Charoite: origin and properties

charoite stoneCharoite is probably the rarest and most exotic gemstone on our planet.  Its coloration may be light brown, purple, lilac and lavender, while shades vary from dark to pale violet.  This heterogeneous coloration is caused by certain impurities including barium sulfate and manganese aluminum oxide.

The gem’s name descends from the Siberian river Chara. Charoite deposits were discovered exactly in this area  in 1970 .  Charoite rock approximately occupies up to 10 square kilometers there.  The age of this rock is more than 100 million years.  By the way, other deposits of this gemstone haven’t been found on the planet yet.

Variety and color

Stones with purple hues are quite rare.  Charoite is one of them.  It’s also the only mineral with natural figured pattern.  It’s hard to remain indifferent when looking at this intricate weave of wonderful patterns which resemble a flowing lilac silk.

Under the instruction of the Pope John Paul II for his sarcophagus a gravestone made of charoit of lilacky color with delightful nacreous outflow was acquired.

The most popular charoite samples are uniformly lilac colored with a clear pearl shimmer with radiant texture.  These samples are considered to be a high-quality jewelry raw material as they contain a limited amount of impurities.  Respectively, their cost is much higher.

However, the most common charoite samples are non-uniformly painted ones.  In particular this group includes stones with mottled texture radiant, radiant samples with black aegerine, golden tinaksita and a variety of spots of dark green feldspar.

Due to its unique coloration, charoite gained a title “Siberian lavender miracle”.

Processing and the use of stone

Charoite is a decorative gemstone.  It’s used as an insert in fine jewelry (necklaces, rings, earrings,etc ) and for the manufacture of decorative elements and massive souvenirs (jewelry boxes, watches, vases and statuettes).

charoite ring

Despite of the relative ease of processing and elegant appearance, the given gemstone isn’t widely used in the world.  That’s mainly because of its limited production.  The government of the Republic of Sakha-Yakutia set a limit on production of charoite of 100 tons per year.  Thus, the government hopes to prevent the rapid depletion of this single deposit in the world.

Charoite products and prices

The limited output of the gemstone has increased its price.  For instance, for the last ten years, the cost of charoite products in US dollars increased by 5 times.

Currently the price of one kilogram of the mineral ranges from 20 to 125 US dollars, while the cost of the massive souvenir may reach up to 10 thousand dollars.

Charoite: magic and healing properties

Curative properties

Purple charoite has rather a calming impact on the human psyche and nervous system.  Long contemplation of the gemstone helps to get rid of psychological problems, ensures general relaxation of the body, provides tranquilly and confidence.  Therefore, it’s highly recommended for people suffering from mental disorders to wear charoite products.  Additionally, products made of this gemstone are capable of relieving mental stress and improving memory.  Charoite positively affects the internal organs: kidneys, liver, heart.  It also normalizes blood pressure, cures ailments of the genitourinary system.  Charoite relieves pain when applied to the affected area.

charoite bracelet

It’s believed charoite can slow aging.  It will be useful when it comes to massaging acupuncture points which affect the overall condition of the human body.  Laying charoite beads on the head of a person facing headache or concussion would be useful.

Magical properties

Exactly the gem’s purple color determines its magical properties.  The gem symbolizes wisdom and harmony.  That’s why it’s called “Philosopher’s Stone”.  It’s appreciated by those prone to a calm and measured life.  The gemstone protects the owner’s soul from negative influences and helps to feel herself or himself a part of the world.  It greatly contributes to the development of reasonableness, endurance and intuition.

charoite earings

Apart from that, charoite ensures harmony in a relationship with anyone you love.  Charoite is a good guardian of the family hearth.  It’s also believed that the owner of the gemstone will never be alone.

Charoite promotes creative self-realization.  Therefore, this gemstone would be a perfect gift for creative personalities.

Charoite and astrology

Representatives of any Zodiac sign can wear charoite.  Nevertheless, this gemstone is for Libra and Venus.  Charoite calms down its wearer and protects him or her from negative thoughts of other people.  That’s why it’s an ideal gemstone for those who are used to working under pressure.


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