Minerals of Pink Shades

Every stone has its own inimitable color, different properties and unique history.  Let’s pay attention to pink minerals.  Perhaps, they aren’t so widespread, but loved by many people.

The pink color embodies kindness, tenderness and romantic feelings.  Evoking the feeling of comfort and soothing the nervous system, the pink shade helps to go through all kinds of hardships easily.  This property even received a verbal incarnation – “to see the world through rose-colored glasses”.

It’s well known that the name of the color descends from the most beautiful flower of the world – a rose.  The rose, which is the queen of flowers are normally presented to the dearest women, as it’s considered to be a symbol of love and romance.

The most popular of the famous pink precious and semi-precious minerals are quartz, sapphire, garnet, kunzite, tourmaline, topaz, spinel, coral, jade, opal and morganite.

The Impact Of Delicate Gems

The gems mentioned above may have different colors, but in the pink incarnation, they feature somewhat different properties.  Being a combination of active and aggressive red and tender tranquil white, the pink color inherited only the best features from its “parents”.  Really, the stones of this color can destroy all the negative things on their way.

A person, who’s eager to purchase jewelry with a stones of the pink color, subconsciously requires recognition.  Having started to wear this jewelry, he surprisingly notices that he has managed to meet his objective.  In fact, that were the stones, which pushed the wearer closer to his dream.

Rose quartz is a leading gemstone of the heart chakra.  The pale pink mineral is believed to heal spiritual wounds.  If this transparent stone is worn by an unmarried mature woman, it will help her to gain a successful marriage.

The mineral kunzite not only helps in love, but also positively affects intellectual abilities. Besides this, it’s often used for magical rituals as well as meditation sessions.

Garnet helps to strengthen the bonds of wedlock. It revives the delicate romantic feelings of the first phase of the relationship. The couple, wearing this gemstone, can feel themselves sweethearts and young once again.

Sapphire of the light pink color is a rare precious mineral.  Like other stones of the similar color, it’s the guardian of love and serious relationships. Bright and clear – it’s appreciated by all women, without exception.

Unsurpassed in beauty and unique characteristics, transparent tourmaline is considered to be a protector against evil spells.  Those who wear this stone, will never become victims of a love spell.

Spinel of the dawn color is called “balas-ruby” and it’s considered a mascot with a powerful energy for anyone without exception.  It helps to find happiness in life.  Unfortunately, its powerful effect is available occasionally – today it may help, but tomorrow it will be useless.

Since ancient times, precious topaz of this color has been associated with a symbol of a hope. It helps to gain faith in tomorrow, and it even applies to those who are absolutely desperate and disillusioned with life.  Topaz has earned respect of many nations for its ability to endow humans with faith in goodness and desire to live.

If red coral is more suitable for men, and the white one fits women, coral crystals of the light pink color will be useful for both sexes.  It will help the owner to manifest his best features and achieve success in business and family life.

If a man purchases opal of the wonderful pale red or pink shade, this shows his desire to improve his true masculine qualities.   The mineral of this color helps to become more courageous and brave.  If its wearer is a woman, she’ll reach her goal for sure.

The sacred Chinese gemstone jade, whose name comes from the Greek word that means “kidneys”, is known for its magical curative properties.  By the way, for the Chinese pink jade was a marriage mascot.

Morganite is a kind of beryl with the light pink shade.  It’s believed that morganite is a stone of love and with this stuff you can count on mutual feelings of the opposite sex.  In the East, this mineral was specially appreciated.  It was believed to be a guide to the world of the gods.  Today the gemstone is used to protect its owners from the evil eye as well as other mystical evil stuff.  Furthermore, it’s a strong defender of family ties; it reliably protects couples from adultery and loss of conjugal love.

Minerals For Those Seek Love

It’s impossible to be fed up with love, though a popular belief states the opposite.   That’s the point of view of precious and semi-precious gems of the delicate light pink and sincere color.  That’s why stones of this color would be useful for anyone.  Who doesn’t need love?  Who can do without it?  Sure, no one.

It doesn’t matter what the stone’s name, the main thing is that its color is pale red or light pink.  It’s because exactly these minerals help to enjoy love to the full extent.  As follows from this, the stones of this color would be useful for couples, lovers and those who were betrayed in love and those who have never faced it.

If a jewelry item doesn’t contain a precious, but a semi-precious mineral, don’t worry. Both categories of gemstones have equally strong properties.

Magical Talismans

Delicate gems are simultaneously the strongest talismans and amulets for those who lack tenderness and caress.

So, when inserted into a talisman, transparent morganite helps its owner to attract good luck and become a kind and sympathetic person.  The mineral especially favors creative people, those who are engaged in science and art.

Opals in the form of amulets should be considered reliable assistants of the strong sex. Many men notice significant improvements in their potency as well as other sexual functions.  The gem of the light pink color enhances mental activity, thus contributing to successful exams and interview results.

As a talisman, transparent pale pink topaz is better to wear in combination with other minerals. The gemstone provides magical assistance to Aries and Leo in their quest for material benefits.

Spinel spelled in advance is considered a talisman of passion.  One would better wear it in a ring on the ring finger of either hand.

The contemplation of a gentle mineral called kunzite just several minutes a day, attracts positive energy to the owner and changes his life for the better.

Not a bright and translucent jade in the pink incarnation will be the best mascot in the form of a bracelet or ring.  It will provide couples with faithfulness in love.

Regardless of the name of the pink gem, its capability to help people to be loved and recognized remains unchanged. The transparent mineral better ensures the development of business qualities of the person and glorification of his talents, while matte jade helps to find love in all its manifestations.

This leads to the conclusion that all the pink minerals may share one name – the stone of love, loyalty and family.


roze quartz
Rose Quartz
pink sapphire
Pink Sapphire
pink garnet
Pink Garnet
pink tourmaline in ring
Pink Tourmaline
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Pink Topaz
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pink spinel
Pink Spinel



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