Imperial Stone Aventurine

 Aventurine gem – is one of the many varieties of quartz. The stone is quite rare and can be painted in different colors. The most common is yellow and green aventurine; more rare species is a blood-red, black and blue. A distinctive feature of the stone on which it is easy to distinguish from other quartzite is a golden shine. This is because the small pores are filled with mineral mica, iron or hematite.

Aventurine is particularly revered in China, where it is called the stone of the emperors. The main deposits of gem are in Brazil, India, Chile and Australia. Golden mineral is mined in Colorado (USA). In Europe, its production is carried out in Austria, Spain, Norway and the Urals(Russia). Aventurine deposits formed under the influence of high temperature and high pressure of the crust in the sandy and clay soils.

Variety and Color

Aventurines are classified not only by the color but also by the surface texture. There is a division on a geographic basis, depending on the area of quarrying. The best known is Indian jade (green) and Taganay (Southern Urals). Depending on the color of the stone they distinguish these types of the stone:

  • Brown is dense stone with a monochromatic color, sometimes there is a red tint.
  • Honey color is the most bright and shiny with a porous surface.
  • Cherry color is shimmering translucent mineral with a pronounced golden luster.
  • Pink color is dense species with small pores and slight shine.
  • Red and white color is ornamental species of aventurine with a pattern of cherry colored spots and stripes on a white background.
  • Green aventurine is a durable stone with a high density, uniformly colored.
  • Banded stone has a pattern in the form of chaotic golden stripes on a light background.
  • Blue is a stone like a mini-version of the universe: in a dark blue space sparks scattered millions of stars.

Aventurine is often counterfeited, giving it Goldstone. It’s easy to distinguish a fake: natural stone are not peculiar to such a high gloss and bright colors. Fake mineral looks more colorful, has an intense color, numerous shiny blotches arranged randomly, and a perfectly smooth surface without defects.

Talisman of Good Luck and Wealth

Strong magical properties of aventurine have been seen by people in the Middle Ages. This stone is for those who needs good luck and fortune. The mineral has a positive energy that brings success and prosperity. It encourages its owner to action, making him more active, enterprising and persevering. Decorating with the stone or a product of it is recommended to strengthen the leadership qualities.

Positive properties of aventurine complement its ability to awaken intuition and hidden talents. Talisman with this stone encourages muse to all people of creative professions. Aventurine brings recognition and fame, helps to overcome the crisis of the genre and better express their thoughts and feelings on canvas or paper.

Green Aventurine Meaning and Properties

Green aventurine is the most often presented as a talisman of card players and cheaters. The reason for this misbelief is the name of the stone. In fact, the green mineral with a slight golden lustre protects lovers. It protects the senses from external influence, protects against separation and helps to keep the passion for many years. Green aventurine promotes a peaceful and prosperous family life.

Magical properties, which have a golden-green stone, protect from damage, evil eyes, hatred and envy.

It is useful to hang decoration with stone on cots. Green amulet will protect a baby from diseases and afflictions. Especially emerald aventurine is suitable for blond people.

Blue Aventurine Meaning and Properties

Blue aventurine has the strongest protective properties. Stone protects against the dangers of the road, protects military stores and people of other hazardous occupations. Blue stone helps to concentrate, improves alertness and sensitivity. Gemstone has a positive effect on the psyche of his master, soothes and relieves the negative. Jewelry with aventurine can help to forget negative experiences and face the future.

Black Aventurine Meaning and Properties

Black aventurine is the most mysterious representative of this type of quartzite. It helps to establish a connection with the cosmos and the subconscious. Therefore, it is useful to carry it during meditation or finding answers to complex life questions. The stone helps you find your calling and implement chosen field.

Aventurine Healing and Magic Properties:

Medicinal properties of aventurine manifested in the ability to cleanse the body and stimulate the metabolism. The stone stabilizes the circulatory system, preventing blood clots, relieves the inflammation and reduce pain for injuries. Lithotherapists advise to apply aventurine for the relief of pain in migraine. Magical powers of aventurine have beneficial effect on children’s growth and physical development. Therefore, the stone is a good talisman for kids. This mineral charges adults with energy and vivacity. To remove eye fatigue, you need a few minutes to look at the blue aventurine. Its rich color has a positive effect on visual acuity.

Medicinal properties possessed by black aventurine, have long been used to treat a variety of back problems, ligaments and bone system. Massage balls made ​​from this material are used in modern oriental massage techniques. They relax the muscles, strengthen the joints and relieve tension.

Black aventurine by their healing properties – improves the skin, so it is employed during stone therapy sessions.

Astrologer’s advice

Magical properties of aventurine make it a good talisman for representatives of the zodiac signs as Taurus, Virgo and Cancer. Any earth sign responds positively to the stone. It gives Virgo tenderness, advertence and develops sensitivity. This zodiac sign often neglects fate tips, so decoration with aventurine is a good source of advice in difficult times.

Sign Taurus is sometimes characterized by excessive everydayness, so it is useful wearing blue aventurine by its representatives to become more dreamy and sublime. The stone has a positive effect on the privacy of Taurus, bringing to it the romance and novelty. Astrologers say that the sign of the Zodiac can fearlessly wear jewelry with aventurine several times a month. Then their energy flows are not opposed to each other.

Any Fire sign of the zodiac will respond negatively to wearing aventurine. It brings grief and financial difficulties to Arieses, Leos and Sagittarians. The stone sharpens their tendency to cynicism and fatalism. Aventurine strengthens the manifestation of emotions, often makes a person wearing the sign of Fire to be hysterical and feisty. Capricorn should wear the mineral cautiously because it is a Mars sign.

People wearing any sign of Water react to aventurine neutrally. Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces, along with the stone will gain energy and perseverance, which they sometimes lack. Pisces as a weak sign need goldstone to strengthen their positive traits of character.














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