Zircon stone – Authority and Power Symbol

zircon stone, hyacinthZircon stone is a fragile crystal rock. Its coloration varies from golden-brown to black.  A special feature of zircon gems are strong diamond luster.  It can be transparent or non-transparent.  Zircon mineral is considered to be the “younger brother” of diamond due to some external similarities.

What is Zircon?

By composition it’s zirconium silicate with such impurities as iron, zinc, titanium, copper, calcium and others.  The major deposits of this gemstone are situated in Vietnam, Thailand and Sri Lanka.  It also shares the same bed with diamond in the Urals.  Small zircon deposits have been discovered in Australia, Burma, Brazil, Norway and Korea.

The gem’s varieties

Zircon can change its color when heated.  Jewelers use heat treatment to make different colorations, including bright turquoise and golden yellow.  Unfortunately, crystals tend to lose their coloration over time.  You’d better stay away from large-sized stones. The same is true for opaque and intensely colored stones (especially green ones). This may point out to radiation.  Respectively, these stones must not be processed and stored at home.

Transparent crystal is quite rare, and it’s highly valued by jewelers.  The most widespread cut is diamond.  As for zircon value, most jewelers grant the fourth gem class.  The gemstone looks great in a frame made of gold of any kind.  Colored samples are perfectly compatible with gold and silver.  The owner should be especially careful, as zircon fragile samples can be easily scratched or chipped.  That’s why it makes sense to opt for jewelry products with special protective rims.

Many people confuse natural zircon with its synthetic analogue.  Synthetic zircon crystals are grown artificially in specialized laboratories.  By the way, never confuse zircon and zirconium, as they’re absolutely different.  This similarity of names negatively affects the stone’s reputation.

Zircon if often passed off as a cut diamond.  Fortunately, it’s not difficult to identify this forgery.  First, zircon is less solid and it boasts specific birefringence of rays at the edges.  A relatively large proportion of the sunlight tends to slip out of the bottom of the gemstone.  Each of diamond’s faces refract once.  Even non-professionals can notice it if they use a magnifying glass.

A rich variety of colors makes it look like topaz, aquamarine, tourmaline and sapphire.  The jewelry product with zircon would be a good option for those who for some reason can’t purchase expensive gemstones.  The gem’s average cost is $10-$20 per carat.  Samples of warm blue tones and colorless ones are the most appreciated.


Zircon is divided into types depending on the color:

Colorless: It’s also known as “Matara diamond”.  The gem is mined in the south of Sri Lanka.

Yellow: That’s about all shades of yellow, including straw, golden, smoky yellow and so on.  Such stones are often dubbed “jargon” or “Siam zircon”.

Hyacinth: It’s transparent, red, orange or brown gemstone with magenta, pink or yellow shade.

Dark brown: The given stone is called Malakon and it contains a small amount of radioactive elements.

Blue and dark blue: This color is a result of burning.  The stones processed this way are called starlite.

Orange-red: It’s dubbed Yatsint.

Zircon properties 

Zircon positively affects the endocrine system and thyroid gland. It also normalizes the liver and digestive system.  Yellow-red zircon samples can improve your appetite and return the will to live.  You’ll easily cleanse your body with hyacinth.  Avoid direct contact with the skin – using the frame is obligatory.

The gemstone is good against frequent bleeding and hypertension.  Blue and transparent samples will help to cope with obesity, while black ones will rescue you after cold exposure.

Zircon emits positive and clear energy.  Their magical property improves the emotional state of the wearer.  Products with zircon positively affect the depth and quality of sleep. If you have sleep problems, you can fully rely on this stuff.  The gemstone ensures optimism, improves self-confidence and stimulates intuition and creative thinking.

In Europe 19th centure orange and red zircons were often worn by travelers, merchants and artists.  It was a symbol of power in eastern countries and respectively it was popular with public figures, politicians and preachers.  The leader of the Masonic lodge wears a ring with this stone on his left hand as a symbol of his power.

The gemstone assists in exposing deceptions. It efficiently reveals secrets and intrigues. That’s a perfect gemstone for honest, humble and straight people.  Proud people should avoid wearing it as it develops selfishness, vanity and misanthropy.  Zircons will greatly help indecisive and suspiciousness people to make the right decisions doubt and anguish.

Indian yogis appreciate the gemstone for its power.  The shape of its crystal generates a double pyramid effect, so the wearer could concentrate huge amounts of energy.  The gemstone will help you to direct this energy inside yourself.  As a result, you’ll better understand your feelings and control thoughts.

Zircon is capable of improving the owner’s mental abilities, increasing his or her alertness and discipline.  The given properties make it ideal for scientists and researchers.  It would be an ideal joss stone for investigators, judges and travelers.

Zircon – December birthstone

Jewelry with zircon will else fit fire, earth and water signs of the Zodiac, including Aquarius, Aries and Capricorn.  But Cancer and Pisces shouldn’t wear it as the first sign will get isolation, while another will be “rewarded” with selfishness.

Zircon is patronized by Jupiter – the planet of power and activity.  Therefore, zircon is necessary for those who are eager to lead their followers and make serious decisions.


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