Iolite Gemstone – Water Petrified in Time

Violet stone, lynx sapphire, water sapphire – iolite stone has many beautiful and poetic names. It is a beautiful blue mineral that is capable of changing the color to purple.

Pleochroism effect manifests itself in iolite so vividly that it is impossible to fake the stone qualitatively.

A Bit of History

Mentions of this mineral are found in the Scandinavian legends. At the time iolite was called “Viking compass”, since it allowed to navigate by the sun even on a cloudy day.

When the Scandinavian explorer Leif Erikson, who is credited with the discovery of America before Columbus, swam in the Atlantic Ocean far enough away from any coast, on which he could orient, the traveler used iolite as a navigational tool. However, and other navigators took with them a “Viking compass”. These sailors used thin iolite plates as the first polarizing filter in the world. Looking through the iolite lens, they could determine exactly where the sun, and thus adjust the direction of the vessel.

The first scientific description of this mineral has been compiled only in the XIX century. But for jewelry stone was used in the mid-twentieth.

Variety and Color

Iolite gemstone is called faceted mineral cordierite. Thanks to its saturated color blue iolite is called “false sapphire” because the more expensive stone is often imitated with this gem.

In different positions iolite color can vary from blue-violet to yellow-gray or honey, and even to the clear light blue. This pleochroism feature complicates greatly faceting of the gem. After all, if the jeweler makes a mistake, the stone can lose its attractiveness.

Cordierite can be either transparent or opaque. Transparent gems are faceted like sapphires or diamonds, and opaque are shaped cabochons.

Magical Properties

Iolite promotes contemplation of its inner world. It helps in the fight against beliefs that you need to control inner feelings and emotions. It dissolves the fear of the unknown, helps neutralize the depressed state of mind. Due to this a person wearing the stone can move forward and meet easy adversities in his path. This talisman helps to uncover the lost part of himself.

In complex situations gem helps to make a decision, even if it seems that there is no escape. It sets positivity, calmness and inspires hope.

Iolite balances the male and female sides of character and brings harmony. It teaches a man to be responsible for his own destiny and happiness, and this helps to overcome codependency in relationships.

Iolite helps to restore the balance and is recommended for people suffering from disorientation, lack of motivation, chronic disorganization and inability to concentrate. It strengthens the resolve to assume responsibility and keep it to the end, and provides confidence and resilience in adverse situations. This is a great helper for those who have debts, and who want to learn how to manage finances.

Gem helps get rid of the evil eye and inspires you to bring order to your life.

Iolite is muse’s stone. It activates the creative side of the mind, brings thoughts and ideas beyond the ordinary. Mineral is a perfect mascot for those who need a creative self-expression through writing, singing, dancing, and other artistic endeavors.

This iolite gem can play a significant role in the harmonization of family relationships. It helps to resolve conflicts that may arise between family members of different generations.

Use iolite, if your loved ones require you more than you can give them. It is good to wear this talisman and those who are forced to be torn between career and family responsibilities.

Iolite: Healing Properties

Iolite is credited with properties to fight alcohol addiction and consequences of drinking. It is believed that the mineral promotes detoxification, it improves liver function and heals it.

This stone is advised to wear to those who need to lose weight. It is used in the regulation of digestion, enhances the growth of hair and nails.

Iolite strengthens the nerves, helps with paralysis and numbness of the limbs and reduces pain. It is used to treat malaria and other diseases that cause fever.

Iolite can help in the healing of eyes, migraine and headache, disorientation and dizziness. It also stimulates memory and prevents insomnia, nightmares or sleep disorders.

Mineral and Astrology

This gem will be a good mascot for people born under the astrological sign of Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces and Taurus.






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