Alpanite, Ametrine, Ammonite Stones: Medicinal and Magic Properties


alpanite gemSynthetic silicate alpanite (alpinite) – is an inexpensive jewelry glass, by which budgetary enough but beautiful jewelries are created. It is widely used as the name alpanite and consonant term alpinite. The physical properties of the synthetic mineral make it easy to handle the mineral and use it to create original ornaments of every shape and color. Glasslike gem is easily faceted, so in today’s jewelry market, you can see a huge amount of inexpensive jewelries based on the mineral.

Alpanite mimics the color of expensive precious or semi-precious stones such as blue sapphire, beryl, emerald. Colors of unusual stones can simulate green, blue, red and blue shades.

Most importantly, the artificially created mineral is not far behind in its beauty and elegance from its natural counterparts. Synthetic crystals have a deep color, shine beautifully and look expensive in jewelry. The main advantages of glass jewelery – that it has a low weight that allows light earrings. The mineral can boast and its democratic price. And the cost of alpanit does not depend on its color.

The undeniable advantage of artificial material is its availability. Today you can easily find a gold ring with an alpanite stone, which will win your heart with pure brilliance and unique colorful pattern. And alpinit will cost several times cheaper in comparison with precious stones.

It’s difficult to talk about magical or medicinal properties of alpanite gem: it is artificially created and therefore will not have the strength and energy power, which natural minerals have.


ametrine gemstoneGentle and unusual ametrine gemstone incorporates all the features of citrine and amethyst. It has such synonymous names as amethyst-citrine, bicolor amethyst, boliviant. Rare mineral can have different colors: violet-purple, wine-yellow, yellowish-peach, pale lilac, etc. The most delicate stone is produced only in Bolivia, making it one of the rarest luxury gems of around the world. A long exposure to the sun is able to change its color.

Bicolor ametrine conquered the whole of Europe in the 17th century. According to the legend, an unusual stone was discovered by conquistador. Spanish conqueror married the daughter of the governor and received as a dowry cave with a rare gem. After its discovery ametrine won very quickly the hearts of all Europeans. It was then that an unusual rare mineral was presented as a gift to the Queen of Spain. Falling in love with the unique brilliance of crystal faces, she made ​​it the chief ornament of her royal suite.

Litoterapists claim that ametrine properties affect all body systems. It is able to increase vitality, tone up, get rid of lethargy, apathy, depression and melancholy. They advise ametrine and for traditional medical treatment. Mineral in a ring or a necklace of ametrine can enhance the effect of many medicines, and purify the blood.

In South America stone was believed gods’ assistant on the earth. It was worn as an amulet in order to adopt the entire divine wisdom and greatness. The tribes of the Incas used the mineral to create magical traps and medieval Europe drove away from themselves detractors using stone. It is believed that ametrine gem is capable to develop clairvoyance and open the veil of the future.

In terms of the zodiac stone is the best for Fire signs. It will help to make their owners more restrained and calm, pacify the anger and temper. Ametrine can present harmony and to other signs of the Zodiac.

Only Virgos should be treated with caution to the mineral.

ametrine gold earring gold ring with ametrine gem ametrine bracelet



ammoniteSmall pearl shell, covered with beautiful recesses and grooves look like miniature works of art. Ammonite meaning – is preserved remains of mollusks that lived more than 300 million years ago. Mineral received this name because of its shape resembling twisted “mutton” horns of the ancient Egyptian god Amun. That is the “sheep” form the majority of shells have.

Ammonite stone leaves no one indifferent. It was respected and used in ancient times, but now it received the true calling only in the XX century. An incredible variety of shapes and sizes of this unique mineral strikes every fan of natural stones. Interesting shapes and unique combinations of prehistoric remains enchant with its magnificence and uniqueness.

Ancient people used natural stone ammonite for a variety of purposes. We used it not only for decorative purposes, but also for rituals and ceremonies. To date, primarily it is respected for interesting colors and whimsical drawings. The shell of the mineral is used for many purposes, having an enviable potential of applications. Polished ammonite is used for decoration of premises, and for creation of unique jewelry.ammonite necklace

Litoterapists indicate strong medicinal properties of natural stone, which are based on the biological origin of the mineral. With its help they treat hair and skin diseases, it is used to normalize the circulatory and treating all kinds of diseases of the circulatory system. Unusual stone is used in pediatric medicine, it is especially effective in scarlet fever and measles.

Ammonite provides psychological balance of its owner. It helps to cope with depression and stress. Even the ancient Greeks struggled with insomnia using ammonite specimen. And today it is enough to put a stone under the pillow to enjoy a sweet dream.

It’s argued that the biological mineral carries home joy, family warmth and well-being.

It can be called “family stone”. It gives its owner wealth and longevity, brings home peace and quiet. Stone ammonite is suitable for all Zodiac signs, but it is especially favorable for the representatives of the air and water elements. However, it is worth remembering that this stone does not like a neighborhood, so you should always use it separately.

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