the Great thought the same way and respectively wore a ring with chrysoprase.


Chrysoprase is considered to be one of the most valuable varieties of chalcedony (also dubbed translucent quartz). Its name is one of the derivatives from the Greek “hrizoz”, which stands for “golden” and prazoz, which means “leek”.  The most typical coloration of chrysoprase is green or blue-green.  The given color is the result of reaction with nickel.  When staying under the bright rays of light, the gemstone can fade.  In order to restore its original color you require wrapping it in cloth dampened with water.

Chrysoprase physical characteristics

The hardness of chrysoprase according to Mohs ranges from 6.5 to 7.

Weight – 2.26.

As for coloration, it’s mostly green or blue-green.  The mineral surface has a waxy luster.

Chrysoprase is a transparent mineral with a unique structural design.


Chrysoprase deposits 

To start with, we should stress that chrysoprase is a relatively rare mineral.  The gemstone’s origin is closely connected with weathering of ultramafic nickel rocks in linear carts.  The richest chrysoprase deposits are situated in California, Australia, Poland and Kazakhstan.  To add to this, in the 1920s huge chrysoprase deposits were discovered in Madagascar, Brazil and India.

Chrysoprase areas of application

Chrysoprase was highly praised and admired in ancient times and it was very popular with the mighty of this world.  Moreover, it’s still popular today.  Up-to-date jewelers successfully use chrysoprase to decorate silver and golden items or employ it independently in jewelry products

Chrysoprase value for medicine. Healing Properties

Sure, not all medical specialists appreciate stone therapy and there’re lots of points of view regarding this, opposite to each other. However, by now no one has managed to prove or disprove its efficiency. Fairly common and not groundless is the assertion that the mineral is an excellent remedy against eye problems and it’s able to significantly improve vision.  Some experts point out to the gem’s ability to improve the overall tone of the human body as well as stimulation of the general metabolism.  Apart from that chrysoprase positively affects the endocrine glands.

Many lithotherapists tell that chrysoprase copes with symptoms, typical to nervous stress, and in particular, with insomnia and nightmares.

To treat colds use chrysoprase infused water.  However, be careful with it, as excessive use can provoke undesirable effects, including gall stones.  Besides this, chrysoprase has a great impact on the heart chakra.

Chrysoprase and its magical application 

As mentioned above, chrysoprase brings well-being and success to its owner.  The given mineral patronizes innovators and inventors.  Anybody who’s ready for new challenges and has a true desire for radical changes, can benefit from owning chrysoprase as it boasts corresponding magical protective properties.

In ancient times people believed that chrysoprase was capable of resisting the envy and slander.  It can also withstand the evil eye and spells.  That’s an extremely powerful mascot against any corruption as well as other nasty things, made by evil people.  If the stone starts thicken, it indicated the approaching difficulties and dangers.


Chrysoprase talismans and amulets

Chrysoprase is ideal as a mascot for those who work with large sums of money.  It helps them to be reasonable and calm in any situation.  Meanwhile, the wearer with the false nature won’t benefit from owning this stone and the gemstone will get dark.

Those born under the sign of Aquarius are traditionally patronized by chrysoprase.  The gemstone makes them lucky and protects them from a variety of dangers and complications.  Moreover, in certain cases it can even avenge their ill-wishers and return them negative energy in a greater extent.


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