Let’s Charge Water with Crystals

Everybody knows that a liquid is capable of transferring information about a subject submerged in it.  Moreover, even the music sounding nearby can be a source of information for this substance.  Fairy tales about dead water and aqua vitae descend from legends based on the real practice.  For centuries scientists have been following unique properties and capabilities of minerals and crystals, making conclusions and taking notes regarding their magical and curative power.  Thus, people have collected enough information about the use of certain gemstones and ancient secrets of aqua vitae have come down to us in the form of elixirs and tinctures.

These days lithotherapists (practitioners healing sick people with stones) open their offices and alternative medicine is getting more and more popular.  One of the most popular up-to-date methods to fight many diseases is a water potion infused with certain stones.  The given weird remedy shares the same healing properties with the minerals already involved.

The tincture affects the human body on an energetic level, as the stone can’t dissolve in the water, while its vibrations alter the water’s structure on the most complex levels.

Deriving benefits from the crystal infused water: how it can be    

There’re a lot of ways to make the most of the crystal charged water.  Here below you’ll get familiar with available lithotherapy options, enabling you to efficiently withstand physiological and mental disorders.  When choosing a lithotherapy method you should take into account your current health condition and the reason of your illness.

The water potion infused with precious and semi-precious stones can be used in the following way:

Potable water

First of all, this can be used as potable water.  You actually drink this stuff before, during or after your meal.  You can also use this curative water for making tea, cooking, etc.


Use it for your daily washing.  A properly chosen mineral will help to cope with skin problems. It will also slow down the aging process.  Besides this, the tincture improves blood circulation, stimulates hair growth and positively affects metabolism.


The flexibility of this stuff is amazing.  You can use this stuff as your daily mouthwash too!  Excellent healing properties of the crystal infused water will help your bleeding gums, reduce inflammation and eliminate other dental problems.  Gargling your mouth with the crystal infused water is what you need!


Use it as a compress to heal wounds and burns.  The remedy also relives the sharp pain of sprains, muscle spasms and inflammations.


The crystal infused water can be effectively used as an enema.  Thus, you can get rid of toxins and cure your gastrointestinal tract.


And what about health-giving baths? They will handle a wide array of health problems.

Let’s make some crystal infused water

The undisputable effectiveness of lithotherapy encourages hundreds of people to take advantage of the crystal infused water.  In order to get a visible effect, one needs to know some tricks and nuances, which will help water to inherit all the useful properties of precious and semi-precious stones.

The major rules of cooking:

First of all, use only clean water for your infusion.  You’d better avoid using water from the tap.  It’s because it’s stuffed with harmful impurities which can negatively affect the overall efficiency of the finished drug.

It’s crucial to select the proper mineral.  The stone should not only ideally fit its owner, but also have the expected therapeutic properties.

Choose the right infusion technique.  The most common way of creating the crystal infused water is to leave a newly chosen stone in a container with fresh potable water. Then leave this stuff infusing in the sunlight, so it could absorb enough energy from the gem.  Finally, let it infuse at night. After this, you can taste your crystal infused water.

Consider these nuances

Your awareness of crucial details will definitely help you to prepare an effective remedy.  First, don’t rush immediately to consume tons of health-giving water.  It only works if you gradually increase your dose of magical infused water.  You’d better start from 20 milliliters.  Keep in mind that the maximum amount of consumption of this stuff shouldn’t exceed one liter even by the end of the course.  Stones with a soft effect on the body are a pleasant exception.

Secondly, the number of stones and amount of water will determine the strength of your aqua vitae. Respectively, the fewer stones you put on a liter of water, the softer your remedy will be, and vice versa.  By the way, your character determines the number of stones.

If you’re sensitive and quiet by nature, you’d better make a weak tincture.  On the contrary, confident and energetic personalities require a stronger infusion.

Thirdly, you’d better use the water prepared for infusion in advance to save your time.  And what about the crystal infused vodka?  This remedy can be stored for a long time. Make the most of the wisdom of our ancestors and the whole power of our mother nature.  Let vibrations of the chosen gemstone positively affect your body and help to fight both emotional and physical disorders.

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