Sky-Blue Stones

Precious, semi-precious and fine stones of blue color have been utilized by humanity since ancient times.  The most common minerals with this coloration are transparent, however, blue pale opaque gemstones are widespread too.

Precious sky-blue stones are represented by sapphires and aquamarines.  As for more affordable gemstones, we can enumerate tourmaline, chalcedony and zircon.  Semi-precious azure stones are lazurite, turquoise, sapphire, calcite and spinel.  Samples of pale blue moonstone are also found.  The semi-precious apatite stone of blue color is very rare.

The Energy of Blue Stones

Blue gemstones greatly contribute to the spiritual development of human beings.  They symbolize the sky and connection with it.  The cold energy of these minerals relieves pain and helps to cope with inflammation.  Pale blue semi-precious stones help the owner to develop communicative skills, eloquence as well as ability to persuade interlocutors.  Blue stones in jewelry activate intuition, imagination, artistic skills and increase the desire for knowledge.

Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire is sometimes called “cornflower”. It promotes self-improvement as well as spiritual purification. It’s often used during meditation and for various rituals aimed at opening the third eye and coming into contact with the higher powers.  The transparent gemstone gives courage and resilience, and helps to overcome obstacles.  The blue stone favorably affects the moral portrait of the wearer and improves his morality.

Blue Lapis Lazuli

Opaque lapis lazuli most clearly represents light azure semi-precious minerals.  Its second name is the “stone of heaven”.   It’s a symbol of purity and faithfulness.  It helps to achieve new heights and win over new followers and supporters. lapis lazuli promotes concentration during mediation.  The mineral has a positive impact on the digestive system and skin.  Precious items with this gemstone, received as a gift, strengthen friendship.

Blue Turquoise

It’s no wonder that turquoise is called the symbol of happiness.  The stone gives people happy and long life. The opaque light azure mineral sometimes contains gray or black inclusions.  Azure-green turquoise gives courage, energy, will to win, commitment and perseverance.  Thanks to this gemstone, the owner can overcome his or her laziness, suppress complexes and become better.

Blue Aquamarine

Transparent pale blue beryl is known as aquamarine.  Mineral pacifies anger, eliminates aggression, soothes its wearer and normalizes the nervous system.  Just like water, aquamarine purifies the soul of its owner.  The person becomes more circumspect and cautious, that’s why his actions lead to positive results.  The gemstone promotes self-realization and formation of the harmonious personality.

Pale blue chalcedony is called sapphirine.  The stone gives determination and helps to achieve the desired result. It attracts the attention of men to women, gives luck in love affairs. Sapphirine eliminates sadness, despondency and depression. The mineral is able to repel the evil magic attack.

Who Needs Blue Stones?

Blue stones are responsible for the emotional side of the character, so it would be helpful for reserved people to wear this stuff.  Students, scientists, artists and musicians will get a substantial support as well as extra energy from the blue-gray mineral.  Jewelry with sapphire will fit an open and honest person.  These stones will bring him joy, happiness and success in his career.

Astrologers recommend representatives of the signs of Water and Air to have precious or semi-precious stones of blue shades.  It’s known that Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio are too dull by nature and they can’t express their emotions.  The transparent gemstone with the light blue coloration will teach the “water” signs to rejoice, love and talk about their feelings.

As for the “air” signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius), blue stones will encourage self-development and become a landmark for stabilizing the internal state.

Celestial Mascots

Dark Blue Sapphire

As a talisman, dark blue sapphire will protect its wearer from bad habits as well as dangerous affairs.  Jewelry with this stone protects friendship relations from quarrels, suspicion and envy.  The mineral helps to keep love of treachery and betrayal.  A charm with sapphire will give its owner peace of mind, tranquility as well as understanding of the laws of the universe.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a powerful talisman, which can protect the life of its owner. The stone efficiently protects from unforeseen dangers, injuries as well as serious diseases.  It fills with strength and gives extra energy in tough moments.  The mineral helps to earn the initial capital and use it in the proper way.  Lapis lazuli brings well-being, happiness and stability to the family.  In yoga it’s utilized to cleanse the aura and open the “third eye”.  Lapis is also used to treat eye ailments.


Turquoise protects the owner’s health.  Its appearance is an indication of the internal state of the body.  The stone guards sleep from nightmares and banishes insomnia.  Jewelry with turquoise protects from troubles and conflicts with bosses at work.  If you keep this stone in your home, your family will be protected from conflicts, quarrels and misunderstandings.  The magical properties of the mineral attract good luck and financial success.  Turquoise helps its owner to concentrate on crucial things and get away from trifles.


Jewelry products with aquamarine protect during journeys, especially during the sea ones.  The stone protects from fraud, slander and envy.  The transparent blue mineral is effective against eye aliments and poor vision.  Aquamarine neutralizes bad habits, makes the person fairer and more honest.  It promotes the boost of immunity and relives headaches.  The mascot with aquamarine works on the condition of the moral purity of its owner.


Sapphirine protects from negative changes in life, it also protects stability and peace in family relations. The talisman with it positively affects the brain as well as respiratory organs.  The transparent stone helps to build relationships with kids and other relatives.  The gemstone can even improve hearing and accelerate the healing of broken bones.



Blue Sapphires
lapis lazuli
Blue Lapis Lazuli
Blue Turquoise
Blue Turquoise
Blue Aquamarine
blue tourmaline
Blue Tourmaline
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Blue Zircon

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Blue Spinel
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