Minerals of Brown Shades

Adherents of occultism refer the brown color to the energy of nirvana.  They believe that such a shade is a symbol of our planet Earth.  At the same time, this color is closely connected with Saturn and Pluto.

Perhaps, someone will be surprised, but gems of the chocolate color are quite common.  The brown shade can be seen in jasper, topaz, hyacinth and spinel.

Semi-precious stones of the same color are found quite often.  The major representatives of this category are grossularite, spessartite, rutile and tourmaline.

All these gems have their own, unique and extraordinary features. They combine features and capabilities, which can’t be found in other gemstones.

The Radiant Power of the Mineral

All the stones of the cocoa color boast extremely strong magical features.  When combined with the yellow color their power is doubled as gold refers to metals of the Sun, which gives energy to everything.

By itself, the brown mineral promotes harmony in life, ensures the calm phase and a sense of pacification.  This shade symbolizes age and therefore wisdom.

The most famous gemstone of this group is jasper.  People have noticed its mystical influence in ancient times, that’s why the mineral is utilized in many magical rituals.  Later this mineral was used as a material to revet walls and floors of the sacred temples as the gemstone has a positive energy.

These days’ people often use jasper as a talisman to avert unnecessary and evil people from the house, and protect from the evil eye and damage.  The mineral favors Virgo people, helps them to rationally assess their actions and the character of the other person.

Previously the gemstone spinel was known as “Badakhshan lal” and at all times its properties were equally useful to people.  So, these precious stones have been a mascot of love and fidelity and still keep this status.  The major feature of the mineral is its ability to boost sexual desire.  This gemstone is specially recommended to be inserted into a golden frame.

The lovely gem topaz of the unusual chocolate shade will help its owner to increase his or her self-esteem, eliminate self-doubt and achieve harmony.  It’s a perfect mascot for those who’re extremely susceptible to others’ influence.  This mineral will help to gain a piece of wisdom of the universe.

Regardless of color, all the samples of hyacinth help to become pleasant and loved by everybody.  Brown hyacinth will help to get rid of boredom, depression and melancholy.  Its owner becomes lucky and gains destiny’s favors.  Being a stone of courtesans, it ensures the prevention of unwanted pregnancy.

Many practicing magicians made brown rutile their most powerful weapon.  That’s not accidentally.  It’s believed that the gemstone helps to make astral trips through time and worlds – it guards during such unusual activitiesRutile helps anyone closely connected with magic as well as otherworldly forces.

Brown samples of grossularite help the owner to become more peaceful.  This mineral helps to cope with various vices and achieve success in any field.  Astrologers recommend grossularite to anyone, regardless of the sign of the Zodiac.

There’s a beautiful stone with no less beautiful name – spessartite.  Lithotherapists think that it stabilizes the digestive process and helps to improve the overall condition of the skin.  There’s a point of view that spessartite helps to improve self-esteem, gives more confidence to its owner and protects him or her from malicious gossips.  Among all the signs of the Zodiac, Scorpio benefits best of all from this gemstone.

Another extraordinary stone by its influence on people is tourmaline.  Brown samples of this mineral aren’t recommended to wear on a regular basis.  It’s believed that this gemstone like black gems is a powerful witch mascot.  However, its influence on humans is quite moderate.  The brown tourmaline mascot helps to find the lost hope and cope with one-way love.

Thus, regardless of the name, every stone of this color has its unsurpassed properties, which are valued and used for a long time by people.   Anyone who wants to purchase a gemstone of this shade can find a crystal compatible with his sign of the Zodiac.

Who Will Benefit From This Gems?

Wonderful precious gemstones of the delicate or chocolate color, with any name and of any origin and regardless of chemical composition will become an irreplaceable talisman for those who lack peace of mind in their life.  Besides this, the mineral of this color will be useful for unrecognized talents. It provides great care – that’s what creative people lack.  As the result, they become more confident and realize their dreams.

Kids would better stay away from gems of this color.  Minerals have a too exciting impact on babies.  They activate all the kid’s energy, which he or she hasn’t learnt to direct it in the proper direction.  As for teens, they should also avoid brown stones.  Gems negatively affect teens; they give relevance to all their bad aspirations.

Talismans and Amulets

All the gemstones mentioned above can be used to make powerful talismans and amulets.  Along with golden minerals, gems of the brown color can be utilized to create a successful mascot, attracting money and wealth.

Mascots of jasper are often used by people engaged in intellectual work. That’s why such amulets need to be stored in the offices.

Samples of jasper, encircling the frame with a photograph will protect the person imprinted on it from any hassle.

Due to its unusual properties the precious stone rutile is used in mascots only in conjunction with other minerals.  It helps to drastically increase the influence of its neighbors-gems, regardless of their color, size and other features.

As a talisman, spinel is recommended to be worn by women in earrings and by men in rings.  The stone is very often used to attract love, protect the wearer from treachery and betrayal.   Spinel of the chocolate color is a mascot of Pisces; it helps the sign in all their undertakings, but only in good and kind ones.

An amulet made of brown hyacinth, helps to maintain both physical and mental strength.  Having obtained its name from the flower, the stone helps travelers to fight against negative phenomena of nature, averts allergies to plants and animal hair.

It has been figured out that brown minerals are quite common and versatile.  Most probably, they were created by nature to provide all-round assistance to people.

Regardless of the category gems belong to, all the colors of minerals are beautiful.  However, they have different responsibilities towards mankind.  As usual, these properties are positive; if the owner properly picks up stones, combine them with his or her character or the sign of the Zodiac.


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Brown Topaz
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