Blue Stones

Semi-precious and precious stones of the blue color are rarely found in nature, that’s why they’re highly valued in the jewelry world.  As natural blue minerals are very rare, the desired heavenly hue is obtained by means of chemical and thermal processing.  Gemstones retain their name, but their properties somewhat change.

The best-known precious minerals of the natural blue color are sapphire, zircon, tourmaline and spinel.  Semi-precious stones of this color include iolite, lazurite and tanzanite.  Blue jasper with sky-blue or gray inclusions and blue-azure turquoise are mined in the Urals.  Many precious or semi-precious stones have colors, which oscillate between blue and azure.

Aquamarine crystals of the blue color are considered to be quite unique.  The Brazilian blue stone, also known as Beryl Mashesh, is supposed to be collectable.  It can change its color under the influence of sunlight.  True blue beryl, which preserves its color under any circumstances, has recently started to be mined in the north of Canada.

The Reflection of the Sea and Sky

A blue stone is associated with two extremely important elements: Water and Air.  So, precious minerals of this color have combined mighty forces of all the oceans and the vault of heaven.  First of all, blue stones affect the psychological state of their owner.  They can soothe and take out of the stress state.  Gemstones of the blue-azure color help to cope with psychological traumas, overcome negative emotions and cheer up.

Jewelry, which contains any blue stone, positively affects the creative talent of any man.  The mineral helps to make ideas come true and achieve recognition of the public and critics.  Semi-precious stones of the indigo color activate intuition and enhance psychic abilities.   Gemstones not only awaken the hidden human capabilities, but guide them in the proper direction.  A blue stone allows its wearer to see the true nature of things without wasting his or her time on trifles.

Blue minerals are strong antiseptics.  They cleanse not only the body, but also the soul.  In many spiritual practices a blue stone is used to release the mind from the external noise, bring thoughts in order and concentrate.  Representatives of many religions recognize that stones of the heavenly color ensure spiritual enlightenment and inspiration.

Blue Sapphire

In mineralogy, transparent blue corundum is called sapphire.  This rare stone enables its owner to rise above everyday routine, tower above other people due to the strong development of moral and spiritual qualities.  In ancient times, blue sapphire was considered to be a symbol of mentoring and education, the attribute of power over hearts and souls.  The mineral ensures promotion, helping to win the favor of management.

Blue sapphire tames negative emotions, calms anger and aggression.  It’s believed that the stone donated to the newly-married couple will keep their love and happiness for many years.  The mineral brings the attention of the opposite sex and affection of others.  Jewelry with blue sapphire ensures insights, improves memory and logical thinking.

Blue sapphire help to get rid of fears and phobias, unveil oratorical skills in the wearer.  The stone protects from enemies and envious people.  At the same time, the gem eliminates envy, anger, hate, which live in the heart of its owner.  Blue sapphire gives a clear conscience, composure and wisdom in making decisions.  It also gives kindness and humility to deal with other people.

Blue Tourmaline

Blue tourmaline crystals are called indicolite.  The stone influences the emotional sphere, thus returning to the owner the inner harmony, organizing thoughts and feelings.  The mineral helps to express their thoughts in words, so it’s helpful for speakers, lecturers and writers to wear this stone.  Indicolite develops vocal skills, enhances voices and improves an ear for music.

The Stone Iolite

Blue cordierite with the glass shine is called iolite.  In the jewelry business, this stone is considered to be a less expensive substitute of sapphire.  Stones can be both transparent and opaque.  The mineral increases insight, boosts intuition as well as psychic skills.  Crystals of iolite enhance human responsibility, set him or her free from bad habits and stabilize the internal state.

Iolite has rather a positive impact on the quality of sleep, deprives of depression and anxiety.  It’s used to treat neuroses and prevent panic attacks.  This blue stone keeps peace and love in the family, eliminates quarrels and misunderstandings.  It teaches the owner how to properly spend money and soberly evaluate his abilities.  Thanks to this stone, the owner of it always enjoys well-being and financial independence.

Blue Stones: Whom Will They Help?

Any precious or semi-precious stone of the blue color positively affect the spiritual and moral qualities of the owner.  Therefore, those who lost their way and key life landmarks should wear jewelry with these stones.  Minerals of the blue-azure coloration will help to cope with bad habits and give faith in a better life.  These gemstones fight depressed mood, hypochondriasis, stresses and negative emotions.

Precious stones of the blue color would better be carried by those whose work is closely connected with the risk of infectious disease, trauma or stress.  Dark blue minerals have a positive impact on postoperative patients, they helps to recover and heal wounds.  A blue stone offers beneficial effects for the human psyche, thus preventing disruption and crises.

Astrologers recommend representatives of Water and Air signs to wear precious and semi-precious stones of blue tones.  Libra, Aquarius and Gemini, who wear blue stones, become more thoughtful and solid.  As for Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, these stones help them to relive stress and calm down.

The Heavenly Force of the Mascot

The second name of blue sapphire is royal.  The stone keeps magical powers of heaven, which make the wearer successful in the chosen activity.  The precious mascot with the blue mineral helps the owner to overcome setbacks and take control of his own fate. Another name of blue sapphire is a “monastic stone”.  Its wearer needs to meet certain moral terms, and only on this condition, the stone ensures spiritual growth and purification.

Blue sapphire is considered to be the talisman of all travelers.  When taken for a journey, the stone will protect from troubles and guard against enemies and emergencies.  For students sapphire will become a true assistant in their learning process, as it increases the desire for knowledge and clears the mind from extraneous thoughts.  The mascot with this mineral will help to make the most cherished dreams come true.

Indicolite ensures successful acquaintances, helps to gain the attention of the opposite sex, so the stone is considered to be a powerful love mascot.  This blue stone keeps high feelings, not letting them get bogged in everyday routine.  Jewelry with indicolite helps to maintain relationship between lovers who live apart.

Tourmaline carries the internal heat in itself and you can feel it if you slightly rub the stone.  The positive energy emitted by the stone positively affects the function of internal organs, in particular the immune and respiratory systems.  The mascot with the mineral fills the house with rest and peace.  The stone can treat diseases of the upper respiratory tract.  For this purpose, the person needs to wear a necklace with this stone.


blue tourmaline
Blue Tourmaline
iolite stone
Iolite Stone
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lapis lazuli
Lapis Lazuli
Blue Spinel
Blue Spinel

Indicolite Stone
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