Chrysocolla – Feminine Stone

chrysocolla stoneThis mysterious chrysocolla stone came to us from the distant past.  It has been being used by people for centuries and it still remains one of the most enigmatic rocks ever known to mankind.

The gem’s properties are amazing.  It’s unstable and changeable.  The content of moisture in it greatly varies, thus affecting its coloration and even composition. In general, chrysocolla is just a combination of copper and aluminum.  However, no one is assured regarding the homogeneity of the chemical composition.  The gemstone often comes with a rich variety of impurities, which change the overall density and structure of chrysocolla.  By its nature it’s much softer than turquoise, but more fragile.

A brief history of chrysocolla

The gemstone acquired its name in 4 century BC.  At that time the legendary scientist Theophrastus dared to combine two words “crysos” and “kolla”, meaning respectively “gold” and “glue”.  The term should have stood for golden glue or solder made of gold, as at that time the mineral was actively used for soldering golden products.  Fortunately, the gemstone’s original name came to us and it’s still popular nowadays.

Quite often, it was also used as the gold ore. In those days people didn’t value the aesthetic function of the extracted mineral.  They were more focused on the precious copper.

The mineral was known in ancient Egypt.  Ancient Egyptians made extensive use of chrysocolla mineral for the production of green and blue paint for painting utensils and making their legendary wall murals.  It’s so weird that their painting survived and passed through the centuries.  These days we can see this paint on the walls of the pyramids, covers of the tombs and details of everyday life of ancient Egypt.  It has been proved that chrysocolla crystal was used for the manufacture of the first eyes shadows for Egyptian women.

Chrysocolla meaning

Furthermore, Egyptians came up with another chrysocolla masterpiece.  We’re talking b out catchy mosaic tiles.  Even today it’s still popular, so anyone can benefit from the ancient secrets and satisfy his creative demand.

Many historians think that the legendary biblical King Solomon managed to grab all the well-known attributes of his wealth thank to this mineral.  Chrysocolla enabled him to build the greatest palace and turn his country into the strongest state of that time.  The gemstone was extremely popular in the market due to its unique properties.  It was good for soldering and ornaments.  At that time, the gemstone was known as Eilat stone.

Where chrysocolla mined?

Chrysocolla is mined in the United States, Chile, Peru, Zaire and Israel.  It’s often confused with malachite, turquoise and azurite.  There’s no wonder about this as the mineral often get fused with those gemstones mentioned above, thus forming one solid entity. Chrysocolla is often used as replacement of those gemstones as their color schemes are very similar.  A typical feature of chrysocolla is that it’s usually found in copper deposits.  That’s why it boasts this nice blue color.

The color scheme of the mineral doesn’t offer us lots of variants.  In most cases, people deal with a pleasant light blue samples or some shades of blue.  However, other color schemes are available too.

Chrysocolla be greenish-blue, brownish (presence of manganese in the composition), sky (due to mixture with kaolinite) or even black.  This gemstone features a wax or a glass luster, depending on the density of the mineral.  Dense samples has a glass luster, while stones with weaker density shine barely noticeable, sometimes they’re matt.

Chrysocolla healing properties and magic application

Chrysocolla healing is still actual today.  At least many lithotherapists have proved the essential curative properties of the mineral.   The gemstone is employed to treat many women’s ailments such as ovarian dysfunction, all kinds of inflammation and disturbances of the menstrual cycle.  That’s why many people consider chrysocolla to be a “female” gemstone.  It’s believed that if you wear chrysocolla jewelry every day, you’ll avert diseases of the thyroid gland and throat.  Anyone suffering from oppression, apathy, insomnia, nervous exhaustion and depression (these are the evident symptoms of copper deficiency), should let chrysocolla products contact his or her skin.  Pendants with stuff will suffice.

Smokers also need this gemstone.  The processed mineral will save them from this nasty addiction and help to avoid its complications.  Besides this, chrysocolla boasts  anti-inflammatory as well as disinfectant properties, so it can be efficiently used for the prevention of many viral diseases.

chrysocolla healing

Chrysocolla has a huge magical potential.  Using this gemstone, you can fruitfully communicate with the energy of the cosmos and interpret its signals.  The gemstone will help you to properly understand the whole essence of the world.  You’ll fully understand the place occupied by you on this planet and the same is true for your mission you were born for.  Mascots made of chrysocolla protect their wearers from illusions, temptations and fears.

As mentioned above, chrysocolla is a “feminine” gemstone.  As follows from this it affects women at times more than men.  The unique properties of the mineral enable women to reveal their femininity and sensitivity.  Chrysocolla develops intuition and helps girls in difficult situations to make the right choice.  Additionally, it makes girls more gentle, compassionate, softer and kinder.  It even evokes their maternal instinct.

Sure, all men are willing to change their wives for the better. With this gemstone, you’ll instill your sweetheart more family and female qualities, including tenderness.  So, you should purchase jewelry with chrysocolla for your love one.  Thus, you’ll gain this long-awaited family happiness.  Not only lonely people need this stone.  Couple who have already lost their passion to each other also need this stuff.

Chrysocolla fights many unpleasant human emotions. The gemstone will help to overcome even the most secret fears. It will also assist in soothing  thoughts and temper. Chrysocolla efficiently averts  angry outbursts. It will let you get rid of wearing obsessive thoughts, feelings of shame, simultaneously strengthening the work of the mind.

Chysocolla and signs of Zodiac

Anyone born under the sign of Sagittarius and Taurus need chrysocolla.  With this mineral representatives of those sings will develop intuition and wisdom and become smarter in different situations.  Those engaged in intellectual work of any kind definitely need this gemstone.  This especially applies to scientists.

It is believed that it’s much easier to make decisions, when there’s a mascot of chrysocolla in your hand. The mineral helps to avoid mistakes and gives wisdom in making difficult decisions.  That’s a favorable stone for such signs as Libra, Leo, Aquarius and Cancer.


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