Grey Gems

Such a widespread color in animate or inanimate nature as gray is rarely seen in precious and semi-precious stones.

When mentioning gray gems, the first idea coming to your mind is pearls. It can have different colors, but the most valuable one is a gray stone with a mother-of-pearl shimmer.  In addition, there are other gray gemstones: agate, rutile, hematite, tourmaline, hornstone and flint.

Minerals On Guard For Good

Pearls… its white shade has become quite habitual, so no one is surprised.  Steel silver pearls look more interesting.  They’ve come into vogue and become extremely popular.  Only the sea can give birth to pearls of this color.

The romantic stones pearls have lots of healing and magical properties.  With the help of these stones one can diminish the incidence of various diseases and improve the overall skin condition.  Pearls protect from unwanted pregnancy and help to quickly cope with venereal diseases.  These stones are very faithful to their owner.  However, if the wearer of gray pearls pursues an obscene lifestyle, the stones can lose their luster and even crumble.

Agate of the pale gray shade is a gemstone with the only purpose to ensure peace everywhere and in everything.  It gives people an excellent opportunity to avoid embarrassing and even dangerous situations.  Meanwhile, the stone doesn’t contribute to the development of any supernatural abilities.  It fully affects the human mind and the wearer’s intellectual skills.

As for gray rutile, also dubbed “hair-worm” it by contrast provides its owner with magical abilities.  This mineral likes women.  That’s probably can be explained by a more sensitive feminine nature. Women normally have a developed intuition, so rutile doesn’t need to make a huge effort.  The gemstone contributes to further development of the strongest human qualities.

Wonderful hematite stones derive their energy from the planet Mars.  This mineral even in the gray incarnation is considered to be a powerful mascot of courage.  Since ancient times people believe that  it protects life in a mortal combat. Until now, the stone is donated to men whose profession is closely connected with risk for health and life.

All the tourmaline crystals in general and gray samples in particular are endowed with the power of space.  That’s why they’re widely used in medicine.  The mineral of the gray color helps to learn how to objectively look at the world and properly value actions of other people.

Hornstone is a kind of gray jasper. This stone is often used to treat diseases of the stomach. In addition, the mineral is very useful for the whole family. It protects the house from evil eyes and hatred. Hornstone is often used as a talisman against the evil eye.

A very hard stone flint helps a person to acquire a firmer character.  The mineral of this inconspicuous color has the strongest impact on the owner.  With this stone, even a very lazy man can turn into an activist and entertainer willing to change the entire world.

Who Will Benefit From This Gem?

A gray color is a mixture of black and white, day and night, good and evil. It would seem the gems of this color should feature ambivalent properties. Sometimes the gem demonstrates quite weird qualities. For instance, the stone with positive qualities suddenly begins to adversely affect its owner, thus turning his life into a living hell.  This happens, when the owner of the gray mineral has evil intentions.

Exactly to intimidate such people, the gem activates its dark side.  Gray minerals have a firm character.  They never tolerate deception and betrayal.  That’s why spineless people are recommended to wear such stones as mascots.  Anyone, who can’t realize his potential, who can’t efficiently communicate with people, who’s too vulnerable to emotions and mood swings, can radically change his life having become a happy owner of the gray mineral.

Furthermore, the gray precious stone helps to cope with a variety of ailments.  It’s used to fighting anything useless and harmful in the human body: fat, cholesterol, tumors and so on.  Of course, the purchase of stones can’t be a panacea.  Nevertheless, minerals, especially the precious ones help within their abilities.

Talismans And Amulets

In addition, stones with the gray shade perfectly fit any attire and image, they even serve as custodians. People had started to use such stones as talismans and amulets much earlier than as jewelry.

A talisman made of the silver-gray pearl stones helps the owner to become more economical. Pearls guard their wearers during water journeys.  You’d better not put off your seal-ring with pearls when taking a bath.

An amulet with gray agate protects from all kinds of hazards.  This stone is one of the strongest defenders of the owner.

Even a piece of raw rutile can serve as a talisman. This stone patronizes scientists and naturalists.  It likes anyone who doesn’t cease his undertaking.  That’s why the precious mineral of the calm gray shade should be worn by those struggling for new knowledge for the sake of mankind.

Since ancient times hematite has served as an indispensable mascot for mages and warlocks.  It was worshiped by almost all nations.  Stones of the gray shade were intermediaries between the worlds of the dead and alive, however, they were more secure compared to the black stones.  The mineral of such a modest color helps to protect from evil spirits, other paranormal stuff and from diseases and misfortunes.

A tourmaline mascot of the cloudy sky color helps the wearer to protect himself from the evil eye and damage.  Unlike other amulets, tourmaline mascots shouldn’t be worn for a long time, because they can provoke obsessions, while a moderate wear will contribute to the attainment of power for new discoveries and reaching the most impossible goals.  Even those who’re used to relying on themselves, such as business sharks when striking a deal, can count on the gem’s assistance.  Gray tourmaline keeps worthless and fruitless ideas out of creative people.  Meanwhile, the mineral contributes to the development and realization of creative potential.

As mentioned above, flint mascot should be worn by all weak-willed people.  However, Pisces, being compliant and spineless by nature should avoid it.  This flint mascot can make representatives of the sign nervous and restless.  Pisces would better purchase another precious talisman and the flint charm should be left for the rest of the signs of the Zodiac.  It will help them in all endeavors.  It will cheer them, bring good luck and ensure patience.

When being worn in the talisman, hornstone helps to change destiny.  Life offers lots of examples of black events: damage, omens – all of this can be done by those who can change the person’s fate against his or her will.  Fortunately, you won’t be vulnerable if you wear a hornstone mascot.  Thus, you’ll protect yourself from those negative influences, including bad luck.

Despite the fact that gray minerals are rare, they’re very strong.  They’re especially effective against evil spirits.  You’ll benefit anyway even if your mascot has a semi-precious stone.  However, precious mascots are more popular with buyers.  There’s an ancient belief that they’re endowed with miraculous powers that can be used only by a man who really deserves it.


grey pearls
Grey Pearls
smoky agate
Smoky Agate
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grey tourmaline
Rare Grey Tourmaline



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