Carnelian – Mascot of Lovers

carnelian crystalCarnelian or sarder came to us since ancient times, and, in fact, are one and the same stone – chalcedony from quartz family. Red-orange chalcedonies worldwide called carnelians, and stones with yellow and brown shades – sarders.

A Bit of History

Carnelian crystal like a jewel is known to the world for a long time. Until now, in pharaohs’ tombs are cut from the material figures of scarabs. But not only Egyptians loved the unusual red gem. Carnelian was quite popular in Rome, in ancient Greece. A variety of things were produced from the gem, ranging from figurines and decorations and finishing with amulets and talismans. Boxes, cups and even prints of the mineral were quite popular. In the Middle East prayer to the Lord was engraved on a stone, aimed to requests for deliverance from the devil’s wiles and temptations. Engraved carnelian recovering in gold was worn as a pendant or ring was made ​​on its basis.

In Russia, carnelian was often used in church plate. Slavic peoples spared no effort or money to equip the icons, wedding crowns, chalices for communion and more. Not surprisingly, carnelian can still be found on many of the iconostasis. Nowadays the rock is mostly used in jewelry by making all kinds of jewelry (earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants).

But even listed nations are not the ancient lovers of red material. Ironically, the collection of this unusual gem is often found in Paleolithic sites of our ancient ancestors.

Variety and Color

Carnelian is opaque stone by the structure, but it is still slightly translucent. Depending on the location gems have different shades of red, which is explained by conventional chemical processes. Instability of iron located in silica and causes such a rich palette. It has long been noted that, for example, the Indian carnelian have a very interesting combination of colors and well-rayed. This is due to the action of an active tropical sun that adds density and color saturation to the stone.

carnelian stone colors

If we talk about the diversity of colors and the value of this or that hue we can distinguish as the most valuable brownish-red stone, flame-bright colors or dim light orange tones. This natural material being polished is similar in appearance to a smoldering ember that swept by flames.

Carnelian Healing and Magic Properties

Carnelian healing properties are quite diverse: it is able to stop the bleeding, and even to purify the blood. Due to mineral immunity is restored, body resists better diseases of the thyroid gland and any skin diseases. Carnelian is recommended to future mums, as the healing properties of the stone help make a baby without problems. It’s argued that the unusual stone should be seen for about 15 minutes a day – then all vision problems will slowly go away.

In the East, women usually clasped this material in hands at childbirth. It helped to deal with women’s issues, heavy menstruation or any malfunctioning in cycles.

Talking about the magical properties of carnelian, it should be especially mentioned its love power.

Since ancient times, the gem is used to normalize personal relations. Stone is able to awaken ability of eloquence, to make amends for all sorts of conflicts and resolve disputes.

Carnelian gem helps protect the relationship of betrayal, adultery and also protects against external evil influences (love spells, curses and other things). Saving the owner of infidelity and negative influences, it gives a long and happy relationship, adjusted and serene family life. Love stone properties are manifested in the sexual life. It is used for protection against infertility and impotence.

In addition to processing of personal relationships, carnelian helps to establish a harmonious communication with all people around. Its ability to awaken eloquence saves in quarrels, conflicts and any problems in communication. Unusual stone gives peace and inner calm, brings joy and goodness in life. It is believed that its use in jewelry can save many accidents, including by lightning, as well as from all enemies. Its properties are so strong that they are able to protect even from premature death and very dangerous, deadly diseases.

carnelian gem

The purpose depends on the color of the stone.

For example, dark shades are male carnelian stones while female ones have delicate, light colors similar to a shade of peach.

Mineral in Astrology

As a mascot stone is ideal for two zodiac signs – Cancer and Leo. Difficult in communication and secretive Cancers are excellently disclosed due carnelian. They start to reach an understanding even with strangers; learn to build a bridge between their fragile inner world and assertive aggressive external world. In addition, the mineral helps Cancers to cause favor and sympathy of strangers, radiate confidence and inner strength. Thanks mascot, pessimism and melancholy associated with failures or grievances disappear from Cancer’s inner world and it discloses all his hidden talents, appears eloquence and insight that will help on the path to harmony and happiness in his personal life.

Carnelian stone brings success to Leos. The stone can be very useful to the sign-leader who likes to win, take first places, managerial positions and show his hidden talents. Carnelian will help them establish contacts, deal easily with administrative work that will surely make them happy. The main enemy for any Leo – is doubts and insecurities. Gem will encourage good luck, protecting against all enemies and failures.

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