Quartz – Stone of Illusions

Quartz is one of the most common minerals on earth. It forms one of the largest collections of jewels. Translated from German quartz stone meaning is “solid”. These amazing stones as agate, rutile quartz, morion, chalcedony, cat’s eye, aventurine, amethyst and prasem belong to this family. In general, quartz is considered gemstone, but among its species semi-precious minerals are also found.

Since ancient times, people believed that many types of quartz have healing properties. And balls made from rock crystal, and today are the main attribute for magicians to predict the future. Nowadays, jewelry fashion pays closer attention to quartz since it has a large variety of colors.

High quartz strength is the main feature that allows use of the mineral in the glass industry. In addition, they create from it large products such as ashtrays and vases.

Deposits of stone are rich in Australia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and the United States. Basically quartz can be found in the form of separate rock grains or in the form of granular solid masses having milky white color.

Variety And Color

Unlike other large variety of stones, this mineral is quite high in demand. It is inserted into jewelries, used to make talismans and amulets, often used in magic. This mineral has many fans among youth.

  • Morion is black stone. It can be discolored by heating to 400 degrees C, and the color can be restored by means of X-ray irradiation. Slow heating to 300 degrees C will give morion golden color, reminiscent of tea topaz. Someone consider it a magic stone.
  • Rhinestone or rock crystal is colorless quartz crystals, their fields are mainly in caves of hydrothermal veins.
  • Citrine is lemon-yellow crystals of the stone. Admixture of trivalent iron gives the color to the mineral.
  • Prasem is a stone having green color due to the presence of small green fibers of actinolite crystals or other minerals. Sometimes prase is confused with prasiolite, artificial stone of green color.
  • Chalcedony is translucent or may be semi-transparent. It has colors from white to pale yellow. There are many subtypes in these cryptocrystalline varieties of quartz that vary in color, texture and structure. This type includes carnelian, sapphirine, agate, mochovic and jasper.
  • Amethyst is a kind of rock crystal, which has purple, violet, pink and purple-red colors. It refers to the precious stones.
  • Aventurine is fragile and opaque mountain quartz breed. It has shimmering effect due to lamellar inclusions diffused uniformly. Most often it has a yellowish, red or cherry color. Much less you can meet bluish or green stone. Nowadays natural aventurine can be confused with artificial stone, made of glass.
  • Ametrine – this stone is quite rare kind of quartz. It has unallocated spots of violet-purple and yellow.
  • Rose quartz is a semi-precious stone that has a delicate pink color.
  • Sapphire crystal is coarse-grained quartz with bluish color.

Quartz Healing Properties

Quartz crystal has a positive impact on the respiratory system. If you keep stone for cold, it will greatly facilitate the course of the disease. Those who prefer alternative medicine often use home-cooked quartz water. It is believed that quartz water has healing properties and positive effect on the entire body.

Using water, infused with mineral, they make compresses and lotions in skin inflammation, cuts, burns and bruises. People, who use quartz water, protect themselves from all sorts of diseases. And with regular washing you can get smooth, supple and elastic skin. In addition, when used in cosmetic procedures, fine wrinkles smooth and inflamed pimples disappear.

Magic Properties

Modern magic believes quartz “stone of illusions”. Only experienced magicians and fortune-tellers can use it for magical purposes. An ordinary person will be difficult to make out anything in a variety of pictures that paints his imagination, and he may even get to the madness. From ancient times to the present day pure crystal is used from which magic balls are made in order to know the past and predict the future.

It is believed that the magical amethyst properties provide strong protection against evil spirits. Citrine affects oratory, trade and travel. This mineral enhances the business skills and promotes quick thinking. Aventurine brings luck in a game and will help in a risky situation. That is why it should be worn for people who are not afraid of abrupt changes in life.

Morion has strong magical properties. It should not be used for personal gain as it is believed that it could take revenge on its owner. Rose quartz is a favorite of female sex. It underlines the attractiveness of its mistress, while attracting great and true love. The mineral helps to deal stress, increases self-esteem and reinforces gifted by nature talents.

Talismans And Amulets

By making magic charms, quartz gem is often recovered in silver. Being well combined with this metal, it will help to bring material well-being, success and love. Lawyers, businessmen and bankers are advised to wear as an amulet a pendant or ring with citrine. It is believed that the amulet would help not only to maintain, but also increase the available wealth.

Talisman of morion helps affect people’s behavior, it will bring respect to a person who has a large number of subordinates. Amulet of aventurine helps you make a good impression on others. But, at the same time, vulnerable and sensitive people should not carry with them the mineral, since it does not reveal to them its power. The most powerful amulet against the evil eye and spoilage is a rose quartz.

Mineral And Astrology

According to astrologers, quartz is well suited to those born under the sign of Scorpio, Aquarius and Libra.

Ring-shaped decorations and pendants with the stone become for these people an indispensable tool in business and family relationships. Wearing mineral by Virgo and Gemini is absolutely contraindicated. The rest of the signs of the zodiac can wear only a stone in the form of a crystal, but not in the form of jewelry.




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