Since ancient times humanity highly valued precious and semi-precious stones, which change colors.  These unique gifts of nature are quite rare, that’s why they have a high value, both in art and jewelry sense, to say nothing of monetary terms.  These days, many minerals are subject to chemical or heat treatment to get a stone chameleon.

The best-known gemstone, which can change its color, is alexandrite.  Some tourmaline samples have an ability to change their color.  The crystals of corundum, topaz and zircon take different colors depending on various external factors.  Unevenly colored amethyst and rauchtopaz also change their color in response to light.

Properties of Stones-Chameleons

Precious and semi-precious stones change their color due to many reasons.  Some stones transform in response to change of lighting, others respond to the owner’s mood swings, while some stones change their color to warn of external threats.  There’re unique examples of stones, which change their color depending on the angle of view.  This color swing ability of the stone is called pleochroism.  Some minerals change their color under the influence of sunlight or over time.


Among gemstones, which change their color, alexandrite is best known.  In the afternoon, in daylight, the gemstone-chameleon is green colored, while electric lighting makes it crimson or ruby.  The mineral isn’t mined long ago – since the mid of the 19th century, so it didn’t have enough time to gain popularity with the broad masses.  Currently, its deposits are being developed in the Urals, Brazil and Sri Lanka.

Alexandrite, which refers to chrysoberyl, got its amazing chameleon ability due to the content of chromium.  Some samples of the stone feature the “cat’s eye effect” – it feels like the mineral shimmers and glows from within.  As for its cost, in this regard it goes on a par with diamond and ruby.  That’s why an artificial stone, spinel and tourmaline are often chosen as a budget option.

Alexandrite can take any colorations, even the opposite ones, so its effect on the wearer can be different.  Like any green stone, alexandrite soothes, makes its owner peace-loving and open to a dialogue.  The red color attracts love and all the passions associated with it, including jealousy, excitement and passion.  Being aware of what qualities of character need to be enhanced, what emotions need to be brought to life, you should choose the best time of the day to wear jewelry with a stone-chameleon.


In terms of hardness, corundum is second only to diamond.   In addition to the effect of chameleon, it boasts a strong energy and powerful magical properties.  The stone has a great number of alternative names – that can be explained by a rich variety of shades and colors substituting each other.  The most famous representatives of corundum family are ruby and sapphire.  They change their color under the influence of heat or ultraviolet light.


Tourmaline is a real king of colors and shades.  In this stone they number up to 50 variations.  The color change occurs in accordance with the angle of view.  There are tourmaline samples with the alexandrite effect (hameleonity),manifestation of asterism (star-shaped ) or with a rainbow shimmer.

Jewelry with tourmaline gives its owner happiness in love and a strong desire for knowledge and self-improvement.  The gemstone-chameleon strengthens spiritual as well as moral qualities of the wearer.  That’s why it’s indispensable during various ceremonies as it provides a better perception of sermons and teachings.  Tourmaline takes care of the material sphere.  It favors businessmen and travelers.

Volatile Minerals: Whom Will They Fit?

Precious jewelry with gemstones, which change their color, should be worn to bring your internal state to harmony.  It’s believed that the variable stone is capable to give something that its wearer needs, while taking away his surpluses.  The stone-chameleon will be of great service to those who often fall seriously ill. Such stones will give strength and ensure fast recovery.

Alexandrite is advisable to wear for those people who suffer from diabetes.  The stone is sort of an indicator of blood sugar levels.  It’s believed that’s the mineral of strength, so it would be useful for men looking for wealth and power.  Tourmaline is recommended for women and kids as a strong protector from external threats.

Astrologers advise representatives of the paired signs to wear stones the alexandrite effect.  This applies to Pisces, Gemini and Libra.  In terms of energy, precious chameleons correspond to the dual nature of these signs.  Gems with color swings would be useful for Scorpio and Capricorn.  They make them more complaisant and sensitive, thus helping to better tolerate radical changes in their life.

Talisman for All Occasions

Due to its ability to change magical properties along with color depending on the light, alexandrite is a unique talisman, which helps in all situations.   If the owner of the stone is eagerly looking forward to love and recognition, the mineral needs to be worn under candlelight, only on this condition it has the properties of red stones.  Anybody, who wishes peace and quiet, should wear alexandrite in daylight.   

Jewelry with alexandrite serves as a talisman against diseases of the circulatory system.  The stone-chameleon stabilizes blood pressure, positively affects the heart.  Alexandrite, which has become red, helps to recover from illnesses and injury, while green alexandrite prevents emotional breakdowns and stops seizures.  The gemstone is a powerful health mascot, because it has the major colors of life.

A talisman with tourmaline gives its wearer victory in all his undertakings, ensures financial well-being and contributes to internal development.  The stone protects the house from intruders and troubles.  It surrounds the owner’s family with a protective field, thus protecting from negative energy and evil magic.  Kids are recommended to wear tourmaline.   The gemstone helps them to make the right decisions and prevents injury and diseases.

Unusual Gems Need Special Care

Lithotherapists advise to wear a mineral with the color swing ability only together with another stone chameleon.  Jewelry with the only stone-chameleon attracts loneliness to its owner.

It’s believed that alexandrite should be worn only by people with the strong-willed character.  Anyone with weak spirit won’t withstand the stone’s strength and give it his energy.  Therefore, the owners of the soft character should avoid wearing alexandrite on a regular basis.

You shouldn’t clean jewelry with alexandrite with a brush or cleaning mixtures.  The stone needs to be washed in the mild soap water with some ammonia.  After this procedure, the product is washed with plain water and wiped with soft cloth.  Alexandrite is afraid of contact with household chemical goods, so before getting down to household chores, one should put off jewelry.

The stone chameleon needs to be protected from high temperatures and direct sunlight.  Tourmaline can’t be subject to ultrasonic or steam cleaning.  You can clean your sapphire by soaking it in the salted water for 30 minutes.  Opal and spinel should be cleaned very carefully, to avoid scratches.


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Alexandrite Effect
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