Hematite – the Most Powerful Protective Talisman

Hematite Stone got its name because in the process of grinding it stains the cooling water in red color. By the way, sometimes people also call hematite – “bloodstone”. Of course, the fact that the black stone in contact with water begins to “bleed”, could not provide it with a decent reputation. Therefore, the history of hematite is completely riddled with superstitions and legends.

A Bit of History

Magical qualities of hematite are described in one of the oldest treatises on precious stones, written in the first century BC by Babylonian scholar Azhaliem. The book says that this stone is one of the strongest protective talismans.

Women of Tibet wore this mineral to protect themselves from the evil eye.

In ancient Egypt, protective talismans were cut from the gem, including scarabs. Priests of the cult of the goddess Isis used this stone in rituals too.

Ancient people believed that hematite can be found only where blood was shed copiously. That is, in the former battlefields and places of mass sacrifices. By the way, the priests, who were engaged in sacrifices, wore necessarily rings with hematite.

“Bloodstone” was also used to produce red dye (ocher). American Indians, going on the warpath, covered their faces with this pigment. They believed that it would give them the strength and courage during the battle.

Roman soldiers also believed in the ability of this mineral to bring good luck in battles, so took with them on a hike hematite statues of the gods.

Mirrors were made of shiny hematite crystals in ancient times. There is a version that the legendary Perseus’s shield, that helped him cope with the Gorgon Medusa, was decorated inside with this mineral.

It is true in the Medieval people were convinced that the mirror of hematite is dangerous for the average person, because it has a magical property to take away the soul of the viewer.

Also in the same Medieval there was a belief that if the air has a large concentration of methane, the hematite would be blushing. Therefore, buttons of this stone became an inherent part of the miners’ uniforms at that time.

In the 18th-19th centuries there were made “mourning” jewelry from hematite.

Variety and Color

Traditionally colors of raw hematite mineral are dark steel and color of dried blood. What does hematite look like? In nature, this mineral is found in several varieties:

  • Specularite (Specular Hematite) – is crystal stone, with silver-gray sheen, which is used sometimes as an ornamental stone;
  • Kidney Ore – is a red ore with kidney-shaped patches of stone;
  • Hematite Rose – is cluster of flat crystals, which is like a tea rose flower in appearance;
  • Iron Mica – is finely crystalline, scaly kind of iron shine;
  • Oolitic Hematite – is a dense fine-grained variety of the red-brown mineral.

Variety of black stone is used in jewelry.

How to Authenticate

Despite the fact that the hematite in nature is common and inexpensive, sometimes this stone is fake. The first thing to remember is to distinguish the original from synthetic stone – hematite is heavy. Its weight is caused by high iron content.

But the surest way to distinguish the real stone from the artificial one is to hold it on any light and rough surface. Ideally do it on bisque or by cleavage of chinaware. Genuine bloodstone leaves a red mark on it.

Hematite Healing Properties

Since hematite easily triturated, it was indispensable in ancient medicine. It was used for the treatment of eye diseases and to increase capacity for recovery.

Hematite can be put over the organs, which have problems with blood circulation, in order to improve their work. This mineral is useful to wear for those who suffer from anemia.

It supports the kidneys and restores tissues. It stimulates the absorption of iron and the formation of red blood cells. It treats leg cramps, anxiety and insomnia. Hematite helps with curvature of the spine and fractures.

Further, hematite stone promotes the absorption of iron by the small intestine, which in turn improves the flow of oxygen to the body. This property is manifested in direct contact of the stone with the skin. But hematite is not for everyone, so use the stone for medicinal purposes should be careful. If picking up the stone you feel discomfort it’s better not use it.

Hematite bracelet can be used to regulate blood pressure. It was proven ability of this mineral to change it for ten or fifteen units. If the blood pressure is low, such a bracelet should be worn in the first half of the lunar cycle and high blood pressure use in the second half.

It improves self-esteem and willpower, as well as strengthens the nervous system. A person who wears hematite is more resistant to stress and conflict situations. These hematite properties are used for getting rid of bad habits such as overeating, smoking and alcoholism.

Hematite is a stone of balance and equilibrium. It helps a person to achieve harmony between mind, body and environment.

Hematite Magical Properties

Magical properties attributed to hematite, are extremely contradictory. At some times, people believed that it protected against spirits at the other that on the contrary urged them. However, it is believed that a particular mineral property is shown depending on the form in which it is clothed.

For example, a cross made of hematite or the stone on which such a cross is engraved, will protect from evil spirits, while the stone with the image of a spirit or demon – on the contrary.

Anyway, none of the medieval magicians dared to engage in a call supernatural forces without having a ring with inserted hematite. By the way, if you want hematite to show its magical properties, it must be inserted into the decoration of copper, bronze or brass.

Magicians drew a protective circles and cabalistic signs with the same stone.

Despite its “bloody” reputation, hematite is a stone of happiness. It helps to build a good relationship with others and enhances intuition. It helps to improve memory, increases attention and develops original thinking.

Hematite powers never help a person with evil intentions.

As a talisman, a ring with hematite is worn on the left hand. The stone is set into silver.

Hematite is considered one of the best amulets of the wounds and bullets. Therefore, warriors loved to wear it. Its pieces were sewn into clothing or hidden into the shoes before going to war. It is also believed that in order to show this stone property, it is necessary to consecrate it in the church and a scratch a small cross on it.  

Hematite and Signs of Zodiac

Hematite is contraindicated to people born under the sign of Pisces, Virgo or Gemini.

It will be favorable wearing it for those whose zodiac sign is Aries, Cancer or Scorpio.

In addition, according to numerology, bloodstone will bring good luck to those who were born on the 9th, 18th and 27th of any month.

All others can wear the stone only if this does not cause unpleasant feelings and emotions.


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