Hyacinth Stone

Beautiful hyacinth is actually a kind of red zircon. It is a transparent mineral, having affinity with precious stones.

This stone can be compared in its beauty with rough diamond. Nowadays, hyacinth definition is also called “noble zircon”. The main deposits are concentrated in Australia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Madagascar, Russia.

A Bit of History

The name of the stone was due to the eponymous flower. The color of the mineral and flower isn’t similar at all. But thanks to an error of ancient authors, who thought for some reason differently gem received the name of the beautiful plant.

Though hyacinth and isn’t considered one of the rarest and most expensive stones in the world, it enjoyed the popularity at all times.

In the Middle Ages hyacinth mixture was sold at every pharmacy. It consisted of dry plants, comminuted minerals and other products, but the important element was hyacinth, which had many medicinal properties and beneficial effects on human health.

Until the XVIII century hyacinth was set in a row on the value with emerald and diamond. This mineral was very popular, and every man of the world considered it his duty to have jewelry with the stone.

Fraudsters using certain procedures burned stone to full transparency, and then sold, posing for the diamond. Many people came across on this trick because the stones are similar play of light and reflections.

This stone was popular in Europe with the representatives of all classes. Rich people certainly kept in their boxes jewelry with gem. Poor girls also often wore a necklace of this breed, but of lower quality.

Now, though less frequently, but the gems are used as inserts in rings, earrings and pendants. Precious metal can be used for frame.

Colors and Varieties

The most common color of hyacinth stone is red. Also there is frequent hyacinth of orange, pink and brown shades. There are instances of brown-yellow color.

This excellent mineral has a bright, inviting glow. The light rays are refracted, creating an amazing, magnificent effect – no wonder the stone is used to create jewelry.

This gem has a great feature. If you bring the mineral to open fire, it will lose its luster. The same thing happens when approaching misfortune.

Hyacinth of the same color as the flower, after which the mineral was named, is very rare. Blue mineral is usually obtained from brown by heat treatment.

Healing and Magic Properties:

Many people call hyacinth “stone of blindness”. It is believed that it helps to improve vision, protects against blindness. It is believed that this mineral is able to keep a youth, improve sleep and get rid of nightmares.

Its “path” is the circulatory system. Vessels and the heart will never fail, if a man wears jewelry with hyacinth. Also mineral is indispensable for stress, depression, anguish, nervous tension, causeless alarm.

Beautiful stone has the ability to heal rapidly wounds, improve digestion. In the Middle Ages all patients were treated by hyacinth mixture, regardless of diagnosis.

It is believed that hyacinth stone protects against unwanted pregnancy. But pregnant women better not to wear jewelry with stone – it can happen miscarriage or premature birth.

Magical properties of the stone are also very interesting. The mineral was the main merchants’ talisman. It was believed that a warm color stone gave good luck and prosperity. It helps to get richer, learn how to recognize a lie.

In addition, travelers loved hyacinth. It protected them from a variety of misfortunes, guided them on the way. Gem is also required for creative people. It helps to get a well-deserved recognition, activates development of abilities.

In the East, the crystal was attributed development of mental capacity. Mystical beliefs contain facts that the stone can extinguish the fire and protect from lightning.

Unmarried girls should not wear jewelry made of this mineral. It is believed that it can cause a separation from a loved one. But those who want to get rid of annoying fans hyacinth will serve faithful service.

Stone in Astrology

Most astrologers agreed that the stone belongs to Capricorn. Depression, periods of despair, frequent disappointments characterize this zodiac sign. A decoration of hyacinth will help quietly go through such times and not lose hope for the future.

Even while the black band Capricorn will feel optimism, have fun moderately and find the right solution of many problems, if he has at least a simple ring with only one small hyacinth. Anyway, stone raises mood instantaneously.

Eternally hungry for recognition Scorpios can get a taste of fame with the help of this mineral. Hyacinth helps them find the right path in any field: career, hobby, family, etc.

Prone to frequent mood swings Aquarians with the acquisition of hyacinth will feel solid stability in life. They will notice changes even in their own attitude towards life and others.

There aren’t such signs of the zodiac, which the stone is not recommended. Anyone can wear it, if you observe a measure. Year-round wear jewelry with any stone is emotionally hard yet.

Beautiful, optimistic hyacinth is considered to belong to the sun. Therefore, it should be more likely to put the mineral in a sunny place to increase its mystical properties, so that it can recharge from the rays, and then give it for the benefit of its owner.






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