Red Shades Minerals

The most popular stones of the red color are ruby, garnet, spinel, tourmaline, coral and carnelian.  All of them boast intricate names, powerful properties and share one bright, visible and extremely charming color – the red one.

It doesn’t matter whether this particular red stone is precious or not, the main thing is that it will be always liked by people.  It’s because of this bright and saturated color, admired by many people.

In all cultures the red colors embodies something strong and unrestrained.  For instance, in China this color is associated with fire, summer and heat.  In Japan with its cult of the Sun, this color is considered to be the color of this celestial body.  It’s the color of passion, love and power.

People have always appreciated red precious stones and exchanged them for other valuable things.  Very often, these minerals became a sticking point.  That was a common object of struggle and fighting.

The Kind Strength of Minerals

When used as mascots, precious and semi-precious stones of the red color heal many diseases, make the owner’s life shimmer with bright colors and contribute to the solution of many problems.  Nevertheless, every stone is unique of its kind.  Therefore, minerals of the same color may have different properties.


Let’s start with ruby.  From Latin its name is translated as “red” and it characterizes the basic shade of the gemstone.

Ruby is that stone, which patronizes a passionate, ardent and earthly love.  Moreover, it’s also considered to be a symbol of authority and power.

In ancient literature and folk tales of different countries, one can come across descriptions of ruby, which characterize its strongest properties.  According to legends, the given gemstone provides its owner with strength and courage.  Hence, it’s associated with imperiousness.

Previously, ruby was used to treat many diseases.  The stone was employed against low blood pressure, sleep disorders and appetite.


Another well-known fiery mineral is called garnet.  Its red version refers to the elements of Fire and Earth.  This means the gemstone can be successfully employed against lung diseases.  In this case, it’s recommended to wear garnet framed in gold.  To treat other ailments, insert the gem into a silver frame.


Another sunny mineral is noble spinel, and it has another name – lal.  The mineral is associated with the energy of the Sun, Venus and Jupiter.

Red spinel is a symbol of love and passion.  However, this gemstone is very unstable: well-being is replaced with periods of apathy and anxiety, then rare moments of happiness and luck arise and then stability comes again.  Exactly because of these conflicting properties, spinel isn’t recommended to wear all the time.


Once can’t consider the group of transparent minerals complete, as there’s one more gem worth your attention – that’s tourmaline.  Due to its hue, like other gems it’s also associated with love.  However, in this regard it’s more useful for men. If a man wears golden jewelry with tourmaline, he’ll find his sweetheart, thus gaining his family happiness.  Furthermore, the stone favorably affects potency.

Tourmaline is a precious stone and its beauty is fully displayed in the daytime.  You can see an intriguing scene in the evening: in candlelight, it fades and loses its brilliance.  It’s believed that this way the stone preserves its beauty.


An elegant stone carnelian was previously known as a stone-healer.  Our ancestors were assured it attracted good luck. Since ancient times, carnelian is used to treat diseases of the thyroid gland, epidermis and the nervous system.  As for its magical properties, it’s capable to guard the owner against treason and betrayal.


A very interesting gemstone of the sunset color, owned by the deep sea, is called coral.  In ancient times, it was a symbol of immortality and later – longevity.  Today, this unique mineral is known for its ability to positively influence the person’s health, thus prolonging his life.  Red coral is specially recommended for representatives of the strong sex.  It makes them more successful and courageous.

Regardless of form, color, name and origin as well as other characteristics, every gem of this bright shade features amazing properties, which have no rivals on the Earth.

According to both practicing magicians and lithotherapists all the precious and semi-precious stones of the blood-red hue positively affect humans.

Who Needs Red Gems?

If you’re bored by your cheerful companies of friends, noisy parties and great trips, and you don’t need career development and want just one calm week, then gemstones with a red hue won’t fit your jewelry or souvenir.  That’s because such a stone will stimulate huge activity, it will cause the desire for action and decisiveness.  The blood colored stone won’t let you relax quietly.

For anyone, who’s disappointed in love or want to find his sweetheart, preserve the family and strengthen the marriage, the gems mentioned above will become a reliable assistant.  These minerals are definitely created to protect love and cherish lovers’ passion.

Magical Talismans

As you know, all the precious and semi-precious stones have magical properties. It may be either essential characteristics for a person or useless.  Everything depends on what this particular person needs and his or her sign of the Zodiac.

In particular, the gemstones of the blood color are used to make talismans and amulets, which boast an extremely strong power.

Ruby mascots aren’t recommended for cruel and evil people. However, some signs of the Zodiac sometimes can’t do without ruby.  These are Leo, Aries and Sagittarius. The stone will help representatives of these signs to realize all their plans and make their dreams come true.

Precious garnet has always been a mascot of the kings.  Today, there are few kings, but those who’d like to feel like an important person, drastically grow in number.   So, if a person does his best to increase his credibility in the eyes of others, garnet will help him.

Spinel is considered to be an ideal talisman for those who are prone to fear and anxiety.  It also contributes to the development of friendship, peace and harmony in the family.

Wonderful precious crystals of tourmaline of the passion color would be the best amulet choice for a modest and indecisive man.  If you are going on a date, don’t forget your tourmaline talisman.  Without it, you can hardly impress a girl.

Carnelian is a perfect material for a strong family amulet.  Previously, this gemstone was used for the manufacture of bridal jewelry with symbols of love.  Fortunately, that’s still actual today, so it’s pleasant to donate this stone to wives, brides, spouses and grooms as a piece of the heart.

The blood colored coral crystals are often called the mascot of health. These minerals have a tonic effect on the human body, that’s why it’s widely used in homeopathy.

Summarizing all the mentioned above, we can conclude that many people need bright red gemstones. Who doesn’t want to be loved and successful?  Who doesn’t seek to create harmony and understanding in the family?

Bright and mysterious, strong and fair, useful and simply beautiful precious and semi-precious stones surprisingly decorate our life in every sense of the word.  By purchasing jewelry or other object with a similar gem, you involuntarily start to wonder how you could do without such a strong mascot before!


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