Amethyst Stone – the Main Love Talisman

One legend says that the amethyst was named in honor of the nymphs with the same name. Tradition says that the God of wine Bacchus was angry with the people, and swore that he would set on hungry and angry tigers at the first person he would meet. On the deity’s way was nymph Amethyst. She served in the hunting goddess Diana’s temple. Enraged Tigers ran to the nymph. And she asked Diana protection, and that turned the nymph into a beautiful snow-white statue.

Seeing this, Bacchus regretted his terrible oath and wanted to return life to the nymph. He filled the statue grape juice, but it did not help. The only thing that happened – the stone, from which the statue was made, changed color. It became as purple as the live nymph’s eyes.

A Bit of History

Amethyst stone has been known to mankind in ancient times. This is evidenced by numerous archaeological finds in the parking places Neolithic tribes of Europe. Spiritual and magical properties made the gem popular material for beads and amulets in many cultures.

Later mineral became known as the “King’s Stone”. It was used to decorate the crown, scepter and jewelry. For example, the Queen Irina Godunova’s crown was decorated with very large dark purple amethysts.

So-called “heart scarabs” were cut out of amethyst in Egypt, which were inserted into the chest of a deceased before burial. In addition, the Egyptians used amethyst as a healing stone to remove the fear and guilt. Also, it was considered a powerful talisman while traveling.

Translated from the Greek word “ametistos” meant “not becoming drunk”. Therefore, the ancient Romans and Greeks drank wine from amethyst cups. It was believed that this would help to avoid the harmful effects of alcohol on the body and mind. In the East, with the same purpose, the crystal was placed in a cup of wine. It was also believed that wearing an amethyst in the belly button under your clothes not only would protect from drunkenness, but also would make a person more fervent and passionate lover.

Tibetan monks believed amethyst as Buddha’s stone. They believed that this crystal helped to attain enlightenment, and the beads were excised from it.

The description of amethyst was found in the Bible. There it was referred to as the ninth stone in the High Priest Aaron’s efude. Exactly amethyst symbolized the Spirit of God in the breast shield, which was decorated with 12 stones. And precisely this stone, according to Scripture, was the twelfth stone at the base of the Heavenly Jerusalem.

Amethyst was very important in Christianity. It has traditionally been considered a “bishop” (in Catholicism) or “Bishop” (Orthodoxy) stone. Cardinals wore rings with it on their right hand of the fourth finger. This ring was handed cleric in the construction of the rank. It was believed that the gem would be able to save a priest of “intoxication” of power and would not give to cloud his mind temptations. Also, this gem was widely used and still has been used nowadays, with decorating accessories for church services.

In some historical periods amethyst crystals valued equally with diamonds or rubies.

Variety and Color

Amethyst is one of the most expensive and beautiful varieties of quartz. Its color may range from pale violet to dark purple and even almost black. Amethyst crystals can be absolutely transparent and almost translucent in the sun.

In recent years, the market of jewels can be found so-called “green amethyst”. These crystals have gentle golden-green color. Such color amethyst acquires as a result of baking purple crystal stone at a temperature of about 500 degrees. The fact is the mineral changes its own color because of effect of sunlight or very high temperatures. But not any amethyst can be subjected to such an impact for the green crystal. Only gems from the field Montezuma located in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais are suitable for this. The other “green amethysts” are just artificially grown crystals. They are much more intense than those produced by a conventional method.

How to Authenticate

Amethyst is a much needed stone for jewelry, as well as for a variety of craft projects. Therefore, it is popular and with counterfeiters.

It is very easy to identify if the real stone or the glass you are offered. You will need a knife with a blade of steel. Natural amethyst crystals have higher hardness than the metal. So, if you try to damage the stone with knife you will not work. But on the glass forgery scratches will be visible necessarily.

It is more complicated situation with artificially grown stones. Synthetic amethyst has characteristics identical to natural. Therefore, it is not easy to identify a fake. However, artificial amethyst, like most synthetic stones, looks much brighter and clearer the original. In addition, all natural stones have uneven coloring, and natural cracks and inclusions that can be seen through a magnifying glass.

If you omit the real amethyst into the water, its edge will seem a little paler than the rest of the crystal. Artificial stone won’t change its color. But under ultraviolet light synthetic amethyst will be “spotted” vice versa while natural crystals will brighten evenly.

Magical Amethyst Properties

Peruvians were convinced that if the names of the sun and the moon engraved on amethyst and you wear it around your neck with a baboon hair or feather swallow, it would act as a talisman against witchcraft. The ancient philosopher Pliny the Elder claimed that this gem engraved with figures of the sun and moon gave a person immune to poisons. And if you wear it on a string of dog hair – it will protect against snake bites.

Bear carved on amethyst, had the ability to throw down the demons to flight, and to protect the owner from drunkenness.

This crystal is highly prized among travelers, as if he was beginning to change color, it foreshadowed a storm (this characteristic is due to the layered structure of the crystal). It was also believed that the mineral had power over the winds.

Amethyst crystal is considered ideal for meditation. It easily helps to free the mind from unnecessary thoughts and achieve a crystal clear mind. As a rule, during meditation this stone is placed in the “third eye” and you need to lay down on your back. Stone helps a person to go to a higher level of spiritual development. It gives the owner of wisdom and understanding.

Amethyst stone meaning spiritual protection and purification. It is able to create an energy field around a human, which will reflect the negative impact of both the physical and the spiritual level. It acts as a barrier against low-energy, psychic attacks, geopathic factors and unhealthy living conditions. This is a valuable protection for people doing mental work. It is also necessary talisman for those whose activities require a well-developed intuition.

But the most striking magical properties attributed to amethyst are definitely associated with love. This stone is considered to be the main love talisman. There is a belief that if you tell to amethyst about your love for the person, and then give him the stone, it is sure to become a mutual love. And the stone will cause the feeling of love, even if a person’s heart is already taken by someone else.

Also useful to wear the gem for those who think that no one appreciates and loves. Since mineral gives its owner the clarity of thought and protects against excessive mood disorders, so this feeling will pass.

Amethyst is a stone of eternal love. If a person lost his soul mate, but wanted to keep the memory of her, he wore jewelry with amethyst. These decorations were not removed and the surrounding could understand that nothing would make a man betray his love. For this the crystal got its second name – “widow’s stone.” However, in some ancient cultures believed that amethyst contrary was able to help open a human heart to new feelings if his beloved dead.

Love that gives this crystal, pure and noble. This is a high and light feeling, full of sincerity, dedication, desire to improve the sake of a loved one. Magical properties of the stone manifest themselves only when it is worn from time to time. And it is recommended to wear amethyst pairs or combine with rock crystal or rose quartz to increase his strength.

Amethyst Healing Properties

Amethyst promotes the production of hormones, stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and the endocrine glands. He saturates the blood with oxygen and helps in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, heart, stomach and skin. It can be used to massage the face to smooth wrinkles and improve skin tone.

The water in which the crystal spent night people drank to clear the blood vessels, liver or kidney. The same water treated with a cold.

The mineral strengthens the immune system. Some of its features include the ability to reduce bruising, relieves pain and swelling. Good results in the treatment of arthritis can also be achieved using this stone.

Amethyst is used to relieve symptoms associated with hearing impairment. It is proved that this crystal is very useful in the treatment of insomnia, especially when it is caused by nerve overexcitation. Its energy reduces headaches and migraines. To do this, you need to warm up the stone in your hands and put it on the forehead or temples.

The crystal helps with nightmares. In this case you need to put it under the pillow to be shown its properties.

Moreover, it can reduce stress and tension. Sometimes the stone can be used to treat mental disorders and redressing the imbalance of the brain. But it can’t be applied and worn for people suffering from paranoia or schizophrenia.

Amethyst has proven itself in overcoming drug addiction and combating the negative implications of drugs and alcohol effects on brain functions. The man, who wears amethyst, begins to lose interest in alcohol and eventually ceases to drink.

In order to gain the greatest benefit from the stone it should be worn in direct contact with the skin. In jewelry the best frame for amethyst is silver.

Mineral and Astrology

Horoscope argues that amethyst is the perfect mascot for those who were born in February. Therefore, he will be an excellent amulet for Aquarius and Pisces. Also, this crystal will bring good luck to Aries and Scorpio. It will deliver a Scorpio of excessive selfishness, which is inherent in this zodiac sign.

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