Fluorite – Cubic Crystal

fluorite crystal meaningThe gemstone’s name “fluorite” descends from the Latin word “fluor”, which stands for “flow”.  However, that’s not the only variant of translation.  Other common ones are fake emerald,  Transvaal emerald and South American emerald.

The first works on the description of this mineral became known in 1546, thanks to the scientist Agricola, who decided to designate fluorite mineral in his work as “ore flower”.

The origin of fluorite stone

Deposits of fluorite crystals are usually formed in veins of hydrothermal ore, including the limestone or dolomite.

This stone boast specific luster glass surfaces.  It’s a mostly transparent or translucent mineral with a rich variety of colors.  The uneven coloration of the gemstone is often manifested in the form of stripes or spotting intrusions.  Lots of factors and impurities influence the final coloration of the gemstone, depending on their impact, we get the final result.

When talking about fluorite properties we can’t overlook its extraordinary luminescence –  it demonstrates a vivid glow under ultraviolet rays or when exposed to heat.

Fluorite deposits

Fluorite is mainly mined in the so-called hydrothermal zones, located in Brazil, Madagascar, Chine, Germany, Greenland, Italy, the UK, Norway and Canada.  The mineral is also produced in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia.

Fluorite uses

Fluorite is extensively used as a flux in the metallurgical industry.  It’s utilized to form a fusible slag.

Experts of the chemical industry produce synthetic cryolite and fluorine from this mineral using special processing technology. Fluorine and cryolite are employed in the manufacture of aluminum, using the electrochemical method.

Manufacturers of ceramic products use fluorite for the manufacture of special mixtures, called the glaze or enamel.

The crystals have transparent properties, perfectly suited for the production of lenses, which are subsequently used in optics. However, fluorite samples suitable for such processing are quite rare.

Fluorite healing properties

Fluorite is believed to be effective against headache.  Healers also consider it to be good for the heart, blood vessels and brain.  Furthermore, it can also serve as a supplementary remedy against sclerosis and epilepsy.

fluorite healing properties

Many lithotherapists think that fluorite can help weather-sensitive people to endure the discomfort caused by this natural circumstance.  It will also maintain nerves in a good condition and eliminate tough consequences of a nervous breakdown.  The gemstone perfectly serves as a preventive remedy against sleep problems.  With this stone you’ll get rid of nightmares and insomnia.

Fluorite balls are ideal for massage treatments. The most striking impact the gemstone has on the frontal and parietal chakra.

Fluorite crystals and magic

Fluorite uses large popularity in the circles of people able to apply with magic.  For example, Indian magicians and soothsayers are assured that fluorite has the most powerful magical properties compared to the other minerals.  A common feature of magicians is a respectful attitude towards the forces and opportunities brought by the stone.

colors of fluorite stone

It is believed that if you look at the ball of fluorite, one can see your future. These balls are often used to conduct séances as well as other magical procedures. Additionally, fluorite crystals greatly help emotional people to deal with their emotions and be in harmony with the environment. In human life this stone brings only love and good fortune.

Fluorite talismans and amulets

Fluorite is one of the few minerals that provide special protection to hard workers of science, creative personalities and anyone involved in magic. Using this stone as a personal talisman, the owner will be provided with analytical intelligence and extremely high level of success in matters dealing with his or her personal life.

fluorite talisman, fluorite amulet

If you need protection from the negative influence of other people, nothing will protect you better than a talisman made from fluorite.


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