Calcite: Description and Features

calcite crystal healing propertiesYou’ve probably seen calcite crystals in nature many times, without knowing exactly that it was they. Most often calcite occurs in the form of striped inclusions in granite and limestone.

Stone calcite is one of the most common minerals on Earth. It is about 4% of the total amount of minerals. Its fields are almost everywhere, but calcite mining is mainly produced in the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, India and England.

Calcite composition is quite soft and fragile compared to other kinds of precious stones. First of all, it is considered “collectors’ stone”, but that is not the exclusivity of this mineral.

Calcite belongs to the collection stones, because it lacks the hardness and durability required for use in most jewelry.

However, calcite hardness can be compared with amber, coral and chrysocolla. That is you can still use it as an insert in decorations. Most often this stone is inserted into earrings or pendants because in a ring it can collapse quickly.

Variety and Color

Pure calcite is colorless. However, this crystal besides white can also be found in different colors and shades of green, pink, orange, red and blue due to the presence of impurities of iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc or cobalt.

colors and varieries of calcite сеныефд

Magic Properties

Calcite crystals are known as good energy boosters. They purify and activate all the chakras and help remember the information you learned during astral travel.

Calcite helps get rid of emotional intensity and stimulates development of logical thinking. It helps to look for the positive in even the most difficult situations and not focus on a problem but look for ways to solve it.

Since the foundation of the mineral is calcium, all kinds of gems are extremely beneficial for our bones.

Of course, the presence of impurities will also affect the properties of the stone. Therefore, in addition to all common calcite, colored varieties have individual influence.


Soft and gentle blue calcite color calms the nerves. This amulet is good to have on hand when you want to relax and unwind. This stone is beneficial for those who are extremely sensitive to the thoughts and emotions of others.

blue calcite

Energy of blue calcite helps those who are interested in meditation and astral travel. While out of the body, blue calcite prevents unpleasant or negative energy from the returning to itself.

It will be a good helper for creative people, because stimulates inspiration.

Also, this gem is good for the throat chakra and thus gives the opportunity to express yourself through words, music and art.

Blue calcite makes us aware of our thoughts and words (including unspoken). It strengthens inner vision, clairvoyance, telepathy.


Green calcite properties are excellent for getting rid of ossified beliefs and “old injuries” that prevent us from developing. It also helps in communication and sets a positive way.

green calcite

Honey calcite,( amber calcite)

Honey calcite – is a transparent or translucent golden brown crystal. It allows us to accept enthusiastically changes in life. Also it helps gain confidence and courage. You can heal the mind from past grievances by means of this stone.

amber calcite, honey calcite


It is great to deal with panic and fear. It will be particularly useful for those who suffer from the unpleasant experiences of childhood, including embarrassment, shame and sexual violence.

orange calcite

Orange calcite gives us what we need the most, whether it’s confidence, inspiration, creativity, sexuality, etc.

Orange calcite removes obstacles and helps achieve the goal. It provides assistance in resolving problems.

Orange calcite is also great for keeping order. Hold the crystal in your office, on a desk or just about anywhere where you need to observe cleanliness.


This stone makes it easier and frees from fear. It takes off jumps adrenaline caused by fright. This is especially useful for those whose profession is associated with risk: military, police, rescue.

red calcite


It is a soft stone of forgiveness and unconditional love. It is used to get rid of the burden of the past. It helps a person accept himself as he is. It treats nervous disorders and helps fight nightmares.

pink calcite

Healing Properties

Calcite can relieve back pain and increase physical strength. Also it is useful for strengthen bones and teeth, and improves vision.

Blue calcite protects our lungs and respiratory system. It relieves the symptoms of emphysema. It is also useful to get rid of headaches, cataracts, and other non-inflammation, eye problems.

The green variety of the mineral cures arthritis, bone fractures and torn or pulled muscles. This gem promotes the growth of tissues, so it can not be worn in case of tumors, cancer or infections, so as not to increase the number of affected areas of the body.

Red calcite is used for the treatment of genital organs, glands and ovaries. Also, hips, legs, stiff muscles and joints. It is also used for the acquisition of healthy sexuality and sensuality. Also, the mineral can be used for cleaning the body in case of poisoning.

Mineral and Astrology

Although calcite is not an official stone of a planet or zodiac sign, it is credited with the connection with Venus, the Sun and the Moon. A most preferred mascot is considered a gem for those born under the sign of Leo.

In addition, blue crystal suits Cancer and green – Capricorn.


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