Sapphire – Symbol of Purity and Chastity

Sapphire meaning is “blue stone” in translation from Greek. It is a kind of mineral such as corundum. Sapphires come in different shades. In the science of mineralogy sapphire is called blue corundum, and in jewelery – corundum stones of all colors except red (it is ruby).

Stone Origin

Today’s most significant deposits of sapphires (Ceylon and Madagascar, as well as Tanzania and Kenya islands) can reveal the mystery of origin of the miner. All these places are linked with geological chain. Many millions of years ago, these regions were inseparable and were part of the supercontinent Pangea. Large rivers carried the minerals from the single source across the supercontinent just as today the rivers carry sand. Under the influence of tectonic movements of the continent Pangea broke up and, thanks to migration of continents and tectonic changes, the world is as we know it today. As a result minerals from one source are now at a distance of several tens of thousands kilometers.

Sri Lankan sapphires have the highest level of crystallization; it is here miners often find the biggest specimens. Tanzania minerals and stones from Madagascar during the journey to the places of maturation reduced greatly in size, they are incomplete crystallization.

Physical Characteristics

According to the Mohs scale sapphire hardness is 9 units, this mineral has sufficiently high gloss. The temperature at which sapphire can be melted is 2040 degrees of Celsius.

Stone Deposits

The most famous places of corundum occurrence are on the island of Madagascar, Australia, Sri Lanka, East Africa, Burma. There are also deposits of these stones in the United States of America (Montana) and in India (Kashimir). Sapphires appear miserable in Montana and have no commercial interest, so extraction of the minerals is planned be discontinued soon. Deposits of sapphires in Kashimire are not exploited today at all.

There are large fields on the territory of the Russian Federation where sapphires could be mined on an industrial scale. Sapphire findings are limited by occasional discovery of blue corundum. For example, blue sapphires were found on the Kola Peninsula, as well as in the Urals.

Uralian sapphires have slight grayish tint, while sapphires from the Kola Peninsula have green shade on bright blue (cornflower shimmer) color.

Sapphires Uses

Blue sapphires of transparent structures are used mainly in various jewelries. Leucosapphires, which have been created synthetically, are used in the manufacture of ophthalmic scalpels, artificial eye lens, as well as durable transparencies (e.g. protective glasses in cameras and screens of mobile devices of expensive brands, portholes on space stations).

Sapphire Healing Properties

Nontraditional healers of different nationalities resort often enough to the use of sapphire properties for medicinal purposes. In particular, it can help facilitate painful suffering that causes such a disease like rheumatism and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system. At the same time, it is used as a medicament for termination of epilepsy, nervous breakdowns or as a sedative in hysterical conditions, and other disorders of the nervous system.

Sapphire powder is widely used to treat diseases of the urogenital system and normalization of the cardiovascular system, kidney and skin. Women suffering from infertility, often also apply amazing properties of this stone to solve their problems.

Many representatives of alternative medicine tend to argue that using sapphire stone for medicinal purposes you can achieve amazing positive results in a variety of wound healing, healing of gynecological diseases, diseases of the heart. Scientists have long proven ability of sapphires to provide positive preventive effects on the body as a whole, its effectiveness to enhance the action of pharmaceutical products and medicines.

Water infused with sapphires as well as sapphires themselves are used as lotion to affected or painful places, reducing thereby pain. For the prevention of common physical condition, healers strongly recommend to wear jewelries of sapphires, which have gold frame.

Magic Properties

Even in ancient times sapphire stone was a symbol of purity and virginity. It is one of the few gemstones that is attributed nobility and serenity. Gem embodies the endless sky and calls every person, who wears it, to think in the right direction and be able to see the beauty. Such minerals symbolize faithfulness, purity and human modesty. In the East stone is a symbol of friendship, and according to ancient legend, it’s absolutely impossible to cheat a wearer of a ring with sapphire.

Mediums claim that the energy field, that sapphire radiates, is capable to soothe particularly gently and help in acquiring peace of mind.

If you want to have the ability to distinguish lies from truth, sincerity of human intentions from pretense, benevolence of anger, you, according to magician’s view, should definitely get a sapphire. This stone will always attract to its owner only friendly people, protect from infamy and treacherous deception, because it is the epitome of selflessness and eternal friendship.


Today, thanks to the special magical properties, gem sapphire is used as wearable mascots, amulets and talismans that help people to understand the world around them. With such a talisman, according to many legends, it is not terrible deception, at the same time it is able to provide protection against violence in the owner’s address. Mascots with sapphires are reliable allies for those seeking love and dream of creating a strong and happy marriage bond.

Talismans and amulets with sapphires enjoyed anciently extraordinary demand since people had a strong belief in their ability to bring an owner the full extent of harmony with the world around, and at the same time to protect against negative energies, deceit and betrayal.

Charms with sapphires have always been a relic in family life, as they guarded peace and love between two native people who are related by marriage.

This stone protects against evil eye and does not let other people interfere in family relationships.

Owners of sapphire mascots are more prone to positive, pacified knowledge of simple life intricacies. Stone is able to grant a man understanding of the world around with the help of philosophical thought, clears the mind from negativity and helps a person to think correctly and clearly, without the influence of extraneous opinions and their own emotions. Sapphire reinforces subconsciously the power over others and raises the vital spirit.

Hikers take the amulet with sapphire on long trips because it gives strength and helps overcome fatigue.

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