Unakite: Just a Few Words about Unakite Meaning

Many people consider unakite stone to be one of the most unusual gemstones ever mined by the mankind.  Really, it’s hard to overlook it as its distinct texture and awesome coloration definitely deserves your attention.  It has always been welcome in the souvenir stores, but not everyone is aware of unique unakite properties.


The gemstone’s history began at the end of the 19th century, or to be exact in 1874.  The gemstone was discovered in the Unakas  mountains of North Carolina, situated in the United States and was exclusively named in honor of those mountains.

As for the nature of this mineral, we can say that unakite is a kind of granite.  To be exact it’s an epidote-like granite.  In other words, it’s granite, formed by the combination of pink feldspar, green epidote and gray quartz.

Many people would like to know more about the process of unakite formation.  Well, under the influence of deep waters rich in calcium, the displacement of potassium and magnesium begins in granite.  Then, the newly freed space is occupied by epidote.  Maybe it sounds a bit weird, but the largest unakite deposits have been found in China and Brazil.  Unakite has proved itself as a perfect ornament material, widely employed in the manufacture of souvenirs.

Unakite Versions

Undoubtedly, the unusual composition of the gemstone is clearly reflected in its appearance, presented by a combination of pink and green colors.  The predominance of any tone mainly depends on the overall ratio of its constituent minerals.  It’s so easy to confuse it with jasper, but you should distinguish them.  You can come across a gemstone with tiny patches and streaks of malachite color or reverse combination.  Evidently, the appearance of unakite is its strong feature.

Unakite: Healing Properties

Like many other minerals, unakite aslo has its own healing properties.  Sure, the gemstone can’t cope with serious ailments, but on other hand it’s able to prevent their occurrence.  Healers have noticed unique unakite healing properties and especially their undisputable significance for the female body.

Beads made of this gemstone will help its wearer to get rid of viral diseases, especially influenza.  Those who suffer from obesity should opt for unakite products as they will help to burn fat in their bodies.  That’s especially true for women and girls who dream of getting pregnant.  However, you’ll get the most of its healing properties on the condition you wear it all the time.  Respectively, it makes sense to consider purchasing unakite mascots in the form of bracelets, pendants or rings.

Bracelets made of green unakite will be specially helpful, so they deserve much attention.  Apart from that, we can’t overlook the ability of unakite jewelry to eliminate stress and help to adapt to working under pressure.

Unakite Magical Properties

Many people sincerely believe that many gemstones have magical properties, which can affect our lives.  Even some serious scientists, who appreciate only real facts, will undoubtedly agree with this point of view.  Unakite isn’t exception in this regard.  First of all, unakite helps to set a proper balance of the inner condition, harmony with his or her personality, thus positively affecting anything the wearer does in his or her life.

This gemstone would be useful for those who are used to living in the past.  However, It will also help to reach the most cherished and treasured goals in the future.  The stone will be especially helpful for people with an active life position.  A small statue or memorial mascot made of this mineral will save your from depression and negative thoughts and positively charge you for the whole day.  It’s capable of neutralizing all the negative effects of the world.  Even if you consider yourself to be a happy person, purchasing unakite products still makes sense for you.  Anyway, it will enhance your self-confidence and give enough energy and strength.

Unakite And Astrology

Astrologers are deeply interested in this mineral.  Unakite protects anybody born under the sign of Scorpio.  So if you belong to the sign take this gemstone when setting off for a journey.  The gemstone will make Scorpio women more mysterious and charming, while Scorpio men will cope with their complexes and become more confident.








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