Morion – Black Crystal

Because of the deep black stone morion, it is credited the darkest and most powerful magical properties. For a long time it was believed that only magicians could wear such a mineral and it would cause only harm to ordinary people, but it’s not quite true. In fact, this mineral does not like selfish people, thinking only about their own welfare, so it can wear only that one who sets the highest spiritual goals. But let’s start from the beginning.


Morion gem has been known since ancient times. However, it was called “black crystal” at that time. The stone was used for the manufacture of sunglasses in China in the 12th century. The Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun had similar sunglasses. Chinese also made of it bottles for medicines. Romans and Sumerians used a black crystal as a material for seals.

Legendary Buddha Bowl brought him as a gift of the guardians of the world was made of “black amber stone”. Many scholars are inclined to think that it was the morion.

In the Middle Ages each alchemist certainly had the mineral, since it was believed that with its help they could get gold.

In Europe morion as a gemstone began to be used only since the mid-nineteenth century. This is due to the fashion for mystical and occult currents. For example, Count Cagliostro never started his magical sessions until convinced that someone in the audience had a ring with morion. It was believed that the gem helped to communicate with the spirits. Black quartz was also used as a symbol of mourning. There were special rings and brooches with morion, which were put on only at the loss of loved ones. Patterns in the form of a sad woman, ruined columns or weeping willow were carved on the stone.

Variety And Color

Morion is a very rare rich brown or black quartz, which color is due to natural radiation caused by the proximity of uranium or granite deposits. Mineral itself is not radioactive and is safe for humans. However, this kind of black quartz naturally occurs too often, so gem is artificially produced for commercial purposes by irradiation of simple quartz. The properties of this stone will certainly be different from the natural, and not for the better. It’s quite easy to identify real morion. Natural black crystal retains some degree of transparency when looking through it to light, while the artificially altered quartz – not.

Under prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, morion begins to lighten and turn gray. Therefore, jewelries made of it should be protected from the sun. Also, mineral changes its color and by high temperatures.

Magical Morion Properties

For a long time the black crystal was considered only magical mineral. And because of the color and shape of the crystals, naturally it was referred to necromancers’ stones and those who communicate with the ghosts of the dead.

But in fact, morion is a stone of protection.

It protects body and soul. It’s also great mineral for getting rid of negative energy. It is believed that morion is able to transform any negative energy is directed at the host of the stone and coming from him in positive.

Stone can help a person to achieve personal and business goals. It is also used for the fulfillment of desires, helping dreams come true. Thus this is a mineral that brings abundance, prosperity and good fortune, but only if an owner does not think only of himself.

Morion stone improves organizational skills. It gives creative inspiration. Furthermore, it can help to identify priorities, needs and desires, brings wisdom in everyday affairs.

Emotionally black quartz is perfect to set the mood, overcome negative emotions and relieve the symptoms of depression. It relieves stress, fear, jealousy, anger and other negative emotions, turning them into positive energy. This mineral has the ability to strengthen inner power, but is also able to comfort and soothe. Wearing morion is recommended for people who have experienced grief – this will help them get rid of the negativity.

To relieve stress take the crystal in your hand and sit quietly with it for a few minutes. To get rid of negative energy – keep it away from the body. If you need to cheer up – direct the crystal to your body.

Morion can teach a person how to leave behind all that is no longer useful. For example, it is widely used for the treatment of drug addictions and obsessions.

Morion Healing Properties

Morion crystal is particularly effective in diseases of the kidneys, abdominal organs, pancreas, hips and legs. It also removes any other pain, including migraine. It has positive effect on the reproductive system, muscles and nerve tissues as well as heart. Stone relieves cramps and strengthens the back. In addition, it improves the ability of the body to absorb minerals and regulates metabolism.

How to Wear Morion

Most of the stones do not like the neighborhood of morion. So keep a jewelry with it separate from all others.

Wearing earrings of morion is able to strengthen its owner’s creativity and increase intuition. The stone in rings are advised to wear by men because it makes them more attractive to the female sex. The mineral should be worn irregularly.

Despite the fact that morion converts negative energy, and does not accumulate, the stone must be periodically cleaned under running water.

Stone and Astrology

Morion is a traditional stone of Capricorn. In some way it’s less appropriate for Sagittarius, Scorpio, Libra and Cancer.



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