Aquamarine Stone: Meaning and Properties


What is Aquamarine?

Pale blue, clear aquamarine is a family member of beryl. A scientist from Belgium Beotius de Boot gave the name of the stone in 1609, as adopted it for solidified drop of seawater.

Ancient people believed that aquamarine was a jewel of mermaids, and it got on the land from their treasuries.

The Sumerians, Egyptians and Jews revered this gem as a symbol of happiness and eternal youth. Beads of aquamarine were found during excavations of ancient Egyptian tombs. It enjoyed a fairly high esteem in the East as seers and mystics assistant. It was believed that the gem gave its owner the spiritual purity, and in addition, encouraged gentle nature and personality. This crystal is a symbol of peace.

The Romans believed in magical aquamarine properties to save young love. It was a traditional gift from the bride and groom after the ceremony of marriage to the stone took away passion and replaced it with love and fidelity. It was believed that the ritual would help to maintain spouses’ feelings for life. This may explain why, in the Middle Ages, stone was used for awakening the faded senses in married couples.

Also in ancient Rome there were gods Triton and Neptune depicted at aquamarine to create amulets for protection from the storm. People believed that such a talisman could even cause a storm to subside.

Royal persons’ crowns and holiday decorations were adorned with aquamarine in different countries.

Variety and Colors

Aquamarine crystals are surprisingly transparent. This stone really looks like petrified water. Most aquamarines are greenish-blue color. But there are gems and gold and yellow-green tones. Color saturation can be very different up to very dark shades of sea waves.

aquamarine species

This gemstone is mined mainly in Brazil, Ukraine and India. But there are fields in Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia, Pakistan, Russia and Mozambique. Aquamarines are divided into grades. Marambaia, Santa Maria, Fortaleza and Espirito Santo are considered the most beautiful of them.

Value of aquamarine stones is usually more than topaz. A unique property of aquamarine is the inability to forge its quality. However, sometimes it can give for aquamarine quartz, topaz or synthetic spinel. In the latter case, to recognize a fake is simple: synthetic spinel, unlike natural aquamarine, will not change its color from different angles. In addition, any synthetic spinel is peculiar small inclusions in the form of frozen air bubbles, which can be seen at high magnification.

How much does aquamarine cost?

Many people would like to know the actual cost of aquamarine. When talking about aquamarine gemstone value, we normally mean aquamarine value per carat.  One can purchase aquamarine for $ 30 per carat and it applies for tiny and almost white samples.  An average cost of this gemstone is $ 60 per carat for relatively large gems of commercial quality.  A 20-carat sample with a decent color can’t be cheaper than $ 250 per carat.

aquamarine value

Large 10-carat or more saturated blue color samples are in popular demand in the jewelry market and the price will fluctuate within the range of several hundred dollars.  Samples of dim green color are more affordable for an average consumer, as they cost just a couple of tens of dollars.

Moreover, inclusions coming with samples often determine the final price of aquamarine.  If your gem is ideally smooth and even, without any asymmetrical indentation, then most likely it’s simulated aquamarine – synthetic or artificial aquamarine.  In the worst case you may be the owner of a well-polished glass “gem”.  On the contrary, natural inclusions stand for individuality and authenticity of the gemstone.

Magical Properties

It is believed that aquamarines have the ability to change their color depending on the wearer’s mood and the weather. When the weather is rainy outside and the owner is nervous the stone is green. If a day is fine and the owner of the stone is well it turns blue. When the owner of the stone feels grief or sadness, the crystal becomes cloudy.

Aquamarine can protect against gossip. It rewards its owner courage and warns when he lied. It is believed that if the stone to hear a lie – it becomes cloudy. It is believed that if the stone hears a lie – it becomes cloudy.

aquamarine gem crystal

Aquamarine crystals are used in magic for divination and searching for missing things.

In the Middle Ages, this stone was worn by those who were afraid of being poisoned. It was believed that aquamarine was able to save a man from the poison.

Associated with the throat chakra, aquamarine helps to overcome the fear of speaking and is an excellent stone for teachers and lecturers. Crystal awakens in a man the gift of eloquence. And it allows the owner to express his thoughts in conflict situations clearly and without anger.

This stone accelerates thought and increases the reaction rate. The mineral develops imagination and creativity; also it helps a person to stick to his own point of view.

Aquamarine stone is a sign of natural justice and truth. It is used to search for compromise in negotiations. It gives a person courage and strong self-confidence, also helps to find the right words in confrontational situations.

Aquamarine is advised to put on any letter of complaint to you or to wear when you called the school principal because of your child’s bad behavior. This gem will help to resolve an arisen situation the best way for everyone. It will be useful mascot and in litigation. The stone will bring the particular benefit if the claims that you expressed are unfounded.

Crystal protects those who travel by sea. The sailors wore aquamarine rings in sailing to be saved from gales and storms. It reduces the fear of water and protects those who are involved in any long journey since facilitates manifestation of seasickness. This is a good stone for those who want to learn how to swim.

Being in love the crystal helps to return the departed lover and reconcile quarreling. The gem enables to get on and build a harmonious relationship to people with different interests and views on life, and reduces the potential for conflict due to acute issues of each partner. A ring with aquamarine is offered as a sign of love or loyalty, and helps to maintain those promises. Even distance can’t weaken the sense of people wearing aquamarine. Therefore, loving people who had separate exchanged them in the old days.

Aquamarine is an excellent crystal for meditation and awakening of paranormal abilities. It promotes concentration and allows you not to be distracted by extraneous noises and thought. The gem can cause revelation and prophetic vision. Some sources claim that a person is able to see his guardian angel through the crystal aquamarine, when it points to the north.

In ancient times people believed the stone was able to comprehend all mysteries. Therefore dishonest people couldn’t wear aquamarine. It was believed that in this case, sooner or later, everyone would know about their lies.

To enhance the magical properties of the stone it is carved image of lizards or frogs on it. This amulet can even make the laziest person to be a very hard working.

This crystal must be periodically dipped into a container with sea water or rinse under running. It will strengthen its magical properties.

Long wearing aquamarine is not recommended. There is a danger of falling into melancholy and spleen, and be at the mercy of illusions. Such properties vividly appear in stones with a greenish tint. But on the other hand, stones of this color are the best defenders of the damage and the evil eye.

Paler and more transparent than the color of aquamarine, the more it is safe for the owner. In addition, these crystals are the best guard against unnecessary and cumbersome connections and relationships.

Healing Properties

Romans used aquamarine to treat diseases of the stomach and believed that it could cure diseases of the liver and throat.

Aquamarine is closely related to the respiratory system. He can heal the sinuses, relieve cough and is effective in hay fever and other chronic allergies. Furthermore, it cures bronchitis and the common cold.

This stone is useful for sore throat and high temperature. In addition, it normalizes the function of the thyroid gland and controls the production of hormones.

Aquamarine crystals are used for healing of inflammatory diseases of all species soothe eczema, urticaria and psoriasis. They can help to prevent herpes outbreaks. Some skin diseases caused by allergies can be cured by aquamarine. Also it is used as an additional therapeutic tool for treatment of herpes zoster.

Eye fatigue and some vision problems are eliminated easily if you put aquamarine on your eyelids for 20 minutes every night. Located on the solar plexus, the crystal will relieve cramps.

Aquamarine, pounded into powder, was used to get rid of eyesores. Tartar was removed with this powder and it was sprinkled with old wounds to accelerate healing.

Because the stone is associated with the element of water, it is not surprising that he is credited with properties to regulate the exchange of body fluids. In the old days aquamarines were used to treat varicose veins.

Green aquamarine can protect against heart disease.

Crystal  and Astrology

Aquamarine is associated with many signs of the zodiac.

Astrologers consider it a Scorpio talisman. Quite often this sign is lacking in the ability to react sensibly in conflict situations and do not go on about his own emotions. Aquamarine can help Scorpios to cope with this aspect of the character and make them less anger. However, on the other hand, aquamarine can make Scorpions speak only the truth, and this can result in serious trouble for this zodiac sign.

In addition, this crystal is suitable for Pisces and Aquarius, because it is close to the element of water.

Aquamarine helps Aquarius in friendship and love.

It shows the ability to increase awareness for Pisces. In addition, the crystal can mitigate the negative traits of the sign and enhance the positive qualities of Pisces. Aquamarine helps Pisces do not spend themselves without reserve for others, especially if people use maliciously kindness of the sign.

It is also a stone for Taurus, due to the fact that aquamarine (like all the beryl family) has a hexagonal crystal form, and six is the number of characters belonging to Venus.

It is believed that the mineral stone helps to restore the internal contradictions inherent in the sign of Gemini.

Aquamarine is suitable as a mascot for Libra, warning him of the danger. This gem will keep representatives of the sign of frequent mood swings.


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