Almandine: Variety and Features

Almandine is one of the most common and hardest varieties of garnet. Name of the stone came from the distorted word “Alamanda”(Small Asia) – a city in Asia, in which these stones were processed and sold. There is also another theory, according to which, Alamanda was only a transit point of ancient trade routes, not mine of this garnet type. In any case, in the old days almandines were often called alabandsky rubies.

A Bit of History

For the first time Agrikolla described this mineral in 1546. Although its magical properties were used long before that.

The ancient Greeks associated goddess Demeter and Hestia with the gem. The first was patroness of crop, soil and fertility. Her stone was red-brown almandine. The second was the goddess of the sacrificial fire and hearth. She attributed the red varieties of the stone. Therefore almandine is a stone of two elements: fire and earth.

Almandines traditionally were used to decorate clergy’s clothing.

The Crusaders wore talismans of almandine, to protect themselves from diseases and wounds during campaigns.

European jewelers called these crystals “carbuncles.” Almandine is also known by names such as eastern grenades or anthrax.

Varieties and Colors

Almandite crystals have dimensions of a few millimeters to 4 centimeters. Typically, jewelry stones are taken of not less than half a centimeter. Star-shaped effect is peculiar to some crystals of almandine if they are processed as a cabochon. Crystals for jewelry are often faceted in a saucer-shaped, so that the color of the stone has become more clear and transparent.

Color of almandine may be cherry, crimson-purple and even red-brown. The amount of iron compounds in stone affects brightness and saturation of color. Precious stones are considered only transparent crystals. But more turbid almandines are widely used for manufacture of jewelry.

Almandine is valued more than pyrope among varieties of pomegranate in jewelry. However, to distinguish almandine from other red colored garnets is possible only by using special methods of diagnosis. Gems that are used to make jewelry, are mined in the fields of Australia, Finland, on the island of Sri Lanka and Madagascar.

Properties: Healing and Magic

In the old days almandine considered a mascot of wounds and poisoning.

In modern lithotherapy almandine treats diseases of the heart, liver and pancreas. It assists in the absorption of iron in the gut. It stimulates vision and improves metabolism. Also this stone enhances the regenerative capacity of the body, so is used when you need to heal a wound, cut or sore.

Gem helps in solving sexual problems and harmonizes the marital relationship.

Since almandine is a kind of garnet, then it has magical properties similar to this stone. But there are its own peculiarities.

For example, all garnets are stones of passion. But if, for example, pyrope gives a person unrestrained and unbridled passion, the almandine teaches a man deep and “quiet” passions. It helps to pacify the anger. This mineral gives the ability to look at the world with open eyes.

Moreover, it teaches to accept life as it is. It is a stone of knowing the truth.

Almandine is a crystal of harmony and balance.

Almandine has magical abilities to strengthen intelligence that make it useful for those studying astronomy, astrology, mathematics.

Gem energy helps to reduce anxiety, panic and fear, and gives the ability to relate to reality easily. This crystal helps to gain a sense of self-confidence, support in making the right decisions. Therefore, it is extremely useful to wear for teenagers to find their place in life.

Different shades of almandine have several different properties.

Red-brown stone is considered to be associated with the element of Earth. It is a talisman of protection and inexorable force of both physical and intellectual. Gem gives a connection with nature, helps to achieve harmony, self-control. These are mascots of victory, success and excellence. Crystals of saturated scarlet color have magical properties to enhance the physical pleasure of love, life and relationships.

Such garnets in Europe believed stones of carnivals and masquerades. It was recommended to wear them to parties and balls to relax and forget about the affairs and problems. For the same reason red almandine should not be worn while working or studying.

Almandine acts best way for Scorpios in magical rituals. Since this is the only sign of the zodiac which is not influenced by garnet.

Crimson-red and purple crystals give confidence, based on fearlessness. These stones are suitable for men as they combine color of fire and blood. These properties include loyalty and awareness of the seriousness of life. Despite the fact that, like all garnets, such crystals have the ability to stir up passion, purple almandines also help to preserve it. To teach the owner of deep and lasting feelings refers to the magical properties of that color garnets.

Almandine Stone in Astrology

Almandine is not suitable for people born under the sign of Pisces, Gemini and Taurus.

The stone helps Cancer to find a way out in difficult situations.

It gives Virgos inner harmony and good relationships with others.

It adds Sagittarius courage and determination.

Capricorns can look at the world more optimistic thanks to the almandine crystal ..

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