Apatite, Aragonite, Belomorite, Benitoite, Buranit Stones: Description and Properties


apatite crystalThe unusual mineral has an amazing property “masked” by other precious and semi-precious gems. Rather, it is due to this property, it got its name apatite, which is translated from the Greek as “deceiving”. Although not quite a pleasant name, the stone is considered to be very useful in fact is composed of phosphorus.

Colouring of apatite mineral is yellow, blue, green, yellow-green, purple, white, etc. Small transparent crystals or options with coloring “cat’s eye” are pretty rare.

Apatite crystal has been used for a long time in alternative medicine. It is believed that the mineral gives good effect on throat and helps in treatment of thyroid diseases. Jewelries with apatite are recommended for all who suffer from nervous attacks, sudden hysteria and panic attacks. It helps to stabilize and relieve an owner from excessive excitability.

Apatite gemstone becomes for its owner a kind of talisman against many diseases. It does not only improve the physical condition, but also brings harmony in the mental attitude. Stone does everything to protect the owner from the troubles and troubles. Some people believe that when approaching danger decoration with apatite begin to “claim” about itself in the form of itching or tingling.

In zodiac terms apatite is ideal for Leo, Aries and Sagittarius. It can be worn and by other signs, except for Pisces because stone acts negatively on them.


aragonite crystalDelicate mineral aragonite crystal can have purple, white or light green range. There are examples of blue and even black. The stone was named after the Spanish Aragonia, where it was found.

Lithotherapists use the unusual mineral mostly for treatment of reproductive system. It is believed that aragonite can cure impotence or frigidity and increase sexual activity of its owner. Aragonite stone is used for control men and women’s venereal diseases or inflammatory genital organs. In addition to these functions, aragonite cope with insomnia, it helps reduce fatigue, stress, eliminates the effects of long hard work or stress.

Delicate stone brings home comfort and warmth. It tries to instill an atmosphere of friendliness and comfort. Aragonite can rightly be considered a family stone. In any problems of family relationships it is recommend bringing home a thing of aragonite mineral. It will not only eliminate a conflict arose suddenly, but will remember all the long-forgotten warm and strong feelings. Stone helps in raising children and also becomes a conciliation thing for mother in law and daughter in law.

Astrologers say about zodiacal versatility of this mineral. The only one “but”: only married women or married men can wear aragonite.

Belomorite – Moonstone

belomorite moonstoneDelicate stone with unusual coloring was found in North Karelia, where it got its name – belomorite in honor of the White Sea (Beloe More in russian transcription). Considering the beauty of this gem, slowly turning it in different directions, we can enjoy the multi-colored tints. Glare can be blue-gray, blue-blue and pale purple color range.

Belomorite gem is not very popular in folk medicine. It is difficult to talk about its pronounced medicinal properties.

The only thing you can say with certainty – the mineral disciplines much its owner during the treatment process, it helps him keep to the schedule of medication and monitors conscientiousness of implementation of medical prescriptions.

It is believed that belomorite can predict the occurrence of diseases. It pushes the holder to do preventive vaccination or engage in recreational gymnastics to prevent a particular disease.

Belomorite mineral causes its owner desire for order, induces him to put things in order in the house and office, and in his thoughts and mind. It gives the necessary order in his personal life. Gem is suitable for almost all signs of the zodiac. Only Leos and Gemini should avoid belomorite.


benitoite mineralBenitoite has got its name in honor of the California area of San Benito, where it was found in 1906. At first it was confused with sapphire, for the reason it was sold as that gem for a long time. Today benitoite is an independent mineral and is the official stone of the State of California. You can find minerals with dark blue and light blue colors.

Lithotherapists say that benitoite can control the psyche of its owner. It is widely used for the treatment of nervous diseases, hysteria, seizures and excessive irritability. In addition to the nervous system, the mineral can treat gallbladder, stomach, thyroid and bowel.

Benitoite has a wide range of magical properties. It adds charm to its owner, thereby enabling to reach the top of his career. Mineral helps and in personal life.

Stone will help find quickly a soul mate even the most despairing bachelor.

In zodiac terms benitoite is suitable for Leos, Aries and Sagittarius.


buranit earringToday buranit is offered actively to modern buyer as a green amber. In fact it is only the artificially created “melting” amber. It consists of different pitches with five per cent of the amber content. With the latest technology, burani really looks very bright and elegant.

There stone appeared in the homeland of genuine amber – in the Kenigsberg (now Kaliningrad) . In contrast to the natural gem, burani doesn’t lose its saturated color over time and serves much longer. You should not assume that green amber does not exist in nature. This stone comes to researchers but infrequently. It represents conventional amber with frozen samples of green plants. If we compare the natural green stone and created artificially burani, the genuine mineral will be much dimmer.

It is very difficult to talk about some magical or medicinal properties of the material burani, because it should be remembered about the nature of its origin. But in any case, it will give grace and charm to your image and will be a wonderful part of your jewelry collection.



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