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Green Wealth

In the bowels of the Earth there are tons of precious and semi-precious stones of the green color.  The most famous green stone is emerald.  Other precious minerals of this color include demantoid and tourmaline.  As for semi-precious and souvenir gems of the spring color, we can enumerate malachite, jasper, jade, aventurine, chrysoprase and amazonite.

Occasionally, one can come across green colored cat’s eye, known as chrysoberyl.  Translucent jadeite has a dark green coloration.  Transparent apatite boasts a rich color of the young greenery.  The crystals of dark green sapphire are highly valued.  The recently discovered translucent chromediopside is called Yakut emerald

Stones of Youth and Spring

Natural stones, painted in green, symbolize life, youth and development.  Any transparent or translucent mineral of the dark green color, regardless of its name is associated with feelings and experiences of heart.  Since ancient times these stones have been considered to be the patrons of love relationships and the healers of spiritual wounds.  A stone of the dark green or emerald color generously gives its owner the power of nature and protects him or her from all the misfortunes of life.

Grass colored stones restore the person’s lost emotional as well as psychological balance.  They contribute to the disclosure of the secrets of the world, spiritual and physical growth.  A stone of the green or pale green color will persuade the owner that life goes on and there’s no need to give up and surrender at the first failure.  Green shades are colors of hope and faith in the bright and happy future.

Jewelry with green stones positively affects the cardiovascular system, stabilizes blood pressure and reduces arrhythmia.  A translucent stone of the pale green color will eliminate nervousness, irritability and aggressiveness.  The mineral promotes awareness, improves perception of information and speeds up its processing.

Green Emerald

The most famous green stone is emerald.  This transparent mineral is kind of beryl.  As for its name, it comes from the Greek “smaragdos”, which stands for “a green stone”.  The mineral absorbed all the best qualities of the stones of its color.  The precious stone gives a hope, strengthens the wearer’s faith in his forces, reveals the hidden reserves of the body.

Emerald is a stone of wisdom, understanding and forgiveness.  It helps to get rid of anger, hatred, aggression and limited thinking.   The gemstone stabilizes the internal state, soothes and makes emotions normal.  It’s believed that a mineral of the light green color discloses the secrets as well as conspiracies, protects from schemers and traitors.  Jewelry with emerald develops the intuitive perception of the interlocutor.  This undoubtedly contributes to successful negations and business appointments.


As follows from its name, transparent demantoid is similar to diamond.  This light green stone is the rarest and most expensive version of garnet.  Completely clean minerals are mined in Namibia, while samples with fibrous inclusions are extracted in Russia.  Tiny stones are highly valued by jewelers for their rarity and brilliant shine.  The stone of this color isn’t very known to an ordinary customer, but its popularity is getting more popular.

Dark green garnet develops in their owner healthy ambition, determination, will to win and confidence.  Jewelry with demantoid positively affects mental abilities, develops logic as well as abstract thinking.  The stone helps to overcome vision problems.  It also treats kidney diseases and relives back pain. The mineral favors all undertakings, it protects inventors, reformers and entrepreneurs.  It provides people with eloquence and the ability to persuade and inspire confidence.

Dark Green Malachite

Opaque malachite is the most famous dark green semi-precious mineral.  The origin of its name isn’t clear yet.  There’s a version that this stone was called because of its color, similar to leaves of mallow.  The second variant is the Greek word “malakos”, which stands for “softness”, as malachite is rather a soft mineral.  A huge variety of colors is achieved by multiple options of the stone’s texture.

Malachite helps its owner to stand on his own feet, conquer a decent position in society and climb high up the corporate ladder.  A good man, who wears this opaque stone, gets gratitude for his good deeds from the universe.  Jewelry with malachite attracts the opposite sex’ attention to the wearer and promotes new relationships.

Products with malachite have rather a strong magical energy, that’s why they’re useful for the aura and the inner world of a man.  The stone of the spring greenery color helps to make wise decisions and warns of dangers.  Malachite also stabilizes the function of internal organs and heals old injuries.  The mineral is considered to be a strong antidote.

Translucent Chrysolite

The translucent chrysolite has two names: olivine and peridot.  This golden-green colored stone boasts a breathtaking brilliance.   The mineral strengthens friendship as well as romantic relationships, gives sympathy of others and eliminates conflicts.  Disappointed in life person, who wears olivine, can regain strength and energy to continue life and be happy.

Who Needs Green Stones?

Transparent or translucent mineral of the light green color would be useful to wear for those people who have lost faith in themselves or have lost the taste for life.  The stone returns the person back to life, fills him with energy and power of the Earth.  During the disease, pale green stones give a hope for a rapid recovery.  The recovery period after surgery or injury will be faster and less painful if you have a green stone at hand.

The dark green gemstone has a positive effect on those who are stuck in the past and whom it prevents to live.  Gemstones help to get renewed, leave a bad experience behind and move forward.  The suitable translucent mineral of the young foliage or grass color will fit those who faced an unhappy love affair or lost a loved one.  It fills a void in the heart and prepares for the further valid life.

Astrologers recommend Cancer and Leo to wear a translucent stone of the light or pale green color.  It will give representatives of those signs wisdom, restraint and moderation and desires. Aires, who wear a gemstone of the dark green color, become more organized, motivated and balanced.

Life Mascots

A transparent green emerald crystal protects against infectious diseases, relieves insomnia and nightmares.  The precious mascot with a stone protects on a way, guards against intruders and accidents. It’s believed emerald protects from snake bites or dangerous insects.  The ward saves the negative magic influence, damage, evil eye or love spell.

Jewelry with emerald brings good luck, guarantees the successful completion of any undertaking.  However, these magical properties will only serve honest and noble people.  Thus, the stone cultivates positive qualities in the owner’s character.  The transparent green mineral attracts love and positive emotions to life.  In family relationships, a mascot in the form of emerald brings freshness, it doesn’t let spouses get bored, and helps to keep their romantic feeling.

Demantoid is a strong precious talisman for kids, pregnant women and women in labor.  The transparent stone protects them from injuries, fatalities and diseases.  That’s a mineral of fertility, health and renewal.  It’s believed that jewelry with demantoid takes care of mental health and restores the nervous system.  The green gemstone retains the owner’s youth.

Malachite is considered to be the strongest mascot for kids.  Dark green stones cherish their little owner of injuries, accidents and hazards.  The gemstone needs to be worn on the neck, so it could protect from evil witchcraft as well as magic attacks. A malachite pendant makes a person spiritually strong and steadfast in the struggle against temptations.

The green stone protects from bad influence, deceit and envy. It’s very suitable for people who are always chased by failures.  Malachite prevents depression, nervous breakdowns and attacks of despondency. The mineral helps to fight loneliness, keeps romance in relationships, attracts love and friendship.

Olivine protects the house from theft and fire.  The stone will be very useful to anyone who activity is connected with money: bankers, cashiers and accountants.  The transparent green gemstone protects reckless behavior and excessive emotionality, it also increases resistance to stress.  Jewelry with peridot relieve headaches; enhance immunity and the overall resistance of the body.


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