Stones of Yellow Shades

Yellow precious and semi-precious stones are found quite often and in large quantities.  Due to a huge variety of yellow minerals, anyone has an excellent opportunity to choose the stone according to his budget.  Precious stones of the solar coloration are represented by beryl, jade and zircon.  Yellow topaz is quite popular.  Because of the rarity of this coloration, topaz samples are often subject to thermal treatment in order to get the desired color.

Many precious stones are represented exactly in the yellow color. The most famous yellow mineral is amber.  Cat’s eye and tiger’s eye are less popular due to their rarity.  Yellow carnelian and jasper are extracted in relatively high volumes.  Dull yellow jade samples are discovered from time to time.

Vitality in Minerals

The yellow color of the stone stands for the sun, health, and development of life and youth.  Yellow gemstones govern human feelings, replacing sadness and gloom with joy and happiness. Minerals care about the physical health of its owner, help him or her in difficult situations and share their energy with the wearer.

Yellow amber

Perhaps, the most accessible and popular semi-precious stone of the yellow color is amber.  Jewelry products with this stone improve mood and appearance.  The pieces of the hardened resin are capable to boost creativity and strengthen the overall physical condition.  Conservatives would better wear amber in periods of changes, so they could easily accept changes and adapt to them.  The gemstone makes its owner look for new heights and ways to conquer them, rather than staying passive.

Yellow Citrine

The transparent citrine crystal positively affects vision as well as the overall state of eyes.  Just look at the stone for a couple of minutes and you’ll drastically reduce the spasm of accommodation and get rid of dryness and burning in your eyes after the prolonged load.  This yellow precious mineral has a beneficial impact on the brain functionality.  It accelerates the reaction, improves analytical skills, memory as well as logical thinking.

Yellow Beryl

Beryl of the golden-yellow color is called heliodor.  That’s a real stone of the Sun, so it warms its owner and gives him or her energy.  The transparent mineral is a strong antiseptic.  That’s why it’s useful to wear it to treat inflammation and prevent infectious diseases.  The stone is extremely beneficial for women’s health and maternity.

Yellow Topaz

In ancient times, any transparent yellow mineral was called topaz. This stone definitely leads in expressing all the positive properties of yellow gemstones.  Jewelry with topaz helps to reveal the secrets of the world and influence others to achieve goals.  On the other hand, topaz won’t allow to use its power for evil purposes.  It purifies the soul as well as thoughts of negativity.

Transparent yellow topaz is often called “wine topaz”.  This stone helps its owner to develop spiritually, it enhances the intellectual capacity and activates the best character traits.  Wine topaz positively affects sleep, and copes with insomnia and bad dreams.  The mineral improves the functioning of the digestive system and gives a powerful relief when facing colds.

Yellow Carnelian

Golden-yellow semi-precious carnelian is a stone of family happiness and prosperity.  It’s able to prevent quarrels and resolve any conflicts peacefully. The mineral is good at rapid wound healing. It generously shares its soft power, and thanks to it the person becomes stronger physically and psychologically stable.

Yellow Jade

Rare yellow jade is mined in China.  In this country, it’s considered to be the stone of fertility and immortality.  The gemstone positively affects the reproductive system, it helps parents to understand and fulfill their mission of raising kids.  Thanks to the fine cavity structure, the gem has a positive impact on the internal organs.  It also cleanses the body, stabilizes blood pressure and pulse.

Health, Given by Gems

The stone of the yellow color acts primarily on the physical form of the owner, so jewelry items with it are recommended to wear if you have problems with health.  Yellow minerals give strength and courage in moments of fatigue.  Lithotherapists recommend them to people facing huge physical activity – this applies to workers, athletes, dancers.

Physicians recommend to wear amber when having problems with the immune system and thyroid gland.  Apart from that, the mineral positively affects the upper respiratory tract.   Citrine is effective against all the eye diseases and it’s useful for the improvement of vision. This gemstone is often recommended to people who need relief for their eye muscles.

Golden yellow stones suit people born under the signs of Leo and Aries. The energy of the representatives of the Fire signs gets along with the warmth of yellow gemstones.  Leo, who wears jewelry with minerals of the straw color, gets an extra source of strength and energy for the realization of all his undertakings.  For Aries, solar stones become regulators of emotions and feelings.  For Scorpio these stones aren’t recommended at all.

The Talisman With Yellow Stone

Yellow topaz is a powerful talisman for travelers.  They protect against dangers and diseases in a journey.  These gemstones boost intuition and help to avoid many troubles.  Those, who wear topaz in a pendant or seal-ring on the index finger are never prone to fear and self-doubt.  The mineral beneficially affects the reproductive function, thus helping women to get pregnant and successfully bear a baby.

Citrine has long had a not very good reputation of the stone-patron of crooks and adventurers.  However, today, lithotherapists changed their point of view regarding this mineral.  Citrine brings good luck in business affairs as well as risky undertakings.  As a talisman, this transparent stone is useful for people working with their own hands: watchmakers, jewelers, manicure specialists.  Jewelry with yellow citrine helps to get free and become more confident and eloquent.

It’s advisable to wear a talisman with hyacinth no more than twice a month, because it can attract loneliness to its owner.   The transparent mineral of the yellow-green color helps to get out of depression and get rid of melancholy and boredom.  For women in labor the stone will ensure easy delivery and stop bleeding.

Amber is a good talisman for those who are weak from an ailment or their passive lifestyle. Its stimulating effect gradually awakens the hidden forces in the person, gives news reasons to move forward.  The transparent honey-colored mineral makes his owner an optimist and helps to appreciate and value life.  Amber positively affects joints and bones, helps to recover from injuries and wounds.  Doctors recognize the significant progress in the treatment of thyroid if the patient regularly wears an amber pendant.

Carnelian is considered to be a powerful love mascot.  Jewelry with it presented to the wedding, will protect the young family from misunderstandings, betrayals and jealousy.  Light yellow carnelian will suit women, while men will benefit from wearing brown shades samples of this stone.  Carnelian can store heat, that’s why it’s often used to warm patients’ organs and stop bleeding and relieve pain.



yellow amber
Yellow Amber
yellow citrine
Yellow Citrine
Yellow Beryl
yellow topaz stone
Yellow Topaz
yellow carnelian
Yellow Carnelian

yellow jade
Yellow Jade
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