Getting Familiar with Chrysolite Stone

chrysolite stoneUndoubtedly, chrysolite is one of the most ancient minerals ever known to mankind.  The uniqueness of this gemstone is that it can be found not only on our planet, but also on the Moon and on certain meteorites. Chrysolite boasts a long history, rooted in the third century BC.  Since that time it’s been known as “golden stone”.

The gem’s origin, physical properties and deposits


There’re several scientific points of view regarding the origin of this mineral:

The first theory states that “chrysolite” is a synonym of “olivine”.  According to the German and English interpretations of mineralogical science, olivine is a silicate of magnesium and iron and the given combination is called peridot.  Some researchers are assured that chrysolite and peridot are the names of one mineral.

In accordance with the second theory, the golden and yellowish-green chrysolite samples can be defined as a kind of transparent olivine and peridot stone is just another type of chrysolite.

However, despite all these guesses, it’s much more ancient mineral than olivine or peridot – that’s what true historical facts state.

Physical properties

The hardness according to Mohs ranges from 6.5 to 7.

The gem’s density varies from 3.27 to 3.48 (3.34).

The colors include olive, beige, brown, green and shades of orange and yellow.

It’s completely transparent.

Chrysolite deposits

Chrysolite or peridot (if that theory is true) is often found in rock crystals, though significant chrysolite deposits are quite rare.  The crystals of excellent quality are produced due to crystallization of olivine rock when being exposed to solutions of hydrothermal origin.  The mineral is mined in the USA, Mongolia, Australia, Myanmar, Zaire and Russia.

Chrysolite uses

Chrysolite is a fragile and sensitive gemstone.  Diamond and trap cut are quite common for this gemstone.  It’s often confused with emerald.  The most popular “emerald” of chrysolite origin is the famous “Emerald Nero”, which belongs to the treasury of the Vatican City.

Turkish sultans decorated their turbans with chrysolite to emphasize their noble status and wealth.

The museum in Istanbul exhibits the “Golden Throne” encrusted with chrysolite. (955 ptc.)

Chrysolite healing properties

Nightmares, insomnia, neuralgia, cardiovascular ailments – that’s the list of health disorders you can easily overcome if you opt for chrysolite.  Lithotherapists are assured that this gemstone as an effective remedy against vision problems.

Some healers utilize chrysolite to relieve kidney as well as stomach pain. Furthermore, it has been proved many times that the gemstone is also efficient against stuttering.  Chrysolite is especially effective for the solar plexus chakra.

Chrysolite and magic

The vast majority of magicians agree that chrysolite can safeguard people from stupid things and bad dreams. It also gives strength and an ability to foresee the future.

In ancient times chrysolite was often used as a mascot against burns and fires.  Many people believe in its ability to withstand dangers typical to a pampered life (crashes, injuries, accidents during transportation in road transport, etc.)

Chrysolite has always been on guard of family comfort. It will give your home long-awaited peaceful and quiet happiness.  Today’s magicians are assured that chrysolite can make men more attractive and assist them in restoring their male strength.  Purchase this joss stone and you’ll easily forget about your sadness and despair!

People born under the sign of Pisces will benefit more than others from wearing jewelry products with chrysolite.  It will help them to avoid conflicts and make the right decisions.

Chrysolite as a mascot

First of all, as a mascot chrysolite will perfectly suite those who prefers a mobile style.  Sure, that’s about athletes and anyone ready to build his hearth and home should wear this gemstone.  To preserve stability and prosperity in your home forever, you need to purchase a figure of a fish or animal made of this mineral.  You’d better place it in the living room to get the most of the effect.

Some experts who research this mineral are convinced that chrysolite is capable of protecting its wearer from the evil eye, nightmares and even evil spirits.


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