Black Classics in Jewelry

Since ancient times semi-precious and precious stones of the black color have attracted attention for their unusual appearance.   Among the most famous minerals, one normally mentions opal, sapphire and onyx.  Jewelers appreciate a shiny black sapphire crystal with the effect of asterism.  It’s a so-called visualization of the image of a star on the stone in light.  Tourmaline and noble spinel may sometimes be raven colored.

Semi-precious jade and black agates are discovered much rarer.  Diamonds definitely lead in popularity and exclusivity among minerals with the dark coloration.  Natural black pearls are considered a real rarity, therefore jewelry with it are highly valued.  When picking up jewelry products, one should beware of artificial or painted pearls.  A coal-black semi-precious obsidian is widely used.

Stones, Which Give Strength

Dark colors embody aristocracy, refinement, sophistication and traditionalism.  These qualities can be found in black stones.  They contain the entire color spectrum, so these gemstones combine magical as well a healing properties typical to the stones of other hues.

Black precious minerals are the source of Earth’s forces, the embodiment of its energy.  The stones make their owner active, brave and confident.  They support a weak person and restrain a strong one.  The black stone balances thoughts, emotions and life.  It’s often utilized in meditation as well as spiritual ceremonies, because the black color helps to reject vanity and feel the thoughts of the high.

Black spinel boasts the name “noble” and it’s highly regarded by jewelry lovers.  This transparent shiny mineral gives happiness in love and family love.  A poet or artist will obtain inspiration from this gem.  The stone tends to reflect and enhance all the owner’s qualities.  However, one should avoid wearing the stone all the time, as it may seriously aggravate the character flaws.

Tourmaline of the black color is called “schorl”.  It’s considered to be a stone of witches and magicians due to its amazing ability to reflect the strongest magical attacks.  The precious mineral positively affects human consciousness, it improves memory and clarifies the mind.  During mediation, the stone influences the major chakra and forms a neutral aura.  It neutralizes any negativity directed on its owner.

The volcanic glass of the black color is known as obsidian.  The mineral carries a strong magical energy, so it would better be worn by strong personalities, skeptics and cynics.  On a flabby person, the stone will most likely have an oppressive impact.  Obsidian helps to develop intuition and prophecy.  Items made of this mineral are often utilized in séances.

Onyx received its name from the Greek word “onyx”, which stands for “nail”.  This shiny black chalcedony is often decorated with horizontal stripes – a sort of braid of the white, brown, red of yellow color.  Pure onyx is discovered much rarer.  The stone is capable of reflecting negative energy and accumulating positive.  In moments of great physical and mental stress, onyx shares its strength with the owner.

Who Needs Black Minerals?

A precious mineral of the black color will definitely impress a solid man, occupying an important position or guiding many people.  A strong man can wear black stones quite often.  As for hypochondriac or too modest people, they should wear them a few times a month.

Black stones can deprive their wearers of the negative or excessive energy health disorders.  Therefore,  should be cleaned regularly under running water and provided with rest in a dark place.  Black minerals most noticeably affect the nervous system and mentality.  They easily stop the storm reigning in the soul, calm our mind and senses.  Therefore, a black stone should be worn by those, who face emotional as well as psychological problems.

Astrologers advise representatives of the strong Zodiac signs to wear jewelry with black stones.  These minerals will help Aries, Scorpio and Leo to curb their feelings, distribute energy and direct it in the right direction.  Libra should have a black mineral for greater determination and courage.  Cancer and Aquarius should wear transparent dark stones, which could share their strength with them in difficult situations.

Mascots With Black Gems

A precious gem of the black color is a powerful amulet.  Its action is directed at physical protection of a person from diseases, injuries and accidents.  The power of the stone can repel the hostile magic attack, protect from the evil eye or damage.  Jewelry with black minerals or items made of them protect from any physical impact.

Jet also dubbed “black amber” boasts an ability to avert dangers from its active and courageous owner-traveler. As a mascot, it’s useful to be worn by pregnant women.   The stone helps to endure pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby.  Jet tames excessive excitement, sense of adventure and curiosity.

Onyx, used as a mascot will promote a rapid advancement and growth because it appreciates power and self-motivated people.  The given gemstone helps to acquire credibility and love of the team. It also draws the audience’s attention and helps to control huge crowds. Onyx guards against rivals’ dirty deeds and multiplies the number of associates.

It’s very useful for anyone to wear onyx for the development of business as well as capital accumulation.  The mineral enhances entrepreneurial skills, activates business acumen and develops eloquence.  Therefore, jewelry with it would be a perfect gift for a businessman.  The gem will attract good fortune and luck on his side.  The stone gets rid of excessive energy, thus helping to avert stresses and conflicts.

Obsidian protects its owner not only from external enemies but also from inner demons.  Those prone to various vices should carry this stuff.  The stone clears aggression, replaces laziness with activity and apathy with hard work.  Any vessel of obsidian charges water with positive energy, which keeps from evil magic and own evil deeds.

Lithotherapists consider shorl one of the most powerful talismans.  The stone is able to protect from deadly dangers of the road.  It also warns against fatal mistakes and prevents accidents.  Shorl crystals keep accumulating the whole power of the Earth, so impaired people would better wear this mineral.  It helps to restore health, heals wounds and reduces pain.

Noble spinel of the black color has a second name – picotite.  It positively affects the work of many internal organs.   It has been already proved that picotite beneficially influences the skin, hair and the overall appearance.   The gemstone will be a good mascot for a woman.  It will take care of her beauty and attract men’s attention.  The mineral activates creative impulses and promotes spiritual development.


black opal
Black Opal
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Black Sapphire
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Black Onyx Bracelet
obsidian birthstone for sagittarius men
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Black Agate
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Black Tourmaline
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Black Spinel

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Black Pearl
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