Lilac stones

Unique stones

There aren’t many names for precious and semi-precious minerals of the lilac color, but every violet or purple stone isn’t just incredibly beautiful, but also boasts a powerful energy as well as strong magical properties.  The most well-known precious stones of the lilac color are amethyst and charoite.  Sapphire and tanzanite of this color have been discovered in nature not so often.  Lilac Spodumene went into production in 1902.

Semi-precious lilac jadeite is called lavender. Its light lilac coloration is often obtained artificially.  Purple jasper is quite common in the Urals.  Semi-precious lilac chalcedony is mined in Siberia and Brazil.

Stones, donating wisdom and love

For ages, stones of the lilac color have been symbolizing wisdom, high spiritual and moral qualities, magical power and strength of the character.   They’re must-have attributes of mystical rituals; they’re utilized in many spiritual practices as a connecting thread with the unexplored and mysterious world.  Lilac minerals can make its owner wiser, cleaner and fairer.

Lilac amethyst

The best known precious mineral of the lilac color is amethyst.  The given stone boasts the strongest positive energy.  Amethyst enhances positive qualities of the owner’s character and helps to cope with his or her disadvantages.  That’s fairly considered to be the stone of alchemists, philosophers and sages.  Amethyst positively affects mental abilities; it activates creative talents and improves memory.

Jewelry with amethyst gives an excellent opportunity to meet a strong and true love, strengthen friendship and gain the respect of the team.  It’s useful to wear this purple stone to develop eloquence and sociability.   Amethyst will calm passions, brazing in the soul and block clear thinking.  The gemstone has a positive effect on the quality of sleep, it deprives of insomnia and nightmares.

The lilac stone charoite

Another well-known purple stone is called charoite.  It was named after the river Chara, located along the course of the major deposit.  Charoite features strong magical powers and can store heat.  The mineral sharpens intuition, it helps to establish a connection with the beyond.  This light purple stone makes its owner kind, compassionate and calm.

Lilac tanzanite

Tanzanite is one of the youngest gemstones of the lilac color.  The mineral got its name in accordance with the name of the country with the largest deposits of this stone.  Its production started in Tanzania, 1967 and the volumes are limited.  Therefore, the stone is highly valued in the jewelry market.  The deep purple color and alexandrite effect makes tanzanite inimitable.

Tanzanite crystals have a positive effect on eyesight – you need to stare at the stone for several minutes to relive the tension of the eye muscles.  The wearing of this stone mostly influences the owner’s financial well-being.  The mineral brings stability in commercial affairs and confidence in the future.  A woman, who wears tanzanite, attracts men’s attention and retains her beauty.

Lilac kunzite

Spodumene, dubbed kunzite has a pink-lilac color.  It’s quite rare on the European market, respectively; it’s highly valued by gemstone lovers.  Translucent precious crystals of kunzite look most advantageously after a brilliant cut.  The most vivid and large samples of the lilac color are mined in Brazil and Afghanistan.

Kunzite affects the emotional sphere of the owner’s life.  It attracts pure mutual love, protects feelings from quarrels and separations.   Jewelry with this stone of the lilac color helps to heal spiritual wounds after a failed love affair and prepare a person for a new relationship.  With the help of this stone, you can normalize your nervous system and stabilize the emotional state.

The combination of pink and purple colors in kunzite enables to reconcile the heart and mind, find a compromise solution, which meets the requirements of logic and emotions.  The stone allows to forget about the past, it learns to enjoy today, without fear of the unknown future.  Kunzite can help you to get rid of sadness; it will return joy and restore the will to live.  The mineral is sensitive to heat; it stores energy within itself and generously shares it with the owner in difficult situations.

Lilac stones: whom will they make happy?

Precious and semi-precious gemstones beneficially affect the nervous system, that’s why jewelry with it should be worn during periods of depression and melancholy.  Lilac stones can relieve stress and recharge your body.  Minerals of this color help to overcome difficult moments of life and find the right solutions in extreme conditions.  These stones are recommended for those people whose work involves responsibility and requires a rapid response to the situation.  Any purple stone positively influences creativity as well as extrasensory skills.   A jewelry product with it will help to fulfil creative ideas, gain acceptance and be succeed in the favorite undertaking.  Practicing mystics find purple stones good helpers to open the “third eye” and manifest their forces.

Aries, Leos and Sagittarians often require some cooling of their emotions.  Stones of the lilac color will help them to reach this goal.  These minerals soften sharpness and irascibility of the Fire signs, gives them wisdom, leisure and tranquility.  It’s recommended to wear a purple stone for female Pisces and Virgo.  It provides them with femininity and softness.

Magical talismans

Kunzite is a very strong mascot for kids.  Its energy is useful for babies from their birth.  It’s believed that the stone minimizes the effects of prenatal stresses and birth traumas.  For sweethearts the mineral will become a talisman of happiness and a guiding star in relationships.  It’s advisable to wear jewelry with kunzite on the chest to increase its protective effect.

Amethyst got its name from the ancient Greek word, which stood for “sobering”.  It’s believed that the stone helps to fight addiction to alcohol as well as other bad habits.  A mascot with amethyst protects from dangerous temptations and seductions. It’s admired by public people because the mineral reduces consequences of drinking alcohol drinks.

A semi-precious stone charoite is a strong magical talisman.  The stone helps the weakened body to regain strength; it fortifies the spirit and mind.  For creative personalities, the mineral will become a source of inspiration, a means of struggle against laziness and apathy.  Charoite protects from negative magic energy, it pushes away from its master evil thoughts as well as deeds of his enemies.  With its mild positive force, the stone carefully protects kids.

Tanzanite is a good mascot for confident men and women.  This lilac mineral brings happiness, financial well-being and success in all endeavors.   It favorably affects the skin and helps to endure colds.  In the family life, tanzanite brings joy, comfort and prosperity.  It encourages its owner to move forward to new heights.

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