The Magical and Healing Power of Minerals

Since ancient times, people have been fond of anything unknown and mysterious.  It was interesting for them to monitor the behavior of animals and explore laws of nature.  They usually linked their feelings with the elements and the arrangement of various planets. Over time, reasonable people noticed that their behavior, mood, and even health were influenced by precious crystals and gemstones. These observations lasted for years and even decades. The ancient sages, sorcerers, healers and chiefs got to the deepest magical power of minerals.  Surprising facts and practical recommendations on using jewelry came to us from antiquity.

These days there’s a wide range of varieties of precious and semi-precious jewelry.  Scientists divide them into groups and subgroups, give names and subject to different classifications. Researchers monitor the nature and behavior of each rock, paying special attention to its strength and internal energy. After all, every fossil on the planet boasts its own individual magical properties and unique qualities typical only to it.

A Brief History

According to an old Persian legend, the appearance of noble rocks is rooted in the biblical times.  The legend states that pretty and charming fossils were created by the Serpent-Tempter in order to win the attention and admiration of the fair sex first – Eve.  The Serpent saw that the woman was admired by variegated and colorful flowers, created by the Lord and respectively hurried to make his own perfect creation – precious and semi-precious stones.

There’s also a great Avestan legend about the origin of precious minerals.  According to this legend at the beginning of the creation of the world firmament was made of solid hard rock.  This stone firmament guarded the Earth and protected it from evil.  Once evil managed to invade the land and split the firmament.  Tons of precious gemstones were poured on the ground.  These minerals are still being found by people.  Even today these fragments of the destroyed firmament protect people from evil and preserve their good fortune, luck and health.

The Indians were assured that noble rocks appear where the blood of the gods fighting each other in the heaven fell on the ground.  These droplets touched the ground and turned into rubies and garnets. This weird legend explains why red stones are popular in India, whereas, American tribes appreciated green stones and in the Middle East people put a lot of value on blue minerals.  When talking about the Egyptians, we should keep in mind their astrological aspects of the teachings about rocks.  Ancient Egyptians believed that all stones were strongly connected with certain planets and therefore could influence various signs of the Zodiac, and accordingly their owners.

The healing power of stones was discovered by people in ancient times, as nowadays we often come across the solid evidence of the worship of jewelry.  In support of this statement, the world mythology offers lots of legends and stories, which revolve around magic rings and precious stones – mascots.   We’ve heard the teachings and beliefs of the ancient Egyptians and we still feel the direct impact of jewelry on astrological signs.  Over the years of observation, discovery and study of various jewelry products and their influence on the destiny of people, researchers began to classify stones not only according to their relation to planets, but also according to dates of birth, internal energy, vibrations and so on.

Different epochs had different tastes for jewelry.  For instance, in ancient Egypt, well-known beauties Cleopatra and Nefertiti admired pearls.  All the ancient Egyptians wore jewelry and mascots made of emerald, rock crystal, turquoise and amethyst with pleasure.  Romans couldn’t imagine their life without diamond and sapphire.  In the lush and rich Renaissance epoch people mostly favored bright, defiant and glittering jewelry with such stones as emerald, ruby, sapphire and varieties of topaz.

It feels like the rococo era was solely devoted to diamond as at that time it was at the peak of its popularity, while in the era of romanticism cold and strict gems replaced “live” semi-precious minerals: chrysolite, opal, garnet, aquamarine and so on.

Jewelry: The History of Their Practical Application in Medicine

For centuries, curative properties of mascots have been being used to enhance the protective functions of the human body, improve the immune system and cure a number of ailments, including intractable ones.  Indeed, the use of jewelry often demonstrates positive and sometimes surprising results.  Some people believe that to get the most of the curative effect just wearing a mineral as a mascot isn’t enough – it would be a good thing to take a powder made of it.  That’s a common practice for Vedic medicine.  In order to boost the healing effect of the powder, some fresh honey is added to the drug.

Talismans are used for curative purposes in Ayurvedic medicine.  Ruby, coral, pearl, emerald, topaz, onyx and cat’s eye have the therapeutic use.  Chinese medicine points out to their medicinal properties.  From the depth of the era of ancient Egypt “Ebers Papyrus” reached us – a kind of medical reference book.  It thoroughly describes the strong magical properties of various mascots and provides the most detailed recipes for potions against various diseases, where gemstones are the major ingredient.

“Caprices” of gemstones or what you need to consider when choosing a mascot

The magical and healing properties of minerals will manifest themselves in the interaction with humans sooner or later.  However, sometimes, to feel the whole power of the chosen mineral, you need to be aware of certain nuances and meet already established “requirements”:

  1. It makes no sense to expect much from the stolen jewelry. You can’t count on the positive impact and magical power in this case.  The dishonestly acquired mineral will most likely negatively affect the fate of his or her criminal owner.
  2. Having made a pleasant buying, don’t expect the immediate effect from the newly purchased gemstones. The mineral needs to tune itself in to the owner’s energy and this requires a decent amount of time.  Sometimes, this “adaptation” of the mineral lasts for years.
  3. The mascots presented in all sincerity or passed by inheritance boast a huge power.
  4. You have to love the stone you wear. Make contact with it, sympathize with it.  If you don’t like the mineral used in your amulet, it won’t be for good.  At best, its magical properties will never show up, at worst, you’ll start getting the negative effect.
  5. The selection of precious and semi-precious stones should be carried out very carefully. It is believed that first, the mineral should fit the sign of the Zodiac and then, the name of its owner.
  6. Another crucial nuance in the acquisition of semi-precious and precious stones is the “sex” of the mineral.  “Female” gemstones will faithfully serve her owner, and won’t bring any benefits to male owners.  Respectively, “male” mascots will make a woman unhappy, if she put them on her arm or neck.  Keep in mind that all the male rocks have warm shades and shine brightly, while female minerals feature mostly matt and cold tones.
  7. Small ordinary-looking talismans are considered to have a strong magical power.
  8. Defects, cracks and muddy parts of the mineral enhance its negative properties.

Colors and Their Impact on People

It has been observed long ago that the color of the mineral determines its magical power and its influence on its owner.  It’s worth to mention that in India, colorless minerals, despite their undeniable pros, were valued much less than jewelry and gemstones of bright saturated shades.

The effect of colors is described in Chinese medicine.  That’s a picture of the impact of color on the minerals of the owner offered by researchers:

Red gemstones energize people, give them physical and emotional strength.  They also increase resistance to various diseases, as well as improve and boost internal processes of the body.

Orange hues improve appetite of its owner, relieve depression and improve mood.

A green mascots soothes and calms the owner down. It concentrates his or her mind on the right things and acts as a strong sedative for the heart.

The blue color relieves cramping and acts as a relaxing agent.

The light blue color can be frightening and it can also give its owner a sense of concern.

Using Stones for Healing Purposes

These days, the use of precious and semi-precious stones to prevent and cure diseases is getting more and more popular.  Specialized information centers and lithotherapy offices are getting more widespread.  A lithotherapist is a medical specialist, who prevents and treats diseases, using minerals and metals.

Unfortunately, such a strong interest in alternative medicine is caused by frequent failures and helplessness of traditional medicine.  When doctors shrug their shoulders and say such a tragic thing: “We can’t help,” a person has no choice but to look for any alternative path of recovery.

Today we use the magical powers of minerals in several ways.  For instance, we wear them as amulets, mascots and charms.  We also use them for massage and meditation.  When talking about the use of jewelry for medicinal purposes it would be helpful to get familiar with some useful and interesting facts:

  1. In ancient China and Egypt a rule was established to wear rings with minerals on different fingers. That’s not only the question of taste, but also strict rules of energy.
  2. Ancient female dancers were the first in the history who used dark red gemstones for piercing, mostly ruby to attract sexual energy and attention of the opposite sex.
  3. In order to better influence the work of the heart and heart chakra, it’s highly recommended to wear an appropriate healing stone in a necklace.
  4. Having learnt a little about the reflex points on the ear lobe, people started affecting various systems of the body by means of earrings made of precious stones.
  5. You’d better wear your mascot in direct contact with the skin in the diseased area.
  6. The mood of the patient can influence energy powers of the gemstone. If the patient isn’t willing to accept treatment or he or she is very ill or weak-willed, the mineral can lose its power.

When it comes to massage, the mascot can be used to “charge” ointments and lotions. For this purpose, you require holding the mineral in the proper place and the magical properties of your ointment or cream will drastically increase.

The specific massage performed directly with stones and known as stone therapy is extremely popular these days.  I stone therapy large smooth minerals are utilized.  They’re spread in a certain sequence over the desired area.

Purification of Minerals During the Treatment

When using precious and semi-precious minerals for healing purposes, one should always consider the necessity of their timely purification.  It’s because the constant use and complex diseases make talismans prone to the owner’s vibrations, thus absorbing his or her energy.

To maintain the healing effect the minerals and even make them manifest their properties each time with greater force, they need to be cleaned in time.  There’re several ways to clean the stone:

The easiest and most effective way is to let the almighty power of nature do it.  In order to do this, you should keep your mineral underwater.  A river, lake or any other natural water reservoir will suffice for this purpose.

  • Immerse the stone in the water, but don’t let it fall to the bottom. During the procedure, you shouldn’t examine and admire the mineral. Get it out the water and immerse again from time to time.  Do it for about 15 minutes. After washing, don’t wipe it, but put the gemstone under the direct rays of the sun for half an hour. Already after this natural drying, you should wipe your mineral with white clean cotton cloth.
  • Quartz is considered to be the most powerful detergent. For the procedure, use a druse of pure quartz and about four single crystals.  Using single pieces spread across around the druse and leave it all for three hours. After the procedure, the mineral can be considered fully purified.
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