Amazonite – Stone With a Mysterious History

Amazonite – one of the most mysterious minerals known to mankind. Its energy is as powerful and invincible, as the waters of the Amazon River, after which it is named, and as strong as the legendary tribe of female warriors, which was associated with that stone. However, scientists still haven’t identified, how this mineral appeared, what gives it such a coloring and where actually its name came.

A Bit of History

In the beginning everything was seemed simple: amazonite was discovered in South America in the XVIII century and got its name from the Amazon River. But soon it became clear that the gem has been known to Europeans before Columbus sailed to India. In addition, there still have not been found a single field of amazonite in the area of ​​the river. However, this fact did not prevent the local Indian tribes to wear jewelry with this gem. Again a mystery?

Amazonite jewelries were found during the excavation of ancient burial mounds in the area where supposedly lived a tribe of Amazons. And according to the legend, their leader Hippolyta wore a belt of that green stone.

Everything became more confusing when silver jewelries with this gem were found in Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s tomb. Amazonite mines were found in Egypt and Ethiopia. But scientists still have not managed to find out what the name this stone wore anciently. We only know that an entire chapter of the ancient Egyptian “Book of the Dead” was engraved on the tablets of this mineral.

Variety and Color

Amazonite is a blue-green variety of microcline, a mineral belonging to the feldspars. There are frequent white inclusions of albite in the stone which gives it a mesh pattern. Amazonite isn’t almost rayed in the sun. Unpolished stone has a semi-gloss sheen. Treated mineral has a glassy or waxy luster.

Stone color can vary from pale green and turquoise to grayish-yellow with green inclusions. Previously it was thought that the blue-green hue of the gem caused by copper compounds, although scientists found in the 1980s that it occurred due to the presence of small amounts of lead mineral and water. In addition, it still has not been found exactly what impurities and in what quantities cause an uneven color of amazonite.

The most valuable are the stones of saturated shades of green or blue with a uniform color.

The most advantageous looks amazonite with natural daylight between sunrise and sunset. Therefore jewelries made of it are perfect for everyday wear, especially in the summer.

Amazonite is found only in a few places in the world. For a number of years, Russian Ilmen Mountains were considered the only mine of that stone. But after other mines were opened in the United States (Colorado and Virginia), Madagascar, Australia and Brazil.

Despite the fact that amazonite is a rare stone it is still considered a very affordable gem.

Magical Properties

Magical properties of amazonite are in attracting good luck. This is a good stone for gamblers, competitions. It ensures success in any financial company.

The stone to show these properties, it should be made a special amulet of it. You need to add three amazonites, a small amount of basil and mint in a small bag. Leave it in front of a candle of turquoise color until it burns.

Energy of amazonite is so powerful that even if the stone is just being in the house, it can affect all the people living in it. That is, in order to experience the magical effect of the mineral, it is not even necessary to wear it.

This stone is a sign of strength and courage. But the power of the mineral is reasonable and creative. Amazonite is very useful to people wear who share the world only on the black and white parts. The stone will add them a variability of thinking and a more relaxed attitude towards others.

Amazonite is a stone of balance and tranquility. It protects a wearer from rash decisions, reckless behavior, self-confidence and pride.

Traditionally, this stone is associated with the strengthening of family and relationships at home. For example, there is a belief that if you put on the kitchen table a dish of amazonite, the family members will be more likely to help the hostess with the household duties. Also, products made ​​from this material can be put in the nursery to instill children love of order and cleanliness. And the mineral was laid in the foundation of the house in order to create an atmosphere of harmony and understanding.

Amazonite enhances self-esteem, especially in women, and reduces the tendency to neglect to yourself. This stone loves women with a gentle nature, so it is traditionally considered a good amulet for housewives.

The gem helps to establish contacts with others. It is especially useful for those who need to be able to express their ideas without too much pathos to make contact with a companion. To enhance this magical property of the stone it can be worn in conjunction with tiger eye. It also gives the ability to see the situation from the outside and be able to resolve internal conflicts and contradictions.

In the workplace amazonite dispels negative energy and protects against unfair competition and attempts to use the host for selfish purposes. It is a stone of prosperity in business. It attracts new customers and orders and helps the owner to be at the right time and in the right place. In business negotiations, this crystal helps to feel when a person speaks the truth and when tells lies. However, the owner of amazonite is also unlikely to be able to lie to anyone. This is property of the stone – sincerity.

Amazonite also gives the owner the opportunity to express his dreams and desires, increasing energy goals. If you tell to the stone about your goals, it may contribute to its implementation.

One more magical property of amazonite includes its ability to restore youth to older people. This stone allows them to get rid of the burden of past years and feel better.

Amazonite is good for meditation. It is able to soothe and balance all chakras, but if it is placed on the heart or the throat chakra, it helps to create harmony in personal life. The gem gives truth and helps in making the right decisions.

In addition, amazonite develops artistic abilities, creativity, sense of intuition and foresight in its owner.

However, as amazonite is a very strong stone, then it will not help everyone. This mineral is for those who are strong in their own beliefs, and whose spirit can’t be broken. And if a weak man tries to tame amazonite, stone will just develop his laziness. Also, this mineral is absolutely useless for people who do not have the ambition and striving for self-improvement.

Healing Properties

The gem is a good filter for electromagnetic waves. Therefore, it is useful to keep it close to the computer or a microwave oven, if you want radiation had no effect on you.

Amazonite helps in cell regeneration and recovery from illness or injury. It relieves muscle spasms.

Furthermore, the stone can be used in the treatment of nervous system disorders and problems with the transmission of nerve impulses. Also it is used for the treatment of diseases of the throat and thyroid.

Mineral promotes proper absorption of calcium by the body. People were treated using elixir of amazonite for diseases of the joints and salt deposits. It was also believed that it could make more healthy teeth and strengthen nails and hair.

People wipe skin inflammation and ulcers with this crystal to accelerate their healing. Amazonite overall have very good effect on the skin. It is believed that it may slow down the appearance of wrinkles.

Amazonite is useful in the treatment of sexual dysfunction, such as lack of desire, impotence, vaginitis, sexual obsession and pirapizm.

Amazonite properties include its ability to improve the condition of the nervous system. It calms the mind, reduces anxiety and fear, anger and irritability sends in a positive direction. It regulates aggression and encourages the mind to seek peace of mind.

The more saturated and darker the color of the crystal, the higher will be its healing power.

Product Care

Most often people make pendants, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches or cufflinks of amazonite. Much less – rings. Everyday rings of this stone are not very common because amazonite is rather soft mineral, and therefore, it is easy to damage.

Amazonite may require special care, as it is known, it is sensitive to pressure and scratching. Products of this stone can be cleaned with warm water and gentle soap. Under the influence of extreme heat, amazonite can become paler and its color, alas, can not be restored. As already mentioned, the stone is quite soft. Therefore ornaments from it should not be worn when participating in any strenuous physical activity, such as sports or household chores. Products made ​​from this material should be kept separate from other jewelry to minimize the possibility of damage to the stone.

Mineral and Astrology

Amazonite is not closely related to any of the signs of the zodiac. It is a versatile stone that will suit anyone.

But those born under the signs of Aries and Leo have a natural affinity with this crystal. It can also be used to treat depression of Scorpions, but people of this sign are not necessary to wear often the gem.

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