Purpose and description of stones
Call to action amethyst, ametrine, opalchrysoprase, rhodonite, turquoise
Success in new deeds garnet, moss agate
Cheerfulness opal, amber
Creative ability ametrine, amber, garnet, labradore, tourmaline
Effective completion of undertaking aquamarine, carnelian
Accomplishment of desires amber, opal, malachite, hematite
Creation of strong affection kunzite, tourmaline
Overcoming difficulties garnet, carnelian, moss agate, morion (quartz), tiger eye
Enthusiasm aventurine, opal, garnet, labrador, rhodochrosite
Effective against sterility chrysoprase, topaz-imperial, moonstone, rhodolite, rose quartz
Foresight aquamarine, turquoise
Friendship boost emerald, lazurite, malachite, peridot, rhodolite, watermelon tourmaline
Goal setting labradore, lepidolite, watermelon tourmaline
Diligence rhodochrosite
Intuition amethyst, amazonite, ametrine, kunzite, labradore, moonstone, turquoise
Love chrysoprase, emerald, moonstone, rhodochrosite, rose quartz, ruby, watermelon tourmaline
Luck agate, ametrine, aventurine, amber, chrysoprase, garnet, malachite, moonstone, turquoise
Motivation boost amber, chrysoprase
Positive attitude to life malachite, chrysoprase, topaz, rhodochrosite
Protection  agate, lepidolite, morion(quartz), serpentine, tiger eye, turquoise, jetstone(tourmaline), watermelon tourmaline
Self-confidence calcite, citrine, fluorite, garnet, imperial topaz
Endurance aquamarine, garnet, red jasper
Logical thinking agate, chrysoprase, citrine, kunzite, lepidolite, jetstone

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Under the heading of “Birthstones” you can choose a valuable gift for yourself your loved one according to the sign of the Zodiac.  We’ve looked through all 12 signs and picked up for them precious as well as semi-precious minerals for all occasions.  By the way, in the section you can find an article devoted to the Chinese horoscope signs as well as talismans.

In the section “Healing by Stones” various aspects of stone therapy has been illustrated.  Minerals’ energy is utilized to treat and prevent a great number of diseases.  The healing properties of gemstones are efficiently used for relaxation, massages and beauty procedures.  Many of them can be carried out at home and we’ll show you how this can be done.

Connoisseurs and lovers of precious stones organize numerous events: exhibitions, seminars and conferences.   We’ll keep you informed of all developments, which take place in the world of jewelers and gemologists – just go to the section “News”.

The stone’s appearance is only a tip of the iceberg.  The jewelry art thoroughly guards it’s both great and little secrets.  We’ll unveil the most important of them.  How should one determine the authenticity of the stone? How the gem’s price formed and what is influences it?  What care do jewelry products with precious minerals require? All of this is written in the category “Minerals and Jewelers”.

It goes without saying that it’s not an easy task to pick up stones, because one needs to consider a slew of parameters.  Gemstones can be selected by the name of the future owner, coloration, Zodiac sign and date of birth.  Under the headings of “You Name Birthstones”, “Gemstones Colors” you’ll find worthy recommendations and tips as for the right selection of a suitable mineral.  To facilitate this task you can take advantage of our service of stone selection, which can provide a valuable piece of advice regarding which stones can fit you.

The section “Talismans and Amulets” contains information about the magical and healing properties of stones.  You’ll learn for sure what gemstones can bring you love and happiness, and which should be purchased to gain financial well-being and good health.  We’ll help you to deal with superstitions as well as prejudices, surrounding some minerals.  We’ll tell you the most interesting legends about the stones.

On our website, anyone will find all the necessary information and have a lot of fun, browsing through directories of gems. We know everything about precious stones and we are happy to share our knowledge with you, dear readers.