All Colors of Agate

A wonderful semi-precious stone agate boasts very rich colors.  Each of them is truly unique and has its own authentic beauty as well as magical properties, successfully used by humanity over the last several millennia.  The major distinctive feature of this mineral type is the presence of stripes.  Exactly this cleavage gives an amazing effect, making people admire this stone without getting tired.

The combination of layers can be very different.  Their boundaries are often vague and unclear. The strips may have the same color, but different shades only.

The stone with layers colored differently looks absolutely unusual.  A good example of it is gray agate with bright red stripes.   The given gemstone is a real godsend for those who’d like to look stylish and fashionable.  Additionally, scientists haven’t unveiled this secret yet, but the stone is capable of assisting people in gaining certain benefits: both material and spiritual.

When choosing agate for the purpose of influencing your life, you first require paying attention to its color, and this applies to its primary color, its background and banded ones.  By itself, regardless of its tone, the mineral appears to be a very powerful protection from dangerous situations and vicious enemies.

Magical Colors

This stone consists of chalcedony.  Stripes on it can be formed of quarts, opal, rock crystal as well as other widespread natural materials.  Sometimes, agate has pores in its structure.  These microscopic holes also form stripes of a particular shade, being filling by certain trace elements.

When filled with gas or water the pores form a white color and all its related shades: smoky, milky, grayish, white-yellow and bluish.

Colored saturated stones of red, blue, brown, purple and black shades are just common chalcedony with different impurities by their chemical composition.  Brown-black gemstones contain carbonaceous material, bitumen and hydrates.

In ancient times, people had learnt to paint agate artificially.  By keeping the stone in a special solution, one can paint it in a completely different tone.  Some gems are hard to paint.  For instance, a white stone is almost impossible to paint in another color.

There are such stones, which are never going to be painted by anyone.  Fortunately, they belong to the majority of stones.  These are bright, richly colored by nature, minerals of blue, pink, brown, black, red, purple, yellow and green colors with layers of varying coloration and thickness.  There’re rocks in which even people with poor imagination can easily make out a scene or landscape painting.  Similar examples of creation of nature aren’t inserted in jewelry, they’re usually inserted in frames and used as paintings.

The Best Shades of the Mineral

This beautiful and strong stone is utilized in the jewelry industry, and for medicinal purposes. Agate of certain shades has its own characteristics, which differ from other similar qualities of minerals.

White agate is known as the stone of appeasement.  It likes to re-educate people, making them gentle and kind by nature, but at the same time self-confident.

Gray agate brings to the owner’s life a great deal of equity, balance and harmony. Dishonest people would better avoid wearing the mineral of this shade, as it can only harm them. The gray gemstone helps to avoid conflicts and quarrels, and as for interpersonal relationships, it maintains good and sympathetic relationships.

The blue or light blue mineral is a good mascot for those who have already made up their mind to radically change their lives. It is a very peaceful stone, kind and calm.

It’s quite typical for the stone of yellow shade to cheer people, to bring harmony and peace into their lives.  For any “Crybaby” a stone of this shade is just a godsend.  Furthermore,  it helps to develop intellectual as well as creative abilities.

The pink mineral is a family mascot.  It can strengthen marital relationships and help to revive extinct feelings.  The green gemstone isn’t different in this regard.   As the pink one, it stores the sanctity of the family, and helps to preserve family values and mutual love of spouses.

Any smoky agate helps to find true friends. It will also fill your life with sense and learn to trust people again and sincerely believe in goodness. Therefore, those willing to remain indifferent and skeptical should avoid wearing the smoky mineral.

Properties of Agate of Different Colors

Today humanity is aware of many medicinal as well as mystical properties of the mineral, making it important in the lives of people.

Blue Agate Properties

It’s known that blue agate helps to get rid of many diseases of the thyroid gland.  The blue smoky gemstone of this kind subtly affects various vital processes in the human body.

For example, the blue mineral is considered to be a very honest and just stone.  Some people call it the mascot for criminals, but that’s absolutely wrong.  Really, the magical properties of the stone help the owner to win various disputes.  On the other hand, you can win a dispute only if your opponent is an honest person.  So, if you get slandered, the stone will react with sympathy and try to help you.

White Agate

White agate is used to treat the throat.  Apart from that, it’s often employed in tonic therapy. The powerful magical properties of the stone are very diverse: the mineral protects kids from the evil eye, saves from dangers and tragedies, and it’s an excellent amulet for babies.

Green Agate

Grass green agate is fond of all travelers.  The gemstone will never let them get lost in the vastness of the sea.  Besides this, the green mineral greatly contributes to the development of intellectual abilities of those people who already possess such abilities.  There’s no wonder that the green gemstone is talisman of scientists.

Pink Agate

The ancient Greeks were assured that once long time ago a happy occasion materialized and turned into pink agate.  The given color actually stands for happiness.  Due to this belief, gamblers often purchase a mascot made of this gemstone to make fortune favor them.

Black Agate properties

The spectacular black mineral efficiently protects against evil forces, despite its color.  Talismans, protecting from evil forces, are made of this black gemstone.

It’s believed that the black gemstone is the most powerful gem.  Priests of different cultures faithfully believed in is outstanding magical properties and recommended to utilize the stone as an amulet, but only in extreme cases.  If the black agate amulet is worn on a regular basis, it can give back the accumulated negative energy, taken from evil spirits, to the owner.

Rainbow Agate

If somebody is eagerly looking forward to make his desires come true, he urgently needs to find rainbow agate. The combination of such colors as green, pink, blue, brown and white enable the properties of the mineral to come together in one powerful force and master the situation entirely.  Of course, wish-fulfillment is very close in this case.

The Color of Stripes

When paying attention to the color of the background of the mineral, we shouldn’t forget about the color of its stripes. It also affects the magical qualities of a talisman.

If the newly purchased stone has green veins, then this means that soon the owner of this stone will acquire a lot of true friends.  If its veins are smoke black or brown, it points out to financial well-being in the early future.

Stripes often have a smoky light blue shade.  This stone doesn’t have outstanding properties, at least it hasn’t been noticed, so wear this talisman fearlessly.

The palette of agate stones is extremely extensive and it allows each person to choose a mineral, not only according to his or her own taste, but also according to the magical destination. In addition, a variety of shades helps to choose a stone, which even being absolutely useless will never harm.



agate stripes
smoky agate
Smoky Agate
blue agate, agate sapphirine
Blue Agate
white agate
White Agate
green agate
Green Agate
pink agate
Pink Agate
black agate
Black Agate
rainbow agate
Rainbow Agate

agate stripes
Colors of Stripes
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